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If the first child was to second
or Beginners of conference 0 - 1 is devoted...

As recently it was... Only eight months ago... Well, mother, who? - The Daughter... Put to me it on a stomach! - Yes wait a moment, now, give though slime to suck away!

new life began

I. Life with it and for it, for the little girl without whom I now also do not think of myself.

Mother, newly made father, extract already the day after tomorrow! You have to buy everything today to manage to wash, stroke, collect, to spread out! Well as, were in time? My God, why to us baby`s undershirts? I wrote: high overshoes! Ah, they have seams inside, and at baby`s undershirts outside? Well. What carriage beautiful, and transformer, good fellows. How many - how many weighs? Seventeen kilograms? Oh, mother expensive... And where peroxide, potassium permanganate? Ah, brilliant green in the first-aid kit... Well, run in a drugstore.... And it that? And, it is a hill in a bathroom. And what for? It was pleasant? Well, let lies. Well, prejudices - prejudices, but it was necessary to prepare everything most in advance and if to write lists - that with the exact indication of the article, the price, and the place, where to buy.

Maternity hospital. Carry children. Mummies, quickly we wash a breast - as you with dirty will nurse? Here to you children, to a meeting in half an hour. So, here the paper bag, is my girl and what with her to do? The girl, wake up! Well wake up! Here, woke up, on a breast. What, you do not want? And why? I not so do something? Somebody, show me how to feed! Oh, took. There is a contact. Why already you take away? She did not eat up yet! What to be decanted? Well, we will be decanted. Everything, next time - only joint stay. Let eats how many wants and when wants, let always lies nearby, I all the same did not sleep at the nights and worried as there my paw one in the nursery.

My God, as terribly! We remained three together. Father, mother and baby. What with it to do? Why she cries? Let`s shake? All the same cries. Or perhaps pampers? Well precisely! To wash? Napkins? Mother by phone: of course, to wash! Run with the shouting lump in a bathroom, then back in a bedroom, pure pampers, well lie down quietly, there now, everything, uf. The girlfriend calls. ! Really it is necessary to carry them under the crane six times a day? - Went crazy? Take cotton wool, oil, put near a pelenalnik - and forward! And intertrigo? Yes there will be no them from it! And will be just once - nobody died of it still, spread with zinc paste.

Well why I read all nine months

about pregnancy and childbirth? And about children only a little bit? It seemed to me, what is written in books, somehow does not suit me... Still, Zaytsev`s book fell of me into hands. Of course, does not approach, it is good though guessed not to follow its advice... And on the Internet and in magazines there is so much useful, it is so much contradictory, the main thing - to choose what suits you and your kid. And not to be afraid to recede from the chosen line...

Why she does not sleep? Small children have to bathe in eight, and then sleep. Daughter, everything is all right? Perhaps it has a neurology? Perhaps the tummy hurts it? Yes what is it! And the pediatrician speaks - to bathe in eight, and then in a bed! My girl and you are an owl. We you and ourselves tormented, did not reach us yet... And when spat on convention and began to put in ten - eleven - at once everything was adjusted.

She cries again! She is dry, ate an only hour ago, so in what business? Both the pediatrician, and the patronage sister, and my mother unanimously repeat that the child has to eat time at three o`clock, not more often! But she cries!!! I cannot listen to it more. My girl, and can do everything - to eat? Yes? YES!!! And we will not tell the pediatrician, eat - eat, sweetie pie. Ah, so it is even correct? And in books so write? So why doctors learn to torment us own children? Ah, the mode - it is convenient for mother... It is clear... Well nothing, I will suffer, all - the child my not the tyrant, eats only 8 - 9 times a day, it is not difficult for me, let eats, time wants.

Joint dream? No, me it is terrible! I cannot! I can crush the baby. I povstat at night, nothing better, I will not collapse. I will shake, I pobayukat, I will sing lullabies. No, does not sleep. Well, we go on handles. Everything, fell asleep? In a bed? So, again woke up... Let`s eat? My God, six mornings! It turns out, I fell asleep directly in the course of feeding, lying near the child! As I slept... Everything, is solved, if we are fed at night - let sleeps nearby further, my forces are absent to jump to a bed each two hours.

Ya - mother. I have to think of the child. And to endow the interests. TV? No way! Internet? Better I will wash up a floor once again. To esteem? Once. On a visit? No, with the little one it is impossible that her in the car to drag. Here will grow up, then... Month in three I give up, and we go to the wood to shish kebabs. And nobody suffered! I sit down to feed the child not on the bed in the evening, and on a sofa in front of the TV. Nothing, long distance and to protect all life of the child from this evil will not leave. The child eats - I watch film. The happy girl it is full falls off and fills up at me on hands, I examine the movie and I carry her in a bed. Silence. All are happy. Curtain. So...

Ya - mother. So, I am a woman. Also I have the right for own pleasures - to lie down in a bathtub, to be spread with a srub, to make a mask, to read the magazine. I need communication, especially with other mothers. Also let the child will have a sleep on a balcony, and I will get into favourite conference. Affairs can be made when the little one is awake, it is interesting to it to look how mother irons or prepares. It is a pity that at me three months on that to realize it left.

As these first months quickly flew by... As the healthy relation to motherhood and to own child was slowly developed... And for certain, I will do still a heap of mistakes, the most difficult ahead. Anything, the main thing - not to be afraid, all were intercepted the retreat together with an umbilical cord and the question Well, Mother, Who?

Anna ( &) Romanova