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How to film children and children`s holidays

our kids grow and change every day. Time not to stop - and so sometimes there is a wish that it was late... Amateur video helps to recover the last days. We can always see what were our children practically since the birth (some desperate parents order video filming of process of appearance of the child on light though pleasure it, frankly telling, on the fan). And it is always interesting to the grown-up offsprings to look at himself small.

needs to Film children. Especially in days, memorable for them, are and holidays in kindergarten, both birthdays, and the first visit of school... Of course, today very many videostudios, firms and operators offer the services in shooting of similar actions. But most of parents who have house video cameras prefer to do it independently. And this article - for them. We will consider some nuances and difficulties, considering which, you will be able to remove the distinct and substantial video record even if you have not really wide experience in video filming.

Professional operators consider video filming of children as one of the most difficult types of work. Except for, perhaps, shooting of babies - those, as a rule, behave rather quietly and definitely do not rush up and down. Children are direct and very mobile, with them it is always necessary to be on the alert and to keep a chamber in combat readiness. It is difficult to remove children during the holiday also because the adult in two - three times is higher than the child. At communication with children, work with a close up, it is necessary to sit down on hunkers.

needs to be Removed children whenever possible constantly, “non - stop“: children are beings unpredictable and can get up something cool at any time. There are children who are excessively active, they will try to build grimaces and to put out the tongue directly in a lens. Others, on the contrary - are constraining and are afraid of a chamber. In general, it is really more difficult to work with children, than with adults, but and shootings come out then unusually cheerful and live.


By the way, to it is promoted by presence not of foreign uncle or aunt with a video camera much more, and mothers, the father or other relative with the habitual, home device - children feel raskovanny, do not hesitate of the lens directed to them, and quickly enough in general forget that shooting is conducted (however, similar often occurs and in the presence of the operator from outside is a matter of time).

we Remove birthday

Birthday for the child - always a big holiday. Therefore it is desirable to approach shooting of this action responsibly. Where you planned to celebrate this event - houses or, let us assume, in “McDonald`s“ or children`s cafe - try that you had enough film, and accumulators were charged “chock-full“. Besides not always in the apartment or in the hall of cafe there is enough lighting - if your chamber is equipped by the built-in lighter, use it whenever possible. If is not present - try that all light sources worked. To children it is absolutely optional to have a rest and good time, unlike adults, in the twilight; it is rather, on the contrary.

Birthday of the house

Highlights which are desirable for imprinting: arrival of guests, delivery of gifts to your child, congratulations. When children seat at a table, long you should not “be on duty“ over them with a chamber: let will lift glasses with juice or aerated water, will congratulate your birthday man, and further let will sit without chamber. The matter is that guests of your child can hesitate of a chamber and continuous presence of the adult too. At first can feel it is held a little down - they on a visit! Let adapt a little, will gorge on and will communicate among themselves - they by all means will prove to be a bit later.

When children will begin to play, run and rage - here for the operator there will be an expanse! Remove games and competitions if you conceived those, do not feel sorry for a film on nonsense and absurd which children by all means will do - years later these shots will get the value! And, of course, excellent end is a solemn zaduvaniye of candles on festive cake. It is better to turn off a ceiling light; if you have no nakamerny lighting - it is possible to leave the small lamp in a room corner, and to someone from house to charge to light again a chandelier as soon as candles go out (so far they burn, the child who is going to blow into them, it will be visible!) .

Birthday in cafe and/or with participation of animators

From the technical point of view of the recommendation approximately the same are taking into account that it is necessary to remove, perhaps, longer, than houses - as animators and children`s` parties managers usually have quite highly topical program. Here both games, and dances, and competitions with participation of clowns, life-size puppets etc. enter. Convenience also that it is always possible to learn from the animator what will be farther and nobody will begin to interfere with you in fixation of the events on video. More likely, on the contrary. And children will be so keen on process that at all will forget about a chamber - here only seize the moments!: Very fine trampolining, races on radio-controlled machines, competitions with balls, soap bubbles turn out on video... Actually, you will not list everything - programs and scenarios of children`s holidays the set is offered today. Your task - to finish shooting as much as possible video record that also to you, and the child then was what to remember.

removed children`s morning performance


Morning performances and holidays in kindergarten - events for which your child prepares too not one month which expects with nervousness and pleasure. Especially, if it had an important role in festive statement: to read verses, the song to sing, dance or play any fairy tale character. Of course, there is a wish to imprint all this in the best look. But there are already difficulties. In - the first, rooms of halls in kindergartens seldom happen rather spacious. And parents and other relatives of all children without exception come to look at morning performance. In - the second, today almost all have video cameras. And each parent wants to remove the child, and from the best point and a foreshortening. In - the third, besides a problem with a difference in growth of adults and children...

generally if you want to take the most convenient position for shootings - you come a bit earlier. Whenever possible use “zoom“ (“arrival“) of a video camera - for the choice of the necessary camera shot with the smallest creation of hindrances for other parents. Yes, keep in mind that the built-in nakamerny light works at most a meter for one and a half: respectively, if action happens further - there is no need to burn down a lamp for nothing, putting accumulators and blinding people around.

began popular to do to

New Year`s statements in the dark hall with use of mirror spheres and illuminations on a fir-tree and on walls Recently. Here, of course, not to do without illumination: that for our eyes the twilight - for a video camera complete darkness.

Certainly, you will remove first of all your child. But also to distract, periodically removing also general plans, other children, his friends and girlfriends, too it is necessary. It will be for certain interesting to your child to look not only at itself, but also how in general that action for which they so much time prepared looked.

However should not be fond of detailed shooting too. Optimum general timing of shooting of children`s morning performance - minutes thirty - forty. It is possible less - depending on the events.

Is removed the first of September

One more action which is worth it to depict him “for descendants“.“ The first time in the first class“... how many expectations and emotions! It is possible to begin shooting still at home - as the child puts on a jacket, looks in a mirror, hangs up a satchel or a backpack on a back... As leaves an entrance with a traditional bouquet in a hand. As walks on the way to school, among same as it, children (it is better to overtake a little the child and to remove as it goes facing you, but not from a back). At this stage of difficulties with shooting any.

Main “pressures“ will begin

directly on a schoolyard. Not for nothing professional operators call shootings of school actions most “heavy and ungrateful“. Large number of the people, both children, and adults, chaos, vanity... When school students construct on “ruler“, will push aside parents and other relatives big, dense crowd on considerable distance from children.

As we already noted

, every second family has a video camera now. And, trying to remove the first school day of your child, you will be forced to compete in about tens same as you, the people armed with chambers of all models and the sizes, striving to get out forward and to block to you a look... Let`s tell at once - it will be difficult. It is good if your child appears “rulers“ in the forefront - however, first graders are usually put forward as their the first will lead to the school building. Warn the first grader at once: let holds the smart bouquet below, otherwise there is a risk that it will not be visible (often it was necessary to see: there is such peanut with buketishchy more, than he and not to see it behind this magnificence).

do not remove in a row all speeches of the director and the other “high-ranking guests“. Present that you do the reporting for television, do small “sketches“ by a chamber, seconds on 5 - 10. Close up your child with flowers, panoramic pass on all “ruler“, the balls departing to the sky (recently began tradition to release collectively spheres in air). Be ready that other parents will push away you and to repeat that their child is not visible to them - even if you will politely behave and to try to remove, without disturbing others (the last on September 1 the author of article, working to order, removed practically “from knees“ - that standing behind did not push in a back and did not spoil shots... It was hard! :)

Fortunately, this action usually does not last long: minutes forty approximately. “Ruler“ to doors of school comes to the end with the so-called “first call“ (the guy from a graduation class carries by on the shoulder along crowd the little girl or the boy with a hand bell) and solemn withdrawal of first graders. Having removed these episodes, you can consider that the subject “September 1“ is logically complete.


removed “the last call“ and a graduation party

of the Child grew up, and already graduate from school. The event is not less memorable, than the first of September in the first class. Actually, today many graduation classes order professional video filming, but it will not prevent you to imprint which at all - as on the chamber. And if professional shooting is not - especially it is worth photographing these actions, so, as far as you will be allowed by administration of school and technical capabilities of your chamber.


“Last call“, unlike September 1, it is usually carried out in school, but not in the yard. As a rule, semi-official action in the assembly hall with speeches of the director, director of studies, teachers, poetic and music turns from pupils and, actually, “the last call“ is or again the child with a hand bell, or the real, school call which joins especially for participants. Further already entertainment program in which participation of parents is, as a rule, excluded follows. Therefore you should work only on official part of a holiday.

Here too it is expedient to p to use the principle of “TV report“. Pay attention not only to your child, but also his friends - girlfriends - unlike kindergarten shootings, the teenager will appreciate these shots especially: on them there will be not only he, but also schoolmates with whom already a lot of things connect it. And - remember, you begin certain “counting“ in the life with leaving school too! It is not excluded that later five, ten and even more years, your adult child will reconsider this shooting again and again to understand that it changed in his life and life of friends since then. Therefore shoot all class, whenever possible.

If time and a situation allow

, can write down small “interviews“ or wishes of children to the schoolmates. It is possible also to try “to catch“ someone from teachers (but keep in mind that all of them will be on nerves and not everyone will agree!) .

the Graduation party also consists of official part (speeches and delivery of certificates) and zastolno - entertaining. On the second you too will hardly be let (though the author of article had final video 11 - summer prescription which till the morning was removed by the father of one of girls - but it was work to order, from the whole class). And here on the first will let surely. But difficulties will be almost the same, as on September 1. You should “battle“ against crowd of the same relatives with video cameras and to look for the suitable place for shooting, and, having found it, not to concede to anybody! :)

the Author would advise to be attached by

behind the back of the director and the director of studies issuing certificates: so you will be able to see all children and definitely do not pass the graduate who is joyfully walking behind treasured “crust“. You can also remove all his schoolmates - besides, for memory to it and friends.

Duration of this process - about one and a half - two hours, depending on the number of graduates. You want to remove something else - agree with the director or with someone else from administration. But think - and your child will want your presence on “party“?!

We considered only the main events in life of your child which should be imprinted on a home video. Certainly, you will remove much more - both travel, and walks, etc. But without above the designated moments in family archive not to manage. The value of house videoarchives increases over the years - remember it, and do not feel sorry for a film! When your child grows up also itself will become the adult, he by all means will tell you thanks. And, perhaps, itself will remove “for history“ and the children. And your family archive will be replenished. So, “return in time“ for you will be always possible!

the professional video operator who grew up from “fan“.