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Short story of

to my son Demyan now 4,5 years. Therefore I do not know whom he will grow up and what mark will leave in this life. I perceive it such what it is - the little boy, cheerful, inquisitive and carefree.

I Gave birth to the son in 31 years, after abortions, death of the first child and against gradual loss of personal health. In chamber I ironed it on a monkey hair on the head and kept saying:“ Well, you will grow up, I will state everything to you. Well, you were also given me, the guy“. I could not go yet, hard injured backbone in difficult moments of life honestly disconnects to me legs. I pressed the son to a stomach and hissed on the nurses trying to pull out from - under me the child.

Dyoma was born swarty and it is total hairy. In hair there was a forehead, shoulders, curve sticks - legs. On ridge, from a neck the heavy plait of black hair went straight, proceeding an effective hair ring between shovels and coming to an end with a curl - a tail on a bony tailbone. Under brown skin hair it is proud terrible spots blossomed - Demyan gave allergic reaction to roddomovsky dairy top dressing. It is clear, that I solved at once and unconditionally, my son - the hand-written handsome.

Day went behind day. The son grew at me on palms, he recognized nothing else. From hands he considered the world, in the same place ate, slept also all the rest. Not to go crazy to me as to active nature, it was necessary to remember all songs of the childhood and youth, to buy up a floor - shop of the children`s book and to get acquainted with all mothers - kolyasochnitsa of our area.

Acquaintance happened so: I with the son on a shoulder (to admit, he kept strong and hazardously squalled at the movement) rushed behind the seen carriage, dragging own in an occasion. Then mother - the colleague with amazement considered my Inglezina who is pasted over with cheerful pictures and covered by mixed toys, at this time I coped with breath and tried to appease the shivering legs.

Demyan, as well as I, loved communication, new impressions, books and beautiful landscapes.“ Girlfriends on a carriage“ for some reason laughed at my beliefs, and assured me that 3 - x monthly children are quite satisfied with food, a dream and maternal kisses.

the Mother-in-law at first osuzhdayushche sighed, few times suggested to train in the correct attitude towards the child. And then found out that Demyan is ill nothing, and reflected. Other children were dragged on massage therapists, tummies from gripes rubbed and gave to drink miksturka. Demyan suffered from nothing, deep-voices laughed at me on hands, and in the opinion of the mother-in-law it for some reason became the most important. God grant health and happiness of my mother-in-law who whether the main thing from all other :)

is able to separate the Demo Had early physical development? In the accepted plan - no. It turned over and spread as many other children - in 5 and in 7 months. I will tell more, he still does not show special talents in physical development, is rather clumsy and too careful. Occupations teykvando with 3 - x do it years to more confident in boyish fights, but the athlete it will hardly become.

on the other hand healthy food, long walks and many active games led

to the expressed general fortress of an organism. Demyan quickly grew (in the first months of life he added 7 cm a month) and was always much higher than the peers (my growth - average, and the husband - slightly - slightly above me).

But my boyfriend by 1 year of the life knew letters, colors, could express shortly and capaciously thought. And the most important - with it was cheerful, he quickly thought and had the expressed thirst for knowledge (it had first favourite encyclopedias). At its first birthday we bought the mass of toys and threw out a bag of the broken pyramids.

This infection I were picked up in here, by conferences on early development where mother of some gifted girl wrote what at them began with. The doctor of policlinic, swinging the head, noticed that the baby lags behind in development: “To it 7 months, and it does not collect a pyramid“. Aha - aha :). The young mother who went nuts for horror started buying pyramids, and to 9 - ti to months the daughter quickly strung kruglyash. It is proud having shown to the doctor achievement of the daughter, mother heard in reply:“ You me sorry, but I the newcomer and a few terms mixed“. Here. But not to stop the daughter any more and mother got used to study new with the daughter.

Clear business that I lit up, and the Demo quickly became

the expert on pyramidal affairs.

In its year to me had to come to work therefore chest feedings passed on matins - the evening mode. It was difficult to leave milk, I rastseditsya by the own sweat and blood from one drop for minutes of the 15th decantation before full feeding to 3 - m to months of the guy and very much appreciated result.

But in 2 years the son passed

to baby food, at the same time left pampers and got acquainted with Bioniklami.

Then I for the first time saw the pupils which extended with happiness at the son. He looked at the strange broken figure exposed in a show-window and air heavy uneven pushes escaped from a mouth. The seller squinted eyes on a dark head of the son and advised:“ Do not take. To you early. It years with 5 - 6“.

Demyan collected

By 3,5 years according to schemes Bioniklov practically of any complexity, only sometimes asked to pressurize fastenings.

What else to tell... Still we live according to the motto “early does not happen, happens late“. Encyclopedias of the son occupied two shelves, his notebooks on - to English are painted with inscriptions: “Clever boy“, and at the computer gradually grows a personal pile of disks.

Every morning Demyan begins

with school (with 9 to 14). Day passes in walks and sections. And in the evenings they potter with the father, representing Mortal Kombat, Harry Potter playing Quidditch, simply tuzya each other.

the Ordinary guy, only on a back still curled up zhgutik black hair, and in big black eyes - love to communication, new impressions, books and beautiful landscapes.