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Let`s talk about an anime of

“the Anime? How it is possible to love it? - with astonishment my friend exclaimed. - It where eyes with such awful patches of light?“ Today already almost all are familiar with the Japanese animation, but for the majority of an anime still strongly is associated with “eyes with awful patches of light“. I will tell at once that in an anime there is a set of the graphic styles cardinally different one from another. In general “big eyes“ with patches of light (patches of light are called Cyrus`s ) appeared for a long time in a manga (comics) for girls, and in an anime were widely adopted only at the beginning of 90 - x

Very well I remember how they at the beginning of 90 - x brought one of the first Japanese cartoon serials to Russia - the animated film about a cat - the Doraemon robot. Before display of the first series the embassy secretary of Japan addressed to the Russian children. Now quite often on our television show rather new animated films (generally on THT and MTV), and premieres are not arranged as officially, as at the beginning of 90 any more - x.

In Russia fans of the Japanese animation appear more and more. Today we will talk about an anime and genres of the fine arts, adjacent to it.

That such anime?

of the Anime is called the Japanese animation. But what enters this definition? Usually it is meant that this or that animated film was thought over in Japan, but at all not necessarily there it is removed. Some Disney`s animated films of the last years are shot on the Japanese film studios, but happens and vice versa: the Japanese directors shoot the animated films in China or South Korea. The reason for that is purely economic: in these countries cheaper labor.

of the Anime arose in Japan (in 2005 the film with the very first animated film which is not finished shooting, and drawn directly on a film was found; historians carry it to 1907) also began the rapid development in 70 - e. Those years Walt Disney`s film studio reigned in the world of animation. It is impossible to forget also about the Soviet animation which gave to the world it is a lot of masterpieces. Disney`s film studio headed for creation of so-called family full-length animated films which are interesting to adults, and are clear to children (remember “The Snow White and seven gnomes“, “The Lion King“ etc.) . Contrary to the American film studio the Japanese animators undertook creation of the cartoon serials calculated on the narrow audience belonging to this or that gender and age group: for kids, for teenagers, for boys, for girls, for adults. Within a short period of time the anime won popularity not only in Japan, but also in other countries of the world, having made the serious competition of the American animation.

the Manga are the Japanese comics inseparably linked with an anime. It is hard to say what initially because not only on a manga the anime is removed, but happens and vice versa. The artists drawing a manga are called the mangaka , and many of them have the admirers. The best-known artists have the assistants who are finishing drawing for them a background or some episodes. As a rule, men the mangaka create a manga for boys, and the woman - for girls, but happens and differently. Usually the mangaka create one by one though there is also an exception - well-known female an art - KLAMP group based on which works animes animated films “Tokyo Babylon“, “the Oriental cherry are removed known to our many fans: war of the worlds“ and “Oriental cherry: fight for Paris“.

the Manga is published by

in various Japanese magazines, and the most popular stories receive honor to be released the separate edition called by tankobon - manga volume. The volume of the stories published by tankobona fluctuates from one to twenty volumes. The original manga from Japan which can be bought in Anime shop in MDM - Cinema (m “sometimes gets to Russia Frunze“). However, has to tell that I do not know when this shop works: I came both on weekdays, and during week-end, but the shop was closed. Perhaps to you will carry more? Are of tankobona more expensive, of course, than our books, but if you read in Japanese, you love beautiful comics or you want to give a gift to the familiar fan of an anime (and he will be precisely glad, irrespective of existence of knowledge of language) … why and is not present?

Become interested in a manga I suggest to visit the website www. mangaproject. ru where our fans of a manga publish the translations of original comics made by them from Japanese. Russia is rich not only translators, but also the mangakas. I can recommend to artists the website www. manga. ru including the collection of our works the mangaka and also soundly made instruction for drawing of a manga. Here you will find councils concerning all stages of creation of a manga - from recommendations about drawing up a plot before discussion of purely technical characteristics of drawing.

also the concept of a dodzinsa which designate the amateur manga often using characters and imitating plots known a manga - stories Is. Dodzins it is distributed for free. It is remarkable that Japanese, unlike the same Americans, in similar cases do not shiver for copyright as often dodzins are stimulated by interest of readers in primary sources. Over time at most talented of a dodzinsik (creators of a dodzinsa) forms the style, and they become professional mangakas.


In an anime and a manga can distinguish a number of the main genres, each of which has the canons. Conditionally all range of this production can be divided into syonen - an anime (syonen - a manga) and syodzyo - an anime (syodzyo - a manga) , that is an anime and a manga for boys (young men) and girls (girls). In Japanese the words “syonen“ and “syodzyo“ are meant by “young man“ and “girl“ respectively. Let`s note that these concepts of Japan are applied in relation to persons 12 - 18 years. Is, of course, and animes for adults - separately for men and women, but as the main audience of an anime are children and teenagers and adults show interest in teenage animated films, we will speak about syonen - and syodzyo - an anime. So, we will talk about genres.

of Sengtai are called by an anime where the permanent team of characters works. It is necessary to tell that it is impossible to understand all subtleties of an anime as the directions of art without knowledge of bases of the Japanese culture and outlook of Japanese. The culture of the countries of the Far East is penetrated by spirit of a collectivism, unlike the western culture singing of individualism. Elements senty can be found in many other genres of an anime. It is characteristic that the main character often needs to make team of friends for performance of an important task, but upon completion of mission the team does not break up because her members are connected not only professionally, but now and spiritually.

One of the most widespread is of a move - syodzyo (yap.“ girls are magicians“). These are animated films about the girls and girls allocated with a magic power. Perhaps, the most famous representative of this genre in Russia is the cartoon serial “The Beauty - the Soldier Seylor - Mun“ (the Russian name “Seylor - Mun - the Moon in a Sailor Suit“) loved by many girls. The move genre - syodzyo appeared in 70 - e. Girls - magicians use the force for fight against the evil and the help to people. In the center of the narration not so much adventures of the main character, how many the description of her spiritual growing. Traditionally for fight against the enemy the girl - the magician “turns“, changes shape as it is forced to hide from acquaintances the abilities, and is always weighed upon a double life.

of Fur - sentay - syonen - an anime about adventures of commands of robots, the huge mechanisms called “furs“. This genre appeared in 70 - e

Spokon (from “sport“ and yap.“ konjou“ - “will power“) - as a rule, syonen - an anime about athletes, formation of their characters and hard sports career. Spokon was usually devoted to the sports, most popular in Japan, - oriental martial arts, baseball, volleyball, a ping - to a pong, but, is, it is about softball (a kind of baseball), swimming and other sports.

the Cyberpunk is designed by

generally for boys and tells about the worlds of the future in which computer and other high technologies reign.

Stimpank , or paropank (from English “steam“ - “couples“) narrates about the alternative worlds of an esthetics of the 19th century: the world of steam, a set of inventions, but the technician is still perceived as something demonic, hostile to the person.

of Kavai (yap.“ lovely, nice“) - a genre syonen - the anime using techniques syodzyo - an anime. A distinctive feature of style of a kavaa are big eyes “with patches of light“.

of Dobutsu - “pussies“, an anime about adventures of amusing brutish beings.

Should notice

that at an anime there are also erotic and even pornographic genres, but we here on them will not stop.

Specifics of an anime as art form

In culture of the East the world around is perceived by

as something ephemeral, constantly changing. If the world changes, it is necessary to transfer not its escaping form, but essence. East art is based on this principle, and the anime died an exception here. From this a conclusion follows that in the Japanese animation not all should be perceived literally because it is designed first of all for the Japanese viewer and it is filled clear to it since the childhood with symbolism. If you watched the Japanese animated films, for certain you had to see something not absolutely clear. Let`s take, for example, the big drops sometimes arising over the head of this or that character. These drops mean confusion, and small, hardly noticeable drops on a nape or about a temple mean fear and nervousness.

Notorious “big eyes with patches of light“ about which there was already a speech also bear a certain semantic loading. Pay attention that they are inherent in children and girls, men have eyes much less, and old men have hardly noticeable points or shchelochka - handles. Big eyes mean openness of the character to world around, inherent in young people and if some old man has big eyes, it means “youth spirit“. So-called Kira - patches of light in eyes - bear rather esthetic loading and are urged to draw attention of the viewer to eyes of the character.

In general in Japan the canon of womanly beauty - expressive languid eyes, a long thick hair which always, as well as eyes, are written out with special care, up to gloss and the easy shadow cast by them on the person dominates. On a hair color it is also possible to draw a conclusion on character of the character: red mean irascibility, light - tranquility. Sometimes hair of characters happen unnatural color - blue, violet, pink - and it does not mean at all that the character adores shocking public the appearance. Thus the director conveys to us certain information on the hero.


It is interesting that in Japan it is accepted to attribute to characters of animated films even this or that blood type: Japanese are sure that the blood type is also connected with character of the person.

Among symbolical special effects should mention also often found “proportions of the baby“ - the huge head of the character and a small trunk. Usually quite normally looking character gets such proportions unexpectedly, in a certain situation. It is so-called visual italics which sense that the serious character in this situation behaves as the child.

That who wants to get acquainted in more detail with history and stylistics of an anime I recommend to

Boris Ivanov`s book “Introduction to the Japanese animation“. Unfortunately, at the moment this only domestic basic research devoted to an anime.

to Otak

the Term attack in Japan designate fanatics anything, but in other countries this term was strongly assigned to fans of an anime and manga. What are engaged attack in? For admirers of an anime and manga in Russia several specialized magazines among which “AnimeMagazine“ and “Animegid“ are the most popular (www are issued. aniguide. ru, contains many references). In Moscow they can be bought in Shopping Center Gorbushkin Dvor or to order on the Internet. Besides reading specialized magazines, searches of desired animated films and their subsequent viewing attack are engaged in amateur performances which are called a costume play. Cosplayers are engaged in production of suits of the existing characters of an anime. Dream of each cosplayer - to give interview to the specialized magazine of admirers of an anime or to make a speech at a festival which is held regularly one or two times a year. Performance usually contains a monologue in which the actor - the fan has to open an image of the represented character. Some cosplayers unite what they are often helped by the Internet with, and in common put sketches from the pleasant animated films. There is even a long-distance (“Moscow-St. Petersburg“) team of cosplayers “A red arrow“.

to Otak have also the special slang which basis is made by the words borrowed from Japanese is more rare from English of languages.

I, of course, many attack try the forces in the fine arts, creating dodzins, and even own manga. Many specialized magazines regularly hold competitions of the artists drawing in an anime - stylistics.

the Story about the Japanese animation can be continued by

still very long. But, as we know, briefly it is impossible to describe in detail this or that phenomenon, and a picture is worth a thousand words. So if you became interested in an anime, glance in shop or visit the specialized website on the Internet, get the videotape which attracted or recommended by friends or a disk. Viewing pleasant to you!