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The Moscow days off - you will not start missing!

Are summer passed in our family a little unusually, at least, not as earlier. It did not manage to us to prepare this year giving for moving of the child and therefore it was necessary to think up urgently something - not to spend summer in the city!

of Welcome!
I, of course, thought up

I - remembered country kindergarten which was praised on ours 7 - number a forum. There and I directed the researches. Called, talked to the manager, and made the decision that wash the summer vacation nearly 5 - the summer son will begin exactly there. In a garden very pleasant atmosphere, children about 25 people in 2 - x groups, attentive teachers and the charming manager who it is valid “was married to the job“.

Of course, it was hard to leave parents for Mitya, but in few weeks everything was adjusted and did without the upset feelings. The matter is that it was in a garden not constantly but only 5 working days - from Sunday evening till the Friday evening, and we spent all days off together. And here is how time I also wanted to tell about it - as it is interesting to spend summer days off, without leaving is far from Moscow.

Now, after already more than two months, me it is difficult for p to remember exact sequence of all our actions therefore I will tell in process of a recall.

Circus on Vernadsky Avenue

In my opinion, summer vacation also began p with visit of circus representation Mitina. Very much all representation “A circus roundabout“ was pleasant. I in general became recently a supporter of New circus though the surroundings there and leaves much to be desired, but representations considerably surpass Circus in Tsvetnoy Boulevard.

the Moscow dolphinarium

of the Dolphinarium

At last we got out there. Very long ago I glanced towards a dolphinarium, read absolutely inconsistent responses and all could not gather in any way. In the summer the child constantly at the dacha, and I do not like to go to similar actions in the fall - in the winter when you on yourself bear a lot of clothes. Here also the case turned up. Standard performance: white whale, walrus, two dolphins. It was pleasant to the child, he then all evening in “dolphinarium“ played. Of course, the leader tells too much and for this reason he in about 15 minutes is not perceived any more though I honestly tried to remember though some information. As they say, “it is better less and better“ - it is a pity that it is not considered.

Representation of the Chinese circus

Gathered there absolutely unexpectedly, having seen advertizing on the Internet. It was very interesting to me to look on their well-known representations at gymnasts - acrobats and jugglers. How thrilling! As these fragile girls so dexterously manage to juggle with plates on poles what difficult pyramids they built... Delight! Too it was pleasant to the child, he still sometimes remembers our campaign.

Cruise across the Moskva River

That it, appear, surprising on a simple trip on the river tram from one final stop (Novospassky Bridge) to another (The Kiev station)? For many, probably, anything special - slow movement, landscapes (unfortunately, not always pleasant): Kremlin, Peter I, Gorky Park, Vorobyovy Gory... But for my child the campaign to the Kiev station became deification of a trip. It at me is simply mad about trains and the railroad and therefore, having carried out an hour and a half by a ship, we went for “excursion“ on the station: bypassed almost all ways, looked in cars of trains, in electric trains - the cruise final for the child was magnificent!

On a visit to Chukovsky

of “A miracle - a tree“

the Idea to visit the grandfather Korney was, as well as many others, is sudden and is perfect for me is unexpected. Found phone, called, learned how the museum works, and on Sunday since morning we went there. The necessary gate was found at once - on it and around on a fence, heroes of children`s fairy tales of Chukovsky are drawn. Ostorozhnenko slightly opened a gate, and there - the Miracle - the Tree with boots and stockings... How not to imprint such beauty for memory?.

While we arrived, already there took place excursion therefore we were asked to wait a little. But we were not upset, and on the contrary were even delighted because there was time to walk and look round in the adjacent territory. Around very tall pines, bushes and bushes, under legs a cone circle. In my opinion, quite so GIVING also has to look... A little at some distance we found a glade - a scene, shops and “fire“ where Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky together with the friends - writers organized small performances for neighbour`s kids. Well and, of course, around the infinite number of cones with which Mitya, which is not surprising, decided to be indulged a little. And why is also not present? I think that Korney Ivanovich will not take offense.

of Minutes through twenty we returned back to a lodge, waiting took seat on a shop, and soon invited us inside. Excursion began with demonstration of old - the old animated film “At me phone rang out...“ where Chukovsky plays a role of “author“, more precisely the one to whom all call. Of course, showed us not all animated film but only 4 - 5 minutes from the beginning, but were all the same very interesting. For example, my child never saw “living“ Chukovsky, it was their first acquaintance. And then we were led on rooms. In the house some unusually warm atmosphere as if we really on a visit at Korney Ivanovich is felt. I will tell frankly, such inspired guides to me were not brought to be met anywhere. They are ready to tell for hours about Chukovsky`s life, surprisingly long and rich with events, to show an office, library and other rooms, and do it so that interestingly at the same time all - to both children, and adults.

In this house all remained, as at Chukovsky. In its office still serious books adjoin to children`s toys and gifts from young readers from the most different countries, and the cloak of the honourable doctor of literature of the Oxford university hangs here. Perhaps, for many will become opening that Chukovsky was not only, to be exact not so much a children`s writer, but also the prominent literary critic, worked as the correspondent in London, made many translations of such writers as D. Defoe, M. Twain, O. Henry, R. Kipling.

A in this museum the magic casket of east work belonging to Chukovsky is. If to be looked in a mirror on inside of its cover and to make a wish, then it will surely come true. Such chance is given to all visitors of the museum - both small, and adult. Now we will look whether will come true...

I left the house with feeling that visited the fairy tale. We surely will arrive there once again, maybe, next summer, maybe, a bit later. But we will surely return!

the Children`s railroad (settlement of Kratovo)

I prepared For this trip long and seriously. I already mentioned that my son very much loves the railroads, trains, just dreams to sweep in an electric train, but is forced to go in the car. So this action by me was planned in advance and meticulously... And for a start I would like to make small retreat, a couple of words about the Children`s railroad in general and about Kratovo in particular. As if for the general development.

the First-ever children`s railroad (CR) was open for

on July 24, 1935 in Tiflis (Tbilisi). In six premilitary years in our country there were not less than 20 similar roads, but in the years of war many of them got to a zone of occupation and were destroyed. Suspended the activity and almost all are dear in the back. After 1945 the part of the children`s railroads was restored, many new appeared. The following two waves of construction of the children`s railroads fall on the middle 50 - x years and 70 - e years then again there came some calm. By the time of collapse of the USSR the number of the operating “small“ railroads reached 52. In the next decade some children`s railroads were closed and dismantled, the number of the children`s railroads in Russia was reduced to two tens. However in recent years DZhD began to develop again - new roads are constructed, existing are modernized.

and in Moscow - in 30 - e years in the Children`s town of the Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure the electrified railroad only 528 m long was open. For the unclear reasons later this road was diligently deleted from history, nothing is known of its further destiny. It is clear only what by its 1939 did not exist any more, and the Moscow public was keen on the project of construction of the main children`s railroad in Izmaylovsky park. This DZhD has to was become is exemplary - indicative and the best in every respect. Its project was carefully developed several years, the Moscow children`s technical stations and palaces of pioneers carried out a set to circles of young railroad workers. On June 20, 1941 the final version of the project of the children`s railroad was handed over on the statement. And in two days the Great Patriotic War began... After war and till today attempts to return to a question of construction of the children`s railroad in Moscow were repeatedly made, but all of them were not crowned with success. So today the Children`s railroad, closest to Moscow, - Small Moscow - is in the settlement of Kratovo in forty kilometers from Moscow.

of of Kratovo, DZhD the Youth platform

So, we arrived to Kratovo as I also spoke, a bit earlier in the morning, not without effort and wandering found at last the necessary direction and arrived to terminal station of the children`s railroad - “Youth“. Probably, now it looks strange, but on a platform to this day the monument to V. I. Lenin stately towers...

Duration of the DZhD line makes about 4 km, it consists of three stations. We bought return tickets from one terminal station to another. Having bought tickets, took seat on a platform waiting for the train. The child, of course, could not sit out quietly remained 10 minutes: constantly ran and looked out whether the train goes. And here, HURRAH, light of headlights of the coming structure seemed. It is necessary to notice that the speed of the train was well oooochen small that further we also experienced while went.

of In the car

All movement on DZhD children really direct, but at a cabin there is also an adult driver. Of course, all of them behave differently: someone is accurate and serious, someone is a little relaxed, but nevertheless these boys and little girls already by right can call themselves railroad workers. Cars are very accurate, clean, to go to them - pleasure. To us even punched tickets - all as is necessary by rules.


It is expensive from final to final took about 20 - 25 minutes, on the way there was one more stop. Having arrived to Pionerskaya station, we saw the remarkable lake, a pinery and it is a lot of - a lot of vacationer of the people. As we did not know what landscapes can expect us, we were not ready to bathing, but decided to go out for a walk and until the train takes one more detour. We walked along the lake, then Mitya played in the children`s town, we ate on ice cream and gathered in a way back. Also slowly and solemnly we returned on Yunost station, waved to the train good-bye the handle, took seat in the car and went home to digest the received impressions.

the Moscow Festival of Yachts

I again - a case... In the morning on Saturday I turned on the TV and in the Messages - Moscow program saw the reporting that this day at ten o`clock of morning on Pushkinskaya Embankment of the Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure the Festival of yachts opens. I will honestly tell that our family has no relation to yachts, but here the park is exactly opposite to our windows. And therefore I resolutely made the proposal to go there to walk. We with Mitya fast washed, have breakfast and at a quarter to ten already left the house.

of Approximately and the photo for the magazine

Exactly looked at ten o`clock we were on the embankment where at the mooring beautiful yachts - big and small rocked. And on the mooring there was an active preparation for a ceremonial opening of action: quality of operation of the equipment for the subsequent performances, yachts was checked - clubs exposed models of fancy yachts, waiters prepared an entertainment, correspondents darted about on yachts and interviewed their owners. Mitya with interest stared at yachts, but on a visit we were not invited, and we did not decide to thrust. He also models tried to touch a finger, but was politely stopped by someone from representatives of yachts - club. But Mitya drew attention of one of press photographers about this model. . but where was to look for the photo subsequently?.

Unfortunately, we were limited in time because this day on a session at twelve o`clock we had tickets in the Dolphinarium so through an hour, it depends time and life on the embankment began to come to life, we had to leave.

in the Evening in news we watched the reporting on opening of this holiday by Yury Luzhkov. And we - that managed to visit there much earlier the mayor :)

MAX. - 2005

of MAX. - 2005

Generally we did not gather on an air show, but its majesty the case interfered again - presented us invitation cards. And we began to finish our father that not so there and “stolpotvoryonno“ will be, will not crush us, but what interesting event! Generally, in the last day exhibitions, on Sunday, we went to Zhukovsky. On the advice of friends we decided to leave a bit earlier to break there to the main crowd. Unfortunately, very much early we did not manage to leave all - because the day before we noted 5 - the anniversary of the son, invited guests and to sleep settled late enough. So we drove up to Zhukovsky hours in ten - there were many cars, but not awfully there is a lot of; in my opinion, we quickly enough passed all cordons and surveys and occupied the town on the parking.

I here we are territories of an exhibition. Of course, to the people it is a lot of, but also to look was on what - not for nothing we went. Demonstration performances were very interesting and impressive. The child first was a little frightened the planes which are flying by close, but gradually got used and every time did not shudder scaredly. And we, of course, were all eyes: both on performances, and on the exposed planes...

of Fly by planes of Aeroflot!

For memory bought Meath at its request the inflatable plane with which it it is proud it was photographed against the poster “Fly by Planes of Aeroflot!“ .

the Moscow Kremlin

I was going to Descend in the child to the Kremlin not less than a year. But I did not want to carry out the first acquaintance to adverse weather, to me the first walk across the Kremlin in clear warm day seemed. But if till this year the child spent the whole summer months outside the city, then remained: fall - rains, winter - snowdrifts and lack of greens, spring - pollinoz, alas... And this year at last the case had to get there in the summer.

of the Kremlin

As always, we left the house early, by trolleybus quickly reached to Kutafyi - a tower, bought entrance tickets (the child free of charge, but the ticket is given) - and went. We already were in the Kremlin, more precisely, in the Kremlin Palace, on New Year`s representation, but on territoriya it was impossible to get into that moment. So pass on the bridge did not become for Mitya a novelty, but here an opportunity to examine guns, the Cathedral Square and temples it was presented for the first time. Yes I also, frankly speaking, was not very long ago in the Kremlin so too with pleasure walked there.

of Solemn change of guard (horse guard) at Sobornaya Square

But the main event of our excursion became for us accident, as always:. Even at the time of acquisition of entrance tickets in cash desk, I overheard conversation that some family specially arrived on Saturday to the Kremlin from far away to look at solemn changing of the guard. In general, I understood nothing, but, as they say, “reeled up on a mustache“. Already during walk at Sobornaya Square we saw on perimeter similarity of stands on which, probably, and that family wanted to acquire tickets. We quietly went from a cathedral to a cathedral, looked, studied, in Archangel`s Cathedral unexpectedly got on performance of small chorus with church singing. Ivan the Great Bell Tower remained the last object of survey for us. And there we were also found by the beginning of representation of Solemn changing of the guard. At the same time we perfectly saw everything, being on a belltower porch. Very impressive show: military orchestra, pedestrian guard, horse guard... Generally, as always unexpectedly - unexpectedly we were enriched with new impressions.

A even this summer my child “sat down“ on donuts. During walk in park Sokolniki it, after some fluctuations, agreed to try this miracle of pastries and just fell in love with donuts. Later still repeatedly pulled me to Sokolniki “to eat donuts“, nothing else from local attractions or playgrounds especially interested Mitya.

of Happy birthday!

And the most important - this summer our son noted the 5 - the anniversary - anniversary, it is possible to tell! And this year for the first time it had this holiday twice: once houses in a circle of relatives, and the second - a cheerful holiday in the company of new friends in a country garden. Now our boy became even more adult, smyshlyony, more judiciously, but at the same time he all the same amusing and lovely prankish.

the Culmination of summer vacation for Mitya. And in September the child sunbathed, well rested and full of new summer impressions solemnly went to kindergarten. But it already another story altogether...