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My house water childbirth of

Began my childbirth about 2 o`clock in the morning on July 11, 2005. It was the second day 41 - y weeks.

I had to give rise to

On ZhK terms on 40 - y, from July 2 to July 9, and my doctor very actively wanted to push me in maternity hospital on Caesarian because I had a big fruit and a narrow basin. I, of course, did not lay down anywhere, knowing pleasures of maternity hospitals but only I went in 17 - y and 11 - y maternity hospitals. Just in case, if something goes not so, wanted to arrive to them already with fights.


And in 11 - m maternity hospital to me VERY MUCH did not like the address. They at first thought that I came to conclude the contract for childbirth - 33 thousand rubles, by the way, and very much politely with me talked to me. Told what beautiful chambers (showed photos) and delivery rooms. And that the husband can be present. And here I began to express pleasure - yes, as it is good! I - that thought, only in 17 - the m can be present at free childbirth the husband! It to me - as on free? I about paid tell all to you! Yes you that? What do you take me for a ride here? (I only told that I want to learn everything about childbirth, and I was brought to this aunt Gusyna.) Nearly pushed out me from the recess, and I left.

Then I it called

to ask whether they are closed on a sink in July? In total - this maternity hospital close from us, and I did not begin to dismiss it. I was roughly told that they have an elite maternity hospital, and it is possible to get only in the direction from ZhK. I answered that with fights you are obliged to accept, huh? On what received the answer - nothing we are obliged to nobody if the maternity hospital is crowded, we will send from where came (on first-name terms).

But in 17 - m the girl Galina us very politely accepted

and told all analyses the husband should collect, at whom what to sign etc. There was very favorable impression. But we did not manage to collect references all the same so did not become. Just decided that we will go if that, in 17 - y. All this background. I will begin history.

the First fights were irregular, short, are similar to sharp pain at monthly, but is tolerant. Began to measure on hours - intervals from 10 to 25 minutes. Till 3 hours 20 minutes tried to fall asleep, as always recommend in the first period of childbirth. Gave up these attempts into the 3rd p 20 of mines, in - the first, very much worried (hurrah, at last!) in - the second, fights became quite painful. There was a strong wish to wake the husband, to please him what everything began, but did not become - and suddenly false contractions? The uterus does not turn into stone, only the acute pain inside, time - and releases. There is a wish to drink “But - a shpa“, as in old kind times at monthly. Even legs below a knee zanemet - so at me earlier monthly began. Villages on kitchen with the Japanese crossword puzzles.

5. 40. Fights in 5 - 8 minutes, already not so painfully, the uterus on fight turns into stone. The kid ceased to turn about a half an hour ago - about 5 h. Before actively span between fights, on fight faded. Legs ceased to grow dumb, or I already got used. The kid began to move again, began to hiccup right after fight, I was even delighted. There was a wish to encourage him and to support. Began to iron a stomach and to talk to it: “Hey, hi! Everything is good, I am with you!“ It is not less fight, than for 20 seconds. Gives to a waist, but in general it is still tolerant. Fights began to become frequent.

I Will write

about a mucous stopper: the first part departed on July 9, the day before yesterday, at ten o`clock evenings. Flowed out a little bit blood - no more teaspoon. Blood pink. Went to bed, the kid long and actively turned, it was unpleasant, but not painfully in the bottom of a stomach. As always, woke up to pee time 3 in a night, more nothing left. On a bed since morning found 2 faintly - pink a speck, probably, the painted waters. In general waters leak in the mornings weeks one and a half. Yesterday at 9 in the evening still the part of a stopper, this time with fresh blood, red, but not pinkish departed. On laying remained small, it is bright - a scarlet clot, without any slime.

7. 00. The husband woke up, fights, as if on command, were slowed down at once - before went in 3 - 3 and a half minutes, and quite long, seconds on 20 - 30, but almost painless. I even thought whether not to go at daybreak to have a sleep. Began to make for the husband a breakfast, about about 7. The 30th fights began again, with an interval about 10 minutes, but pains with return in a waist, each fight for 30 seconds and in general more painful began.

B 8 of morning called our dear obstetrician - to Alexander Naumov, told as well as that. He scolded us that did not call at once, and promised to arrive. I made an enema. Fights were not interrupted also in a toilet. Already it is not similar to monthly. I feel normally, it is even vigorous. I am afraid of one - suddenly it is false contractions? In vain disturbed all. On laying - also blood there is a little slime. Me feels sick. Since morning drank about 2 glasses of juice and ate 1 pancake, probably, therefore feels sick.

12. 00. Just from us there left Sasha. Disclosure of 1 - 1,5 cm. Told that with such disclosure it is possible to carry a week more. Perhaps, that it is false contractions. Gave phone of the schoolgirl - Natalya Pautova if fights continue to call her. Fights continue. In 16. 00 we call Natalya, she gathers and leaves to us.

About 18. 00 there arrived Natalya. Now, when all already behind, I am surprised how so it developed, all one to one. The matter is that usually Sasha goes on childbirth one. Now summer, only 1 evening a week - Monday is also firmly taken it, from 17 to 22 it conducts group in club of parental culture “Renaissance“. All rest of the time it is free and one would arrive, and with one obstetrician we would not give rise to the house. And there was just a Monday.

So far Natalya went, I had only one thought: if only disclosure went! I knew that Natalya herself in situation and to go since other end of Moscow - from Butovo to Babushkinskaya - very far. These are, probably, two the most remote from each other the area. Till this day we did not see Natalya, only communicated by phone. I very much hoped that she will be the “correct“ person, the trust and personal sympathy are very important in labor.

Natalya arrived and at once told, having seen our measurements of duration of fights on a stop watch:“ Will last for the watch to look, it is necessary to give birth“. Disclosure, according to Natalya, was “good“ - 6 cm. At me with all the heart went away: not for nothing the person went! Process all right!

We all went to kitchen and began to eat my pancakes. I was quite hungry by that moment, but did not know whether it is possible to eat on childbirth and if yes, that how many and what. With the permission of Natalya ate several pancakes with condensed milk and washed down them with tea. What we spoke about, I do not remember, there was only a feeling of a discharge - that we together measure fights on hours in the room, and here we drink tea in kitchen and we laugh. The husband told then that for hours he all - looked, and fights were slowed down, but it is explainable, the stranger came new. At some moment we passed into the room again.

At 22 o`clock disclosure was full. Potuzhna the period did not come yet, fights became irregular and not such painful. Me began to put to bed. Forces already was almost not, by this moment I did not sleep days. And in general I somehow lost courage, all this seemed to me wearisome, I did not feel pain so sharply any more - got used, just exhausts. Natalya began to say that now - that everything and begins that all in my hands, I have to be strong. The husband said that I strong, and at me everything will turn out that he believes in me, and we will cope with it. But by that moment I did not believe in myself. I well remember this state: everything, I could not, receded. I in the past the sportswoman also know what I speak about. I left sport 10 years ago, and did not feel 10 years of it, and here again with full clarity rolled on me: everything, recede. Several factors played a role that I as a result did not appear under a knife in maternity hospital.

In - the first, I from the very beginning very much did not want to get to maternity hospital. I even did not pack things though my provident husband said that all this should be made. In - the second, my vanity would suffer if I all - give up. In - the third, I till July 25, that is till 39th week went to sports club to water aerobics and tried to be the first, believing that my physical training will help. And held the breath under water as spoke, for a minute, could detain 10 times - minute I breathe - minute I dive. Well and, of course, I did not want to seem weak before the husband. We spoke about it so much, went to courses, prepared, and he so believes in me, so worries, so tries to help. Generally, all these reasons can be united in two: I was afraid, and I did not want to give up. I so long write about this moment because it became critical.

Me was covered with a blanket and left on kitchen, understanding that I should have a rest, and all words are already told, business in me. When I remained one, all this in me leaped, and I got up. The further course of childbirth it is possible to call “circulation circles“. The apartment at us small, one-room, especially you do not disperse, and I became as the prisoner to turn on the room in one party with identical speed. It was the turning point, I was adjusted to work and reach the end. It is possible to tell, I opened a second wind, I did not feel any more tired though I lay no more than 5 minutes.

Somewhere in half an hour the husband came to look at

, how my affairs whether I sleep. Called Natalya, she told that now it is necessary that the bubble tore, the neck opened, it does not hold the kid any more. Fights were resumed, and at once very intensive - minute in one or one and a half minutes of a break. I still beat about the bush, and on fight held a back of a chair and squated at an exhalation.

So there passed an hour more after which Natalya examined me and told that nothing occurs. How does not occur? I try. “Yes, disclosure full, but the kid did not fall at all“. “Why?“ “Because you feel sorry for yourself. On fight it is necessary to go to pain, through pain, then process will go. And so you only prolong pleasure“. It became very offensive during the time spent in vain and efforts. Even it is not so much offensive how many the evil took me. I precisely remembered it, this attack of rage because it should not have been. I thought and was adjusted that everything will pass on patience and love plus my trained body. On a crest of this rage I set the object:“ to win“ against a fetal bubble.

Passed still fights three - four, and I felt that from me something hot flowed out, absolutely slightly - slightly. Was delighted, asked me to examine, one cover, and there is more to come, there still quite dense beds appeared, tore. I rose and again began to go around. Fight found me in the middle of a route, I began to squat, having undertaken a back of a crib, a gift of my father. And here from me as poured down! It is not sick at all, it is only unexpected. I waited only for forward waters, and all departed at once. Wow! Hurrah!! I could!! Precisely I remember that very much was delighted. It was in 23 h 40 minutes.

About midnight there arrived Sasha. I encouraged by the success with puzyryom made an effort with big enthusiasm now. Began to pour a bathtub. We with Natalya remained in the room. The kid fell! Natalya showed me how many remained - two phalanxes of a forefinger, one and a half phalanxes. Then examined me and sharply told: “Everything, quickly in a bathroom!“ Probably, the kid fell quicker, than she expected, or so it seemed to me.

Bathing. Warm water, the muffled light. Here also the real work began. All hands were necessary. Sasha stood at the head, the husband - in the middle, Natalya - at legs. On fight the husband held me by a hand and other hand placed emphasis for a leg. Natalya helped me not to tear. Sasha pressed on a stomach, and I had to push away a press him hands. Between fights all of us had a rest. To me poured cold water on the head from time to time, and it was as a god-send, so pleasantly. I took as a parrot: “Well, how there? The head is visible?“ I was bothered by this question, but I could not stop. Then I began to be answered surely:“ Yes, it is visible, well visible“.

I during this period do not remember

of Pain, there was a work and fatigue. All began to sleep between fights. Then it became suddenly sick, obstetricians told that it is the kid passes under a pubic bone. I already felt, and knew, and very much wanted that it was the home straight. The head of the kid ceased “to leave“ between fights. I asked: “What at it a volosika?“ - “Dark“.

Then everything occurred very quickly. I gave rise to the head, this such feeling! In total at once: both pleasure, and pain … While gave birth a head - began to shout all of a sudden. Heart-rendingly, loudly, any shout. It was not more sick, than earlier. Then read - it is a reflex, the kid copies mother, it is necessary that he began to breathe - copies mother`s shout and begins to breathe. The kid began to turn the head to my right hip! Without someone`s help, between the last and penultimate fights, some miracle is simple!

On the following fight I gave rise to a little body and tore. My feelings: crotch pain, emptiness in a stomach, up from water Natalya pulls out some white doll, the thick cord under water tries to keep step with it, I on a breast have a warm tiny little body, eyes brown, the face which became swollen studies me, and all this in a flash. I remember, I asked: “Who, boy? Or girl?“ And someone answered me (neither I, nor the husband can remember who):“ Boy, boy“.

farther almost could not be told

: the umbilical cord pulsed 15 minutes, took a breast in 14 minutes - quickly thought that to what. The kid sucked About half an hour me, then it was incurred to the room - to weigh and measure. For these half an hour I without efforts gave rise to a placenta, on my feelings, minutes through 10 - 15 after the kid. Blood was almost not, only from my wound.

of Greasing on the kid was not at all. Anywhere. It was not neither cyanotic, nor red as sometimes tell though I was ready to see its any. Skin was usual, such, normal color. I remembered ears - such whitish, pressed to the head. It in 2 - 3 days then “nayet“ them - they became such fleshy and were bulged from the head! All foot with fingers was about my forefinger, I measured at once, in a bathroom because cams and legs seemed to me disproportionately big. He did not cry, began to breathe gradually, without breakthroughs, without roddomovsky shock.

Natalya remained with me in a bathroom, to examine me and to help to wash. It turned out that I tore only a lip and that in one place, and the crotch remained whole! The maternity hospital surely would cut!

the Kid appeared

how all was told, very large - 4 kg 500 gr, a head of 38 cm, height of 54 cm. He was born at 2 hours 49 minutes on July 12, in 25 hours 50 minutes after the first fight. Without stimulation, without anesthesia. Here we also became happy parents!