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Little photographer. The first steps in art of

the Photo are the fascinating occupation capable to give to the kid a powerful spur for intellectual and art development. And to the adult - an opportunity to see the world eyes of the child. How to help the baby to take the first steps in this field?

Give to the child the camera! whether

It happened to h2 to you to see the pictures taken by children? Not often you will meet them in family photo albums. And because that we underestimate opportunities of our kid, all the time we solve all for it: “It to you still early, and this just right!“ And what if to allow the child to prove? Meanwhile even the four-year-old little man can already cope quite tolerably with the unpretentious camera, and the child of 5 - 6 years is capable to understand such difficult things as endurance and a diaphragm. Of course, provided that mother or the father will be directly involved in formation of the young photographer. The weaved branches of trees against the blue sky, an open mouth of a hippopotamus in a zoo, the snout of a grandmother`s pig in all shot or a new view on country picnic with shish kebabs - not once or twice will surprise you the works of your kid contradicting any laws of composition, but filled with a warm sunlight...

But let`s consider communication of the kid with the camera not only as an opportunity to create and create works of art but also as the remarkable developing occupation, the tool for knowledge of world around, the exercise machine of attention and observation. What else as not the part of soul is put by the good photographer in the works? And photography - one of ways to develop both emotionality, and sense of beauty, and ability through the photo to share with other experiences. Even if you are not so strong in photographing science, it does not matter. To study or be improved never late, and together with the kid - also it is fascinating. So, we go to photohunting!

Tool or toy?

Of course, the first camera is a toy. And as if seriously the little photographer treated shooting process, for it it is just fascinating game, so far and all his life - game. In it there is nothing bad. By means of game it is possible to inform the kid even of the most difficult knowledge, and most of parents quite so arrives. And here as far as this game will be interesting and as will long occupy the kid, in many respects depends on you.


From the aforesaid that the first camera should not be expensive and “fancy“. It is the best of all to give to the child old “soap tray“ (if you bought the new camera) or to pick up the simple camera especially for it. Both the child, and the adult can remove, of course, the same device. But own camera - a subject of special pride, the kid treats it more carefully and more tremblingly, and you should not deprive of it such positive emotions. In my opinion, film “soap trays“ it is more preferable digital for several reasons. In - the first, digital devices are more fragile and whimsical, and small handles are not skillful and disobedient. Any falling can put tsifrovik out of action, and here film “soap tray“, most likely, will survive. In - the second, the digital camera in hands of the beginning photographer depreciates process of creation of the good photo. Here it is possible not to think especially: press a set of times a button, and then you will choose that though somehow resembles a qualitative picture. The film camera from - for limitations of shots sets thinking before pressing descent, to look for the best foreshortening, to solve and whether it is worth photographing in general a favourite cat the 36th time in a row from all directions. To be fair it is necessary to tell what tsifrovik has the advantages. First of all he allows the little impatient photographer to see result of the shooting at once and helps to master the computer, gives the chance to save on a film and the press. And if you see that the child really is interested in process of creation of the photo that it gives pleasure to it and it not the hobby for one day, then makes sense to present it the camera more seriously a bit later: good digital or film mirror 1 . For now we perfect skill with what is, remembering that the good picture is taken not by(with) the camera, and the photographer. And even “soap tray“` can be made very and very interesting pictures.

the Technical educational program

Before the kid will make by

the first picture, it makes sense to tell and show it as the camera is arranged and how that turn out photos, habitual for us. Quite so also my father when I was 5 years old, and since then the camera always with me arrived. It is clear, that needs to be explained in “children`s“ language that did not leave, as in an old joke: “The father, and you to whom talked now?“ Where the father, answering a question of the kid “Why the bitten-off apple darkens?“ began to tell about two - and trivalent iron.

Show to the child the main parts of the camera (the case, a lens, the view-finder, a lock, flash) and explain their appointment. It is better to do it with the open camera without film. Let the kid will see what occurs inside when you press the button.

Very simply it can be explained to

approximately so. The film is inserted into the camera, it is covered with special substance which changes if on it light gets. In a usual state the lens is closed by a special blind which protects a film from light. If to press a lock, a blind on a fraction of a second (Chick - a track, very quickly!) opens and again slams. Light through a small opening in a lens (is called a diaphragm), gets on a film, and on it the image is created. The special mechanism hides the finished shooting shot in the cartridge, and the camera is ready to shooting again. And then already from a film it is possible to print photos. Than less light on the place of shooting - on the street or indoors, - the window of a diaphragm and subjects longer it has to be that hold open more. It is necessary that on a film enough light got.

to the Kid will be interesting to learn

that in ancient cameras process of shooting occupied not fractions of a second as now, and several minutes. By the way, it is quite good to look at these devices on pictures of the encyclopedia or in the museum.

For certain in your photo album unsharp photos will be. Show them to the kid and explain that when photographing there is one more important concept - focus. No, not that focus which the conjurer shows in circus. Turning a lens (manually or automatically), and moving, thus, the special fragment of glass - a lens - the camera can “be guided at sharpness“, i.e. the photo will turn out either accurate, or indistinct. The majority of “soap trays“ does it automatically so special skills will not be required here, but it is necessary to know about it everything-. Later the child learns about the camera device more deeply and in more detail, will get acquainted with physical optics. But until even such simplified representation helps it to belong to photographing process more consciously.

Useful will be to tell

to the kid and about the basic rules which will prolong camera life. The most terrible for it is a falling. Especially in water. And if film “drowned man“ still there is a chance to rescue, then the digital camera will be damaged irrevocably. Accustom the kid to put on always a camera thong a hand before pulling out it from a cover and to begin to remove. This habit brought to automatism will help out it more than once. The camera cannot be directed directly to a bright sun. It harms not only to sight of the photographer, but also can put equipment out of action. It is impossible to leave the camera under direct sunshine in hot summer day. Remind the little photographer more often that you should not grab fingers a lens, otherwise in photos ugly muddy spots will appear. The lens needs to be wiped with a piece of soft fabric periodically. And, of course, the lens out of shooting has to be always closed by a protective cover or a blind. Scratches on it will hardly decorate photos.

Common truths

do not begin process of training of the kid with an explanation of the principles of composition. State it the main, most important precepts of the photographer better, and let further him experiment. Own mistakes and victories better and will quicker teach the kid to photo elements, than the most correct and clever councils.

So, basic rules :

In general, for a start it is better to remove on the street in a sunny day. And, not in bright midday, and in the morning, in the late afternoon or when the sun is slightly covered with clouds. Such photos will be positive and bright, it is more difficult to spoil something here. And good shots - the best means of a raising of fighting spirit of the young photographer.

do not impose to the child the vision of the world, give it the chance to be oneself. Only sometimes it is possible softly to advise something, but, without insisting and without presenting as only the right decision. Despite all your recommendations, some time curve and slanting pictures, photos made against the sun, greased and, in your opinion, confused will turn out. But it is natural process of search, creativity, training. As differently you will be convinced that flash will not reach the moon, and instead of a lunar path just black water smooth surface will turn out? It is very important to discuss together children`s pictures, to praise successful and to find mistakes. And you will see how each time they will become better and better.


photographers have such concept as “a shooting point“. Speaking plainly, this that place, that level of height on which you hold the camera during photography. For certain you quite often happened to see photos of the kids removed from height of growth of the adult. By the way, most often quite so parents also remove the kids. In the photo we see not so much a lovely face of the baby, how many its disproportionately big top, though nice, but all - less valuable, than an attractive face. Similar photos cause sense of superiority over the child of the big and omnipotent adult. And children seem small and defenseless. In my opinion, it is the most unsuccessful foreshortening for shooting of children. It should be used only in rare instances if it is necessary to emphasize this vulnerability. And in order that the kid turned out in photos rather fine, it is enough to sit down only that the camera was dropped to level his eye. Now at you it will turn out to imprint both his remarkable smile, and cunning eyes, and the hitched-up naughty nose quite naturally. It is one of receptions which will help to show not only external appeal of your kid, but also to open in the photo his inner world, such unique and vulnerable, such original and surprisingly touching.

situations when pertinently to photograph the kid from the lower point Happen. For example, when it scrambled on a huge stone or got on a tree branch. You as if will emphasize with it its achievement. Or lay down in a grass and remove the running kid from below. Perhaps, such giant see his bugs sitting in forest thickets. Experimenting with a shooting point, it is possible to achieve interesting results. By the way, here to you remarkable creative task for the little photographer. Suggest it to photograph the same flower from different points of shooting as though different forest inhabitants look at it: a high deer, a wolf, the little hare, the bee or a butterfly who collects nectar directly on a flower, the tiny ant creeping on the ground. In these situations the kid will need to squat, lay down on the earth, to remove from height of the growth or even to get on penek to be higher. Having compared photos, the child own eyes will see how the shooting point influences the end result and as its right choice is important to enclose this or that certain sense in the photo.

I Think, you inexpressibly are surprised when you see habitual things in pictures of the kid. All of us once saw quite so both a table, and a flower on a window sill, and the parents - from below up and only long ago forgot about it. And opening it (or even not opening at all, and a recall) very much for us will be useful. Exactly thanks to children`s photos we will be able to see the world the child`s eyes literally of these words. And it will give the chance to get closer even stronger to the kid, to rise by one step of mutual understanding. Go to walk with the kid on the city and suggest it to remove everything that will be pleasant. Believe, you absolutely differently will see the city: both its streets, and architecture, and even people. And let these photos are technically imperfect, but in them there will be what adult pictures are quite often deprived: unusual foreshortenings, unexpected plots and, of course, a spontaneity, sincerity and deep intuitive wisdom - the most incomprehensible children`s property.

of the Sign of spring

What else interesting occupations can be thought up with the camera? One my friend, going to walk with the kid, always took with itself the digital camera. Together with the child they photographed all interesting that met them during walk. And houses, considering photos, they once again remembered and discussed these moments. We with the daughter developed this subject and expanded, arranging thematic walks. Photohunting behind signs of spring became the most interesting. We went in solar spring day to the real travel on a ravine near the house. And everywhere looked for signs of spring: cheerful streams and the bulked-up kidneys on trees, tiny leaflets on bushes of a gooseberry and fluffy verbochka, the yellow suns mother - and - stepmothers and the first green grass on solar hillocks, joyful birds and the woken-up insects... Nothing escaped our look. And houses on the basis of the finished shooting photos we made the computer presentation, having added comments and spring voices of birds. Again and again Masha asked to look at the photostory about our remarkable travel. And now - that she precisely knows what is spring.

Similar excursions were at us both in the wood, and at a pond, and on the seashore during summer holiday. And time to meet with the camera a zimushka - winter will come soon. And every time is a remarkable opportunity for the kid to know better that it surrounds it, to slightly open a veil of secrets of wildlife.

Suggest the to the baby to take a series of pictures (usual or digital) on a certain subject, for example the wood. Here trees of various breeds and at various times year, mushrooms and berries, fancy hemp and the forest footpaths which are filled in with the sun, bird`s traces or red berries of a mountain ash on snow, a huge ant hill and a gentle spring snowdrop can be imprinted. Yes you never know what else surprises will be given to the kid by the nature. It is possible to do thematic albums of photos, it is beautiful to make out them and to use as the textbook of wildlife.

Allow the child to remove Fotoigra`s

prazdnik, picnics outdoors and other family actions. Issue of the family newspaper can become excellent occupation for the kid and all family. It can be done monthly, covering all most interesting events, or to devote to various holidays and birthdays. The child will act as the press photographer, trying to imprint the most interesting shots and to take active part in registration of the newspaper and writing of amusing texts.

Whenever possible attend various photo exhibitions with the child. It is very useful to consider works of professional pictorialists - it is possible to learn much. And then suggest the kid to organize an own photo exhibition. Select together interesting photos without any subject or according to the conceived idea (“That I saw by the sea“ or, say, “My family“). Make a framework for photos, using a color cardboard or having cut on box strips from candies. Place a collection of photos on a wall, having respectively issued. Invite the grandmother with the grandfather or friends of the kid to an exhibition of the young photographer. It is possible to date an event for birthday of the photographer. And it is quite possible that next day the births at your house exhibition will appear work and other kids.


to the Child - the school student for certain will like idea to make the photocomic book of class life. In due time, at school, I very much was fond of similar photogames. For this purpose together with friends it is necessary to write the scenario of future comic book, to pick up actors, to shoot the necessary scenes, to paste them in an album in necessary sequence, to sign the text and it is interesting to issue. Or perhaps it will be the real adventure or detective story? Or statement according to the famous book? But it not only “adult“ entertainment. The kid - the preschool child can also try this genre: to think up “toy history“ and to shoot the phototale of the toys with your help. Who knows to what serious hobby such frivolous creative game can lead?

the Role of the house photographer and operator is interesting, honourable and difficult

. But now my oldest daughter even more often takes the camera or a video camera in hand, giving me the chance though sometimes to see family rest or interesting sight differently, than they are visible in a view-finder window. And there were even rare photos in which I am depicted. And recently four-year-old younger daughter herself asked to teach her to photograph. I pulled out from the shelf and dusted the old Konica camera which for a long time nobody used, and thought that everything in this world repeats, all this already once was: and the weaved branches of trees against the blue sky, and an open mouth of a hippopotamus in a zoo, and the photos contradicting any laws of composition, but filled with a warm sunlight...