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Potatoes luxury of

Any potatoes once were young, and all - the difference between young and usual is huge. Just potato is our second bread, and new potato - a category luxury product, the Russian delicacy.

the Season of young potato begins

in June. At this time city life moves to terraces, verandahs and dachas, at restaurants there is a summer menu, entirely from different herbs and vegetables, and on pages of business newspapers and magazines for lack of more serious economic news it is possible to read messages on a subject: “In Moscow area new potato continues to rise in price“. Remained in the city feel more solid (“When at the sea?“ ) also call on to each other more often than during any other season.

I do not know

how to you, and to me such situation is very familiar. You will appear suddenly to somebody spontaneously, you will gorge on the different snack which were in the refrigerator, you sit, you stir with friends, and suddenly the hostess speaks: “And I have still a baked potato!“ All begin to refuse, but it brings from kitchen a plate with such delightful, reddened, is transparent - kremovo - the creamy smoking potato that all become silent at once and only on faces it is possible to read distinctly:“ Well, it quite another matter“. And when in ten minutes the plate turns out empty, begin to reflect that new potato is a delicacy.

Link of times

of the Same opinion, by the way, was also Peter I. That he is considered the godfather of potato, all know, certainly. But here the fact that initially potatoes were served at balls as a dessert - with sugar! - the fact which is held back. Mistrust to potatoes was in Europe first universal (the product was delivered from South America), but over time fell in love with it, and even very much so now ninety percent of world potatoes are grown up in the Old World, and can imagine what percent from these ninety grows and is eaten in our corner of the world.

the Russian peasants who - thanks to the tsar - worried winters thanks to potato with salt kvass, onions, sour milk and sunflower oil, probably, too in a special way treated young June potato. I do not know whether it were aware they, how many in it of advantage. It is considered that several tubers of new potato can provide an organism with standard daily rate of vitamin C, and also vitamins of group B and P. Potato is extremely useful at a metabolic disorder. Thanks to the high content of potassium it promotes removal of water from an organism and regulation of exchange processes.

However, I think, sharp-witted peasants perfectly knew everything. Otherwise from where we got this wise instruction on the address with young potato which is remembered for memory by any girl who grew up with the grandmother in kitchen? That set of rules saying that:

New potato is badly stored by The contact with air is less than

, the food therefore the preparing potato should be covered is more useful. And the best way to keep vitamins - to cook potatoes on a grill, in a microwave and on couple. If all of you - prefer to a pressure cooker and a double boiler a pan with water (the main thing, not a frying pan - new potato is not suitable for frying, it badly is reddened and becomes rigid), add to water of 1 - 2 spoon of a cabbage or cucumber brine - then vegetables will not boil soft. And if put a margarine spoon, potato will prepare quicker.

the Russian soul

demonstrates To the delicious nature of new potato also the fact that in the majority of recipes it - as well as, for example, truffle - acts as an independent dish. And what book of recipes open, everywhere to new potato exclusively gentle ingredients rely, such which will shade and taste of the main product is emphasized. In total - colors slivochno - white and an ivory with greens impregnations. Imagine a water color from cottage cheese and melted butter; pesto sauce, asparagus, mint and lemon oil; sour cream and fennel; caraway seeds and sheep cheese; Camambert cheese and mushrooms; cheese cream and parsley. Here with what gastronomic guides suggest to cook young potato. Any of these products separately or in some combination - the choice of the hostess and improvisation. Losing combinations do not happen. Losing ways of preparation - too. Though they, as we know, on the simplicity can argue with fried eggs browning. Sometimes recipes look indecently short.

Most often so: to boil new potato to softness in the added some salt water. To merge water, to leave potatoes on very weak fire for 2 - 3 minutes for removal of excessive moisture, then to shift in a plate, to fill in with sour cream (to strew with grated sheep cheese / the wiped cottage cheese / to add the butter mixed with fresh herbs and black pepper / to fill with the pounded yolks and a pinch of lemon acid / to strew with the cut parsley greens). To give at once.

Or so: potatoes carefully to wash up and dry. To wrap up each potato a foil. To bake in an oven within an hour. When prepares, in each potato to make a deep crosswise cut, to salt and fill slightly with sauce. This recipe is only at first sight reminded with what is used in street booths. The modified crumb - the potato made at home with love and the imagination can turn out refined excessively. For example, if as sauce to use black caviar and cream - a frasha. (Cream - a frasha if you do not know, prepares from a glass of heavy cream and 2 tablespoons of buttermilk.)

Recipes with young potato can bear beautiful foreign names, but to be at the same time absolutely Russian “soul“ - as Dofinois baked pudding in which on a plot it is required to spread on the baking sheet layers potato cut in rings onions and cheddar cheese, to fill in all this with cream and to bake. Certainly, there can be they and with meat. Any not vegetarian recipe with new potato, we will tell pork on - Mediterranean, by all means will emphasize how successfully shades a garnish the softness spiciness of meat.

Besides, ways of preparation meet the strangest - as, for example, raklett, the well-known Savoy entertainment. In the French province Sava raklett looks as a small gilyotinka (on complexity and bulkiness of the design reminds the grandfather`s photolaboratory occupying nearly whole room). To it cunning the huge piece of Savoy cheese which is warmed up from above and, melted is suspended, drips on hot young potato with the different smoked products which are settling down on a plate below.

But, unfortunately, any gastronomic book just does not recommend to wrap potato in a foil and to abandon it in a fire which will be made in the eleventh o`clock in the evening where - nibud on the bank of Volga. And that around a fire sat, having wrapped in blankets, nice people also told you each other different stories, stirring potato in a fire long sticks. Potato, I am sure, it would turn out excellent. At least because the simplest always is ingenious.