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Bed rest: to whom and why it is necessary?

Appointing treatment, the doctor strictly speaks: “In - the first - a bed rest!“ This recommendation is usually followed by the harmonous list of drugs by which end you already forget about a bed rest. And what is it? How many it is necessary to lie how it will be long whether it is possible to rise, at least, to reach a toilet, or not? Let`s try to specify all aspects of this most elementary, but rather important medical recommendation.

Why should lie?

Indications for observance of a bed rest are some complications of pregnancy. Treat them: threat of interruption of pregnancy on any term; prelying of a placenta (a state at which the placenta blocks an exit from a uterus); dribble of amniotic waters; such serious complication of pregnancy, as gestoz, and some other states and diseases. Elementary cold also demands that future mother remained in a bed, but did not go on the house and the more so out of its limits.

At pregnancy interruption threat the bed rest allows to avoid mechanical impact on fetal egg or on a fruit. The matter is that when walking and furthermore at run, and even when performing, apparently, of simple household affairs muscles of a forward belly wall strain, intra belly pressure constantly changes that promotes increase of a tone of muscles of a uterus. In turn, it can lead to an otsloyka of fetal egg, the beginning of patrimonial activity. When future mother lies in a bed, muscles of a forward belly wall are relaxed that promotes also relaxation of muscles of a uterus, and fetal egg is not affected by the vibration taking place when performing any work.

the Bed rest protects

from bleeding and when prelying a placenta since at this state the placenta blocks an exit from a uterus, it is leaky attached to a uterus wall, and lies over an internal opening of the channel of a neck of a uterus. Even at small physical activity the placenta can exfoliate from uterus walls that is fraught with bleeding which will lead to deterioration in a condition of mother and kid.

Special value the bed rest has

at a gestoza. Gestoz is a complication of pregnancy at which work of many systems and bodies of the woman is broken because in them vessels are narrowed, blood circulation is broken; at the same time also the fruit suffers. This complication is shown by increase of arterial pressure, emergence of hypostases and protein in urine. It is considered that at stay in a bed, in horizontal position when to the woman warmly and comfortably, blood circulation in kidneys improves, there is a lowering of arterial pressure.

Thus, the bed rest is an important factor in treatment of a gestoz.

One more state at which the bed rest will be not superfluous is a varicosity of the lower extremities. At this disease venous valves which normal interfere with the return current of blood on veins are weakened. The venous wall experiences the raised strain, especially in vertical position - at long walking or long standing. In horizontal situation blood flows on veins easier. But at a varicosity the bed rest should not have constant character - it is recommended to accept horizontal position whenever possible several times a day for 10 - 15 minutes. At the same time legs have to be higher than the level of a trunk - on an armrest or on a pillow, it promotes outflow of blood from the lower extremities. Such episodes of a bed rest are recommended at any displays of a varicose illness (fatigue of legs after walking, standings, existence of vascular asterisks, “snakes“ varikozno of expanded veins).

At catarrhal diseases during pregnancy, especially in a sharp phase, it is also necessary to remain in a bed. It is good to observe this recommendation also out of pregnancy. Observing a bed rest at such states, you save the forces, all power expenses of an organism are directed to fight against an infection. It is especially important to help an organism during pregnancy as natural protective forces (immunity) during this period are a little reduced. whether

Can rise? As it was already told by

to h2, stay in a bed at a varicosity has incidental character, for the rest the woman leads a usual life. At other conditions of the rule of a bed rest is more strict.

Extremely strict the bed rest has to be at threat of premature birth when in a fetal bubble there is a small opening, and amniotic waters leak through this opening in the small portions. This state and is called - dribble of amniotic waters. If at the same time the woman gets up though for a while, there is a probability that waters under own pressure will begin to pour out from an opening which will become more, is high. And at loss of a large amount of amniotic waters it is impossible to keep pregnancy. There is a wish to mention also that at dribble of amniotic waters due to violation of integrity of amniotic covers the probability of infection of a fruit increases. Considering the aforesaid, at dribble of amniotic waters the woman has to observe a bed rest extremely strictly: food, hygienic procedures, excrements - all in a bed. At the same time it is necessary to change daily bed and underwear for decrease in probability of infection of a fruit.

Rather strict and when when prelying a placenta there are small bloody allocations because such allocations are caused by an otsloyka of fetal egg or a placenta from a uterus wall, and at the slightest physical tension I can exfoliate all new and new vorsina of a horion.

At other pathological states to the woman is allowed to go to a toilet, to eat food sitting, with the legs lowered from a bed.

As you can see, anyway observance of a bed rest demands that the woman had assistants who give it ready food, carry out medical appointments. Of course, observance of such mode in house conditions is improbable therefore even at threat of interruption of pregnancy in the first trimester when among appointments reception of tablets prevails, recommend hospitalization. Nevertheless in the conditions of hospital the woman is absolutely free from daily household duties.

the Bed rest is usually recommended to observe before disappearance of all symptoms of complication or considerable improvement of a state. For example, in the presence of bloody allocations disappearance of allocations, at dribble of amniotic waters - laying, dry within several days, will be criterion for expansion of physical activity, at a gestoza - normalization of arterial pressure, laboratory indicators etc.

How it is “correct“ to p to lie?

it would Seem to

, a strange question, and meanwhile he demands some explanations.

- till 12 weeks when the uterus does not leave from yet - for lonny joints and its sizes are small

In the first trimester of pregnancy, - it is possible to afford any situation in a bed.

Further, approximately till 28 weeks of pregnancy, it is possible to lie on a back or on one side. And when the sizes of a uterus are already big, it is possible to settle down only on one side. It is not recommended to lie on a back as in this case the uterus squeezes the lower hollow vein, limiting inflow of blood to heart. The blood-groove in kidneys, a uterus and a placenta is as a result broken, arterial pressure can decrease, develop dizziness and loss of consciousness, to worsen blood supply of a fruit.

Often the question arises: and on what side of the pregnant woman it is better to lie? It is clear, that it is impossible to lay down only on right or only on the left side and to remain in this situation the whole days: it tires, leads to irritation, can worsen a condition of the patient. However it is better to adhere to the following recommendations: in general during pregnancy, especially in its second half, it is better to lie mainly on the left side, in such conditions the fruit is well supplied with blood. And that at whom the fruit is in cross situation (a fruit head on the one hand and the pelvic end - with another, to an exit from a uterus turned a tummy or a back) to change the provision of a fruit, it is recommended to lie on that side where there is a fruit head (this circumstance can be specified at the doctor).

If, having acquired the above information, you decided that during all pregnancy it is necessary to lie because the bed rest is very good in itself, then there is a wish to remind once again that this recommendation has medical value and it is not necessary to appoint to himself a bed rest just like that. At long lying also negative effects are possible.

In - the first, during stay in a bed you perform the minimum physical activity while at the time of delivery - a final and important stage of pregnancy - physical fitness is rather important for mother. Therefore as soon as the doctor allows the minimum physical activities, do not neglect this permission.

In - the second, the long bed rest, especially along with non-compliance with recommendations about a balanced diet, can lead to a considerable increase of weight as at mother, so, in certain cases, and at the kid; the fruit birth with a big weight will be result. It is necessary to tell that childbirth by a large fruit is fraught with traumatism both for mother, and for the kid.

I Hope, you understood that the bed rest is an important medical procedure which the doctor appoints on an equal basis with tablets and pricks, but also will not begin to abuse this appointment as the pregnancy in itself which is especially proceeding without complications is not the indication for continuous stay in a bed at all.