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Beware of the car

Many women like to complain that to them it is very heavy without car, but at the same time in response to reasonable council - “Learn to drive and ride!“ - sigh: “Learned, and I am afraid to go...“ . And until the fear outweighs desire, the woman, of course, will not take the wheel. So of what the woman - the motorist is afraid?

Fear of the first time

the Fear arising when you for the first time take the wheel, is normal and rational, it helps to keep yours and others lives on the road because people who do not have it at all (happen also such), rush with a speed of 220 km/h and dashingly cut people around, but, as a rule, it passes after the first accident. All feel fear and overcome it, millions of people go, and you will be - with experience the fear passes.

Do not cost

, for the first time taking the wheel, with horror to represent how you will get into an emergency or unusual situation and you will become puzzled. If you constantly think of it, then quite so and happens. Simulate other option of behavior better: at emergence difficult situations you smoothly press a leg a brake. Mentally and in reality rehearse this action. As soon as you feel that this skill is brought at you to automatism, you will at once calm down.

Expectation of fear

By the way, expectation of fear sometimes happens more than the fear: some terribly are afraid to take the wheel, but as soon as it is made, the fear leaves at once. Others need to work thoroughly over themselves.

the Husband - not cure for fear

Feeling that if you are taught by the native person, then you will be afraid less, it is deceptive. You study on the school vehicle equipped with additional pedals and with the prepared person who will secure, will quietly explain and will help to correct your errors. Regret yourself and your husband who, seeing as dashingly you try “to align“ a side of its favourite car, can turn gray suddenly. Partly therefore even silent husbands as instructors at the wives turn into firedrakes and instead of explaining, shout:“ To the right! On the left! Brake! You that, blind?“ It, certainly, does not promote comprehension of the schoolgirl. Therefore it is better, in particular, for the sake of a preservation of peace in a family not to ask the husband to teach you even if he has a huge experience of driving and has a reputation for the quiet judicious person.

the Husband is an instructor it is capable to provoke emergence in you of one more fear: fear of a mistake. If you by someone else`s machine switch transfer, without having pressurized coupling therefore the car will howl as cut, the instructor will sigh and will explain what you made not so (you at it today the third who made it), and the husband... It is clear to all that will be told by the husband. After such lessons both parties usually get out of the car angry and tired. And from the school vehicle you have to with leave perfect other feeling: you learned something new today, at you it turns out!

Fix confidence

Came true: you have rights! But it does not mean at all that now you can go, without being afraid of anything. On the contrary, the thought that ONE should go without instructor, causes panic in many women. Begin to go where few cars and people, and to early time (about 6 - 7 in the morning) when on roads there is nobody yet, in good dry weather.“ You pass“ routes well familiar to you near the house, works, without forgetting that educational driving in the yards is forbidden. Then master other horizons - it will add experience and will relieve of fears! Set to yourself the small purposes in limits of the area: to go to shop, to the pool, to a hairdressing salon. You do not carry with yourself the child, you will not feel confident in the forces yet and be not convinced that at you everything perfectly turns out.


of the Husband can be put near yourself in case you already graduated from driving school and acquired the rights, but you are rather afraid to go. Existence of the rights will raise your status in the opinion of the husband: you are an equal driver. Therefore he, most likely, will behave rather quietly near you and only occasionally tone of the tired guru to give a valuable advice. It will help you: you will know that as a last resort he will make everything as it is necessary, and, on the other hand, together it is not terrible. Some, however, feel alone more comfortably: it is not terrible to be mistaken and concentrate simpler than when skeptically adjusted spouse sits next.

the Cruel world of men do not train for


yourself that all men on the road monsters and misogynists. Among them also the gentlemen ready to come to the rescue of you come across. They will help you to be reconstructed (pass before themselves), gallantly give way on the parking (more spacious) and patiently wait on the traffic light when you understand pedals. However is also - considering others that the woman and the car - things not joint. Therefore not to react to the angry beeps behind which are almost inevitable at the beginning prepare in advance that they will be. And when you for the first time will decay on the traffic light at that very moment when green lights up, tell yourself that you are absolutely quiet, now you will understand everything and will go. Concentrate on what you have to do, and do not pay attention to spiteful shouts of the drivers overtaking you.

Accustom yourself that the woman on the road treat more captiously, than the man. What to the man easily says goodbye, causes unambiguous reaction of drivers if the same is done by the woman: “And, well everything is clear!“ Be ready that driving at whom on back glass the letter “U“ flaunts many men perceive the woman as misunderstanding, it irritates them as a bull - a red rag.

do not hesitate of the fact that you only study, and on the contrary make it a subject of the pride. The self-assured person looks absolutely differently, than that which very clearly shows to people around:“ Sorry, that I left here“... To it and the relation another. You made something not so? Each of those who angrily hoots in your address in the same way as you, once went for the first time and shivered with thought that can mix accelerator pedals and brakes. Therefore be quiet, show to people around that you are not confused at all by your inability (experience - business acquirable), do not hesitate to ask about the help in a case of technical malfunctions. Flatters the man when he is asked to help, it straightens shoulders, feeling like the knight and the expert in the field of automotive equipment.

Fear to bring down the pedestrian

Concentrate on the road, then you lateral sight will see pedestrians. And if you see that the pedestrian stepped into the carriageway, give way to him (having convinced that to your back other cars will not fly). Be especially attentive on an entrance to stops of public transport, be convinced that pedestrians do not try to slip before you. Do not start sharply from the traffic light. You know: pedestrians adore running across the street on the blinking green.

Fear of inspectors of traffic police

It is banal, but the fact: it is necessary to be afraid of them in case you break something. Think of why you are afraid: you do not consider yourself as the good driver? It seems to you that actually you are able nothing? Most likely, here it is not inspectors, and in your uncertainty in. Think over it, for certain it is shown also in other spheres. Most likely, you are afraid both the administration, and the mother-in-law...

Fear of accident

First ALL drivers are afraid to have an accident - probably, partly because do not understand yet how it is possible to understand the chaos called by traffic. Take some actions which will calm you, will convince that in case of accident you will not suffer: begin to drive that car which causes in you feeling of safety, of comfort and instills in you confidence in what will not break on the first turn. Many begin to go by second-hand jeeps, by the German cars, by the domestic cars bought from “good hands“. Supply the car with additional resources of safety, you watch its serviceability. Always you carry with yourself a cable, a jack, the first-aid kit and the fire extinguisher.

Insure the car and yourself. The cost of an insurance will be rather high (you have no experience), but nerves are more expensive.

Fear of breakage and stealing

Supply the car with the autoalarm system, the lock of a wheel and buy an insurance. It will help to get rid of obsession that the car will be hijacked. Membership in autoclub or “the“ mechanic who as the doctor will come tearing along on the first call will allow you to cease to be afraid of breakages and the fact that in the opinion of people around you will look “the technical idiot“.

Fear of the lost skills

Sometimes the fear arises after you did not drive several years the car though before such problems were not. If it is your case, then the good decision - to agree with the instructor about several lessons. Sweep with it along those routes along which you will go, try to remember its recommendations about a behavior occasion on difficult outcomes and intersections. Drive on quiet streets at a low speed, be trained to park and stop by at garage on the platform.

By the way, a situation when the person graduates from driving school, and then many years cannot force to take the wheel, quite widespread. As a rule, it lasts until then when there is no vital need to begin to drive the car (for example if you get divorced from husband and have to carry the child in school or on circles).


Fight against fear

Sometimes drivers are soothingly affected by talk aloud. Let`s say you feel that you feel ill at ease, on the road a nervous situation (a stopper, ahead accident, repair of the road etc.), tell yourself aloud: “Everything is good, I all am able, at me everything will turn out“. Avoid I am not afraid to speak ““, “to me it is not terrible“: the mentality perceives a particle, and accepts similar phrases as a signal: “To begin to be afraid!“ . However, talk in the car acts on some, on the contrary, frighteningly.

Fear after accident

U of many the fear to take the wheel arises after accident or even under the influence of any “emergency“ history which happened to someone from your acquaintances. Moreover, some not only cannot drive, but also terribly are afraid to go in the car passengers, bother the driver with infinite councils, requirements to reduce speed and to increase a distance and even grab him hand in especially difficult situations. It occurs from - for the fact that the fear in similar cases acts as “deputy“ of the emotions caused in you by accident. As you suppressed them, the fear - protective reaction of your mentality from once again to experience the same emotions came to their place.

That it did not happen to

to you, take the wheel on the same day when there was an accident. Or make it the next morning, a bit earlier, before work. Go, for example, to the round-the-clock shop nearby and reward yourself for this trip favourite cakes. Tell yourself what before you normally drove, you will move and now. At first it will be terrible (several days), but gradually you expel it forever. The later you will take the wheel again, the it will be more difficult to you.

When nothing helps

If the fear to take the wheel gets a persuasive form and all listed councils to you do not help, so business not with the car at all. It is quite possible that your fear masks itself some other very strong emotions. In order that to understand it, you should address the psychotherapist.

Councils skilled

“Terrible“ stories

Irina I., driving experience 3 years :
“When I for the first time took the wheel, I was frightened most of all by need to switch speeds. I confused them all the time, included instead of the first a third, instead of the second - the fourth. I did not pressurize coupling therefore when switching speeds the terrible sound was distributed. The instructor swore... Now I do not even notice how I switch speeds...“

Natasha E., experience of driving of 5 years :
“One and a half years after the termination of driving school I drove the car with a mechanical box of switching of speeds. I will not tell that it was pleasant to me. Even sometimes dreamed as they should be switched. Dreams became much more pleasant when I replaced a car and changed the car with an automatic box“.

of Anastasius S., driving experience 2 years :
Ya awfully was afraid to take examination. And the it was closer, the it became more terrible to me. I was sure that I will fail, I will fall into a stupor when to me the inspector of traffic police sits down. And I did not hand over. When came in a week, was already much quieter because knew: well it will not turn out today - I will hand over in a week... Also handed over! Probably, just I understood that failure at examination - it is not deadly.