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Hardly happen to choose the future profession. Articles in specialized editions telling about this or that profession and about requirements which it imposes on the person, councils of relatives and, of course, the qualified help of the school psychologist or professional consultant will help to cope with the difficulties arising at decision-making to you.

the Last will give you complex support: will answer the questions interesting you on this subject, will carry out a number of the tests defining your tendencies and abilities, will try to eliminate disagreements (if those are) between your ideas of the professional future and views of this question of parents.

After the decision on your future specialty will be made by

, before you there will be the second question: what higher education institution to prefer for its receiving?

Time when on concrete specialty of students prepared one - two capital higher education institutions (for example, lawyers), sank into the past. Today the range of higher educational institutions considerably extended - generally due to emergence of non-state institutes. However increase in their quantity often not only does not facilitate to the entrant the choice, but, on the contrary, complicates it. To orient in variety of higher education institutions, forms of education, the offered programs difficult not only to seniors and their parents, but even to experts (teachers, professional consultants). To these problems it is necessary to add annually changing reception conditions.

to understand subtleties of the choice of higher education institution and receipt in it, it is necessary to consider a number of factors. The most essential of them, in my opinion, are existence in institute of talented teaching structure, high quality of training, hardware, etc. Unfortunately, often children pay attention to less important circumstances, for example, to proximity of institute to the residence. Of course, nobody objects what is good when the educational institution is near the house: you will spend less time for the road and consequently, it will remain for independent occupations more (readings literature, preparation for seminars, for writing of papers and other examinations). But all - it not the main thing.

is allowed to file documents to several higher education institutions at once Today. It is undoubtedly favorable to you: the probability to come to one of two - three higher education institutions increases. However it is necessary to consider that preparation for receipt in several educational institutions will take much more time and forces, than in one. Besides it is necessary to take into account that entrance examinations on the same specialty in different higher education institutions can differ. For example, in RGGU at philosophical faculty hand over national history, a foreign language, and also write the composition; in the Russian Peoples` Friendship University - social science, a foreign language and the composition. Therefore in sense of efficiency of preparation it is more reasonable to choose those higher education institutions where the set of examinations is approximately identical. At the same time do not forget that chances to arrive are in direct dependence on quantity and quality of your knowledge.

Would like to pay your attention to the preliminary creative competition existing in many higher education institutions. It concerns such specialties as journalism, literary and art creativity, director`s and operator skill, design, architecture, etc. The essence of a competition consists that to examinations you should provide the works for the admission (articles, drawings, photos, literary translations, etc.) which have to be assessed by the commission positively. If you were not ready to it (for example, you have no printing works for revenues to journalism faculty of MSU), do not despair, try to find alternative - institute where the similar condition of reception is absent (in the same MGSU at faculty of journalism of a preliminary creative competition is not present).

To what, except entrance examinations, should pay attention at the choice of higher education institution?

If you the non-resident - learn

whether is at educational institution the hostel and what conditions of accommodation in it.

For those who are going to continue training at an evening or correspondence department especially relevance will have existence in higher education institution of well completed library. If it is absent, be ready that the majority of books and textbooks should be bought at own expense. can become p>

For children to one of conditions of the choice .

Today many institutes offer

training in such prestigious and interesting specialties as advertizing, direction of television, etc. Good technical base - one of the main conditions for successful mastering these professions. Unfortunately, at many such higher educational institutions it just is absent. If you want to become the director, the operator - be convinced that at institute there is enough video cameras, the assembly equipment, and for specialists in advertizing is necessary a photolaboratory etc.


higher education institution to prefer: state or non-state ?

in many respects it depends on financial position of your family. In state university there is an opportunity to arrive on the budgetary office. Unfortunately, announcements like “Non-state higher education institution carries out a set for free training in the following specialties...“ in most cases are not true, and are an advertizing gimmick.

Besides, the diploma of state university is more appreciated by today`s employers. Perhaps, it is connected with the stereotype operating at many in consciousness that “for money it is possible not to study“. Perhaps with the fact that many non-state higher education institutions arose not so long ago and did not manage “to roll“ the program that is called yet. Therefore in spite of the fact that some commercial higher educational institutions offer really high quality education, in labor market a certain discrimination of their graduates continues to exist.

However profound studying at many non-state institutes of several foreign languages and the computer can compensate to

with interest the mentioned shortcoming as this knowledge is undoubted advantage by job search today.

If you decided to stop on a commercial higher educational institution, do not forget to be convinced available at it the state certification and accreditation; look who his founder - it is good if it is solid public organization. Pay attention to year of foundation of higher education institution: the earlier it is created, the better.

I Hope, this article will help to make to you a right choice. Even if you already know to what higher education institution you will come, do not hurry - think once again, carefully weigh all pros and cons. Your further life depends on the decision which you make...