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You respect? present! Million scarlet roses it is pertinent to throw

to legs of darling. And here what bouquet to present to the chief or the business partner on birthday or anniversary of opening of new branch?

Flowers - the integral component practically any congratulation. But, as a rule, we choose a bouquet according to the personal addictions, without thinking of preferences of the person to whom the floristic masterpiece intends. According to experts (however, as well as any other) the sex, age and a reason for a gift have to be the main criteria at the choice of flowers and drawing up business bouquets. Memorable, pleasant, unexpected can become only the bouquet which is picked up and issued taking into account traits of character, external data of a manner of the behavior presented.

Man or woman?

the ordinary opinion that “female“ bouquets have to be rounded shape, and “man`s“ - oblong, extended Occurs. From the point of view of the professional florist - a popular belief. Present the low and thin boss who is behind magnificent inflorescences of magnificent gladioluses... By the way, at the Russian political elite it is accepted to give only roundish bouquets which height does not exceed 60 cm, regardless of the one who the addressee - the man or the woman!

And still characteristic feature of a traditional man`s bouquet in most cases remains elongation up, the clearness of the lines symbolizing a strength of mind, aspiration to the personal and professional growth, leadership. According to business etiquette, men it is more preferable to give flowers - ekzota: lilies, orchids, anturiums symbolizing prosperity, welfare, success in affairs. If you are not too well familiar with the person who should be congratulated, stop the choice on a traditional combination of claret and green tones. The optimal variant for the solid man is more senior than 45 years, the reached certain situation.

Should consider also the recipient`s profession. To the bouquet intended to the doctor or the teacher it is admissible to add wild flowers and herbs - cornflowers, camomiles, fennel. Clergymen can give compositions in it is white - green tones. The bouquet for the person anyway connected with the computer equipment, information technologies can be enriched with various green plants allowing to create broken lines or unusual volumes (bergras, leaves of an aspidistra, an anturium, a monstera). By the way, the leaf of a monstera is characteristic only of a man`s bouquet, in female it looks is inappropriate.


Strangely enough, to men it is possible to give also white flowers - roses, lilies, but it is obligatory in combination with yellow or blue. Such gift will be to the taste to the person of average years, and also representatives of creative professions.

it is slightly simpler than

With women. Traditionally in female bouquets smoothness of lines prevails. Flowers can be practically any, added with greens or sukhotsveta. However the lady of advanced years should not present bouquets of dark tones - it can be regarded as a tactless reminder on age. And the young girl with vigorous character and aggressive behavior will not suit gentle is white - pink, pale shades. If the lady whom the gift intends - the person extravagant, extraordinary, then and the bouquet has to be corresponding, regardless of age. Exotic flowers are preferable, courageous combinations, a bouquet drawing izlomannost, bizzare shapes are possible. It is a so-called creative bouquet, and experts - florists will help to make it.

Taking an opportunity

That the bouquet was successful, it is necessary to consider also a reason for a gift. Anniversary, usual birthday, wedding, the birth or the child`s baptism, significant corporate dates, the presentations - each of these cases demands special approach. Of course, there are some general rules. Today “not sample“ bouquets in which harmonious transitions from one color to another prevail are popular; stalks of flowers and leaves gather in one direction, on a spiral or in parallel. The color scale can vary. Naturally, the child`s birth, a baptism demand light tones and gentle combinations pink, white, blue, salad. And in other cases, as they say, options are possible - and it is necessary to be guided by personal features of the addressee. It is also quite good to study elements of language of flowers not to tell inadvertently the same-sex boss: “I love you!“ (red chrysanthemums). And not to drive in a stupor the very young, but educated secretary, having handed her a bouquet from red and white roses (it is deciphered as “unity“, and it is possible to understand it differently...)

Packing of a bouquet requires close attention too. If it is about a business bouquet, it is impossible to use brilliant, reflecting, folgirovanny materials, magnificent bows, the twirled tapes - the quantity of accessories has to be minimum. Choose strict and not striking packing paper (for a man`s bouquet - monophonic or in a cage, for female - with abstract drawing in pastel tones); it is possible to use floristic packing on a fabric basis. For binding of a bouquet special cords or a bast are optimum - natural materials are very popular today.

In the spirit of the times

the Floristic fashion borrows

and adopts tendencies and the main regularities at fashion in clothes. Popularity of various accessories in “big“ fashion affected also flower: butterflies, sukhotsveta, a beads, unusual fillers for vessels are even more often used. It is fashionable to give cut flowers in vases (the gift “two in one“ - both a vase, and a bouquet turns out), and here legendary baskets fade into the background. The fashion and first of all on color scale is defined on plants by seasons. In the spring colors of the wakening nature - light-green, blue, pink, salad are actual. In the summer practically any color schemes, in the fall - a warm palette of paints are pertinent: yellow, orange, red, claret.

However, it is not necessary to obey fashion blindly. Even the most fashionable and beautiful butterflies and ladybugs will ridiculously look in the bouquet intended to the business partner. In a business bouquet it is worth “playing“ from sukhotsveta (they are any color, a form, height), unusual fillers for a transparent vessel (multi-colored sand or pebbles, small cockleshells). The benefit can be satisfied even the most whimsical and educated client today. However, not all our citizens are ready to accept flower haute couture.


Choosing a bouquet, you should not forget that any fashionable tendencies have national peculiarities. Tatyana Gurova, the director of one of salons of the Business - a Bouquet network tells:“ Tiny bouquets, no more than 10 cm high are popular in Germany, Holland and many other European countries now. You imagine someone from our politicians or the businessmen squeezing something almost invisible in a fist? Will ridicule. We love scale. If roses - at least one million, if the car - by all means “Mercedes“. I remember an amusing case - I was on training in Germany together with the husband. And its birthday fell just on this time. I decided to give it a pleasant surprise. I will order, I think, a local bouquet, for certain will make something exotic what he did not get used to yet, communicating with the wife - the florist. I come to salon, I watch samples and I understand - the husband will not estimate my gift: in Germany in anniversary, gift bouquets flowers stack plainly, ranks at each other - as at us in wreaths on a cemetery. Here it, the difference of the Russian and European mentalities which is visually presented in floristics!“

Yury Kobaladze, managing director of Renaissance Capital investment company: “Oh, I am a big specialist in flowers. But unambiguously favourite or unloved at me is not present. Wild flowers please - more true, those which look as field, they are not so official. Still, for example, I love tulips, only not ours, and Dutch, they are not such large. I like to give flowers. And I like to receive not less. But at us it is accepted to give to men roses and other standard bouquets. It would not be desirable a rose. Or if roses, then absolutely fresh, large. It is especially pleasant if it is felt that paid to a bouquet attention.

To purchase of flowers any stories happened. Most often rowed to swindlers - the Moscow flower market is simply flooded by swindlers! You come in the evening, you ask: what flowers fresh? All beat breast: “Only today received, I swear!“ And you go outside with a bouquet, you will shake - it is showered. Happened, rushed back, explained. Once there was a case absolutely out of the common. I bought a bouquet of large roses, brought, presented to acquaintances. The bouquet was turned, and there buds on matches keep. I was despised. Was not too lazy to return next day there where bought. Shouted, was indignant, even walls shivered. The militia ran together, wanted me to knit, but when learned the indignation reason, did not become. And I stole the most memorable bouquet. We were at the high-ranking companion, presented him many flowers. We with the friend gathered after that for birthday to the girl. To come for flowers there was a laziness. We decided that we will take on a bouquet. Also dragged off. The girl told that it is finer than nothing in life did not see. The bouquet really was very beautiful, it was ordered from florists by some oligarch. To me then the high-ranking companion uttered:“ Well you, a reptile though worse the bouquet would drag off“. It turned out that his wife took notice of this bouquet too and then long looked for it“.

Camilla Spens, vice-the president, a press - the director the BIN - bank: “I do not love cut flowers. Very sadly to observe how this beauty fades, and sometimes quickly enough. Though sometimes I indulge myself a bouquet of lilies of the valley (for some reason nobody ever gives them to me - probably, consider that it is unpresentable).


With flowers connected also amusing stories. Once the certain “secret admirer“ sent me home a bouquet, but as I was not, asked to transfer neighbors. Transferred. Next morning at office (then I did not work in the BIN yet - bank) one my former colleague came into the room which I shared with other employee, and asked: “Well and how to you short skirt?“ Frankly speaking, I at first decided that he finally quarreled with mind. And before the employee who sat, having widely opened eyes, it was somehow awkward. And then it became clear that “short skirt“ is a crepe paper in which those flowers were wrapped!

Probably, language of flowers a lot of things it is possible to tell, but on its studying there is no time at all. I know what yellow for some reason is associated with separation, but I very much like yellow flowers. The most remembered bouquet - a basket in which under flowers candies, a gift of “Ekho Moskvy“ were successfully decorated. Very beautifully, it is practical and is tasty - my children who took “bouquet“ to the cleaners day after day were delighted to most of all gift“.

Olga Dergunova, the president of Microsoft in Russia and the CIS:“ I have no favourite flowers - all beautiful. Everything depends on a season, on mood. I like irises, roses, tulips, narcissuses. Flowers in itself how many refinement of composition are important even not so much. Besides, separate flowers in vases stand badly, and modern baskets in which grades are picked successfully up can please very long.

Of course, flowers are obligatory two times a year. And once there was an amusing situation. For March 8 sent me... corporate bottle of vodka. In day when you wait for flowers, it was strange to receive vodka. I even reflected, whether all as it should be?

Probably, the most beautiful bouquet to me was not presented yet. And to remember one which was remembered most of all, difficult. More likely, events concerning which gave flowers are remembered, - for example, the first bouquet with a declaration of love. And still I very much love the birthday! Friends and relatives know my tastes and always give armfuls, baskets, buckets of roses. I like to wake up and catch around a smell of flowers which stood night and already blossomed - incomparable feeling!“