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Workshop of the genius

Creating in the house a creative corner for the child, you solve three problems. You preserve other part of the apartment against experiments. You create to yourself a maximum of free time. And the most important - you give to the child the chance to self-express.

each person has to have the vital space where he can be oneself, isn`t it? Children after two years already know it and jealously protect the territory:“ this my place “, “ do not go here “, “ it is my lodge“. And if you have no opportunity to allocate to the kid the certain room, then it is possible to make at least a children`s corner. The main condition - here the young person has to feel like the full owner: he can draw on anything, put the hand-made articles on a floor or in the center - as it seems beautiful to it. Parents can come only there when their names are. And ideally it is worth turning this place into a creative corner that the kid could here not only have a rest and brawl, but also spend time with advantage for business.

of the Detail of an interior

It depends on your imagination and the imagination of your child, but in general it has to be accurately designated compartment in the apartment. Separate it from the general room a screen, regiments, a chair, a sofa. Special refinements in ornament are not necessary for the child. For the kid it is enough to put on a floor matrasik or pillows. And, of course, to equip.

the Mirror from unbreakable materials. Children with pleasure admire and communicate with themselves. And it not just entertainment - they study themselves, “design“ of the body, a mimicry, gestures. (Nearby it is possible to hang up pictures on which faces of little men in different mood - cheerful are represented, sad, angry, etc. It will help the kid to understand better itself and own mood.)

the Little table and some seat on which it is possible to nestle to draw and mold.

the Vertical board for drawing (as an easel), a magnetic board (for the alphabet or magnetic toys, it is very convenient for the account).

Well fixed rack. It is desirable that in it there were many separate shelves, then it will be possible to spread out games and classes in subjects, and the child will easily find that it is necessary for it, without your participation, and then will easily clean everything into place.

Necessary things

All for drawing: paper of a big and small format, an album, felt-tip pens, crayons, wax pencils, paints, brushes, jars for water and a rag or a sponge.

Plasticine, clay, salty dough you can regularly enclose

as a novelty: children quickly forget objects and in one or two weeks with pleasure play new old game.)

Creative games - puzzles, a lotto, designers.

Natural materials (cones, acorns, leaves, branches, etc.) .

of the Jar (it is better - which twist) with bulks. It can be buckwheat, rice, nice stones - it is important that the child developed small motility, touching small objects of different texture.

Working tools - children play any pans, sticks, empty jars, bits of ropes more willingly, ignoring expensive toys. Because there is a huge scope for imagination. Do not throw out the broken toys (at least, their safe parts). From what parents consider as “stuff“ the kid with friends will think up and will make the mass of new interesting objects. Even the rich children`s imagination can turn the handle from a cup into a rocking-chair for a plasticine or cotton doll.

It is important for parents

Ideal option - not to interfere without need with children`s creativity and experiments. Your task - only to direct, show, push to action. So you solve two problems: self-development of the child and own free time. The most interesting games can be discussed in advance and to prepare long. For example, the game so loved by all children in travel by train, the ship, the plane. You decide in advance where and on what you will go to travel. To do the plane from chairs and pillows or to draw? As soon as the decision is made, you can safely go about the own business, the kid right there will undertake realization. In the next half an hour - hour from you will be required admiration of what it already began to do small councils and the minimum help: to get a box, to move up a chair. Children love preparation for game also if it is no more, than game. And when everything will be ready, you can spread the card on a floor and plan the countries where you will float, to find in magazines and to cut out animals, birds, plants of that district, to read stories from life of inhabitants of those places. Such games almost always turn into daily series that will give you the chance to manage to redo all household chores, and to the child - to learn both geography, and zoology, and botany.

your main objective - to maintain by

interest in game and to a corner in general. Do not spread everything that is, at once. In the forefront there has to be in what the kid is interested now. From time to time put surprises. So not so sea things can be involved in game in captains, apparently. From old jars signal lights turn out, and candy wrappers can become money of other countries. Conduct thematic notebooks:“ Birds“, “Toys“, “Furniture“, “Animal“.


Surely make an exhibition of the best works, update it regularly. Let not only what is pleasant to you, but also what is pleasant to the child will enter there. It is possible to make even art gallery of creativity. It fills children`s (and parental heart) with pride and stimulates creativity. Only it is not necessary to take away a leaf with drawing and to run with it on relatives. The child has to feel like the full-fledged author - itself to show the works and to tell about them to that, to a lump will want, or to ignore the person if hesitates of it or it is not pleasant to it. It as in big art gallery. You can conduct all commercial negotiations, but the author always has to remain a key figure. And then, perhaps, your kid will begin to enjoy creative professions - that at present very much is even quite good.