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And everything turned out!

Now to my girl already 4,5 months, completely on breastfeeding. But so was not always. Unfortunately, the period with 2 - x weeks till 2,5 months passed on the mixed feeding. Mixes, small bottles it seemed to me always something far that will never concern me. But as, it appears, it is easy to destroy the communication of mother and child which is thought up by the nature. Still it is not believed that we got out, and 3 months ago the daughter became almost iskussvennitsy.

Very big role were played by stories about breastfeeding of other mummies on this website. Most attentively I studied experience of mothers who have all - it turned out to adjust breastfeeding. These stories gave me just strong invaluable moral support in the decision to fight. About everything one after another.

In maternity hospital milk came for the fourth day, up to this point the daughter shouted as cut. They say that the newborn sleeps 22 - 23 hours, washing slept hours 10, the rest of the time shouted or sucked a breast half-asleep. She to me bit nipples till it bleeds, on them the live place was not though the technology of applying was correct. I gave birth in maternity hospital which received the status “hospitals, friendly to the child“. That is there in every way propagandized GV, in each chamber the brochures informing on the correct technology of applying to a breast about advantage of GV and td lay. The midwife recommended ointment Bepanten, but helped badly since the child constantly wanted to suck and did not allow to heal to wounds.


To an extract with milk it was it seems adjusted, but weight at the birth did not gather additionally, there were not enough 200 g. The doctor recommended to us to address the neuropathologist regarding a wryneck. I nursed houses, cracks practically began to live, but the daughter often unjustly cried, improbably slept a little.

we visited

of the Neuropathologist in 2 weeks. It made the diagnosis to PEP and directed to treatment in hospital in office of pathology of newborns. As it appeared, places for mothers in it are twice less, than places for children. Generally, it was taken away, and I stayed at home. Milk needed to be decanted and to bring by 10 in the morning in hospital. I decanted each 3 hours a milk pump, and since morning went to hospital.


In 6 days made room for me, and now we lay together if it was so possible to call it. Kids on 6 - 7 people lay in one chamber, their mothers in another. At 6 in the evening mothers left home and came to morning feeding to 9 h. The doctor established to each child norm of food, on average, of 70 - 90 g. At the night of children nurses with the decanted milk from a small bottle fed and if was not enough, then finished feeding mix. Let to the child only on feeding, it at them on hours at 6, 9, 12, 15, 18 hours etc.

was interested in

Ya at the doctor why the child incessantly cries, thought, from - for this of the diagnosis of PEP (gipertenzionno - a gidrotsefalny syndrome), but it told:“ Yes it at you just hungry, you do not starve the child, nothing bad will be if to finish feeding mix“. Since I missed feeding at 21, 24, 3, 6 hours, respectively, had to bring in the morning about 350 g of milk that fed with it the child at night. But it turned out for some reason gram 150 - 200. Perhaps and the truth the child was hungry?

Ya began to raise a lactation medical means - mlekoin, lactorutting, laktavit, apilak, camomile infusion. Tea drank houses almost continuously. When came to the daughter to feeding the first time, found unpleasant news: the daughter forgot to suck effectively since she got used to drink from a pacifier, and there such stream fast that if to turn a bottle, then milk itself drips. There was one more problem: the daughter began to belch strongly, 5 - 7 times for one feeding. Weighing it after food, I found out that she ate gram 20.

the Doctor recommended to apply anti-reflux mix Nutrilon before each feeding on 20 g Thus and in the afternoon I was forced to feed her from a small bottle. In hospital from - for vomiting could not gain weight in any way, 3 weeks were it, and it recovered on only 100 g

generally, we were discharged from hospital, but accurately sat down at the head that she shouts for hunger, from the husband there was no support, he spoke looking at the crying daughter:“ Milk at you innutritious, feed her better with mix“. And mother said to me that supposedly the child will not develop if does not receive in addition nutrients. Generally, I gave in and bought mix.

Later from a breast she did not eat

since she inefficiently sucked, I decanted and fed her from a small bottle. There was not enough milk, 70 - 80 g only at night, and so gram 40. Generally, she at me ate to bank of mix NAN in a week. The mood was disgusting, in communication not only that GV, but also with problems with health at the daughter went wrong.


From vomiting a special small bottle with ventilating system and a wide throat. Soon noticed that one packing of mix for a week is not enough. Began to read on the Internet all articles on GV and on this website also. Also decided to fight when read that so far in a breast is though a milk drop, it is still possible to adjust, only the patience is necessary.


each hour a milk pump to a last straw (it is really the most effective way), from medicamentous means left apilak, the others are inefficient, and, naturally, drank tea on 2 - 3 cups for time. In a week there were days when we did not eat mix absolutely since there was enough decanted milk (at the rate of 100 g on feeding). So there were weeks 2, probably. But correctly one mummy wrote here that the breast can be full of milk, but if the child does not suck, then not to adjust GV.

Then at night I, happened, spilled out and it did not manage to be decanted until the daughter woke up, it was necessary to give a breast, it was full, and the daughter drank. Then somehow took roots that at night I do not decant, and I give a breast. Gradually feedings from a breast became more and more, yet there were no they only.

Wants to praise a small bottle with a wide throat thanks to which the daughter learned to suck effectively again. I controlled that it surely widely opened a mouth taking a neck completely and the hole in a nipple was small so she had to use the efforts.

When we passed

to GV, life seemed me sanatorium. The mixed feeding is even more tiresome, than artificial. Continuous washing of a milk pump, small bottle - at first for milk, then for mix, - decantation in a bathroom when nothing is impossible, tired and exhausted. Generally, life became easier, I am happy that at me turned out, and I it deserved!