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The patronage at employment of

Exists steady opinion: good work can be found only on acquaintance. But the reason of such pessimistic views often is that the person just does not know whom and where he wants to work.

If to speak about a patronage, then it is necessary to consider first of all interest of on what help you count. When parents who achieved certain achievements in some field of activity help to settle to the child, at the same time having taken care of that he got a profile education and had desire to work in this sphere, it is rather not about a patronage, and about a dynasty. Happens that also some other person who expects to receive in exchange certain services helps. If you have no high-ranking relatives or influential communications, then to count on someone`s assistance in most cases it is useless. Nevertheless it does not mean at all that you do not receive a good position. Times when that was found only on acquaintance, already passed. Most of employers are interested in that at them qualified specialists were on the staff. And they will take the professional about streets, than mediocrity rather, but according to someone`s recommendation. To settle independently maybe that who has no qualification or experience, but there is a desire to build the career.

It does not mean at all that it is not necessary to speak to anybody about the searches, but be not surprised if close friends do not show special eagerness in the solution of your problem. Not because they do not wish well to you. It is simple to mediate in such business - a task ungrateful. If the applicant and the employer do not find a common language, the intermediary will be twice extreme. And if the person taken according to the recommendation makes a mistake, the intermediary should be answerable.

“Left our firm office - the manager. Having learned about it, I right there called the girlfriend of the wife. This girl worked at school and often complained of a small salary, big loadings, dreaming to get a job in business concern though to some position. I painted to the director who she the remarkable person, and he appointed interview. After ten minutes of conversation the girl jumped out of a director`s office furious, did not even look at me and left, having left in a huff. Besides that I was nearly dismissed, I from it listened to charges: a pier as I could think that it will carry coffee and to perform work of servants!“ - Konstantin, 35 years, the lawyer tells.

If you appeal to the loved one, it is better to stipulate the delicate moments at once. Tell that you need only information, but not the recommendation, it will exempt the person from liability at once and will increase your chances.

Happy coincidence happens, and, perhaps, you will find the excellent place on acquaintance. But even if you do not stop the choice on those vacancies which will offer you, the feeling of a variety which will help to orient with the arriving offers will be created. You get some experience of the presentation of, recognize “fork“ of salaries by your specialty, will raise a self-assessment.

From people with whom you are amicable, familiar or faced in some life situations, it makes sense to address first of all those who had an opportunity to be convinced of your professional qualities. Most likely the majority of them in a minute will be forgotten about your request, but a certain advantage by all of you? receive. In conversation questions which will push you on what can be asked? think of that, will allow to concretize the sphere of search, to get very valuable advice, the recommendation of how to increase the qualification level, someone will tell how to him has the luck to find work. Thus, you not only will expand a circle of searches (suddenly someone will remember you at the right time and will prompt where to address), but also obtain a lot of additional information.

“My close friend with scandal left firm where she worked several years. I knew from it about all shortcomings of the place of its service, features of character of the chief, but as at that moment I looked for work, it was ready to reconcile to all this. The girlfriend gave me human resources department phone, we thought up a legend of how I learned that they urgently need the employee not to mention a name “disgraced“, and they took me. I am very happy. Having obtained information on possible reefs from the girlfriend, I try to avoid them“, - Maria, 25, the graphic designer says.

It is very frequent, knowing that someone from acquaintances or relatives has good work or own firm, people appeal to them “to strive“. The problem is that all these a grief - proteges do not even represent what duties they would like to carry out. Therefore the person who is in search has to be defined first of all: what he wants to do whether “will pull“ it for what salary applies, etc. If you have acquaintances who already promoted in that field of activity which interests also you try to learn more about work, about what you have chances whether it is necessary to study somewhere in you, etc.

Many people having own business or consisting in the management of any organization face that relatives ask to hire them. But not the director, and HR is engaged in selection of employees? the expert who of number of candidates selects the most worthy. If the head tries to interfere with this process and on the patronage will take to a position of the person incompetent, then it not only will undermine the prestige in the opinion of other workers, but also will damage activity of own firm.

Sometimes happens and vice versa. Someone from those with whom you shared the problem resolutely declares: “No problem! I will suit everything!“ - and then where? that disappears or in talk completely ignores this subject. There is a certain category of people who like to feel all-powerful. They with ease promise everything to solve and with the same ease forget.

“Having graduated from philological faculty, I some time worked as the journalist in the corporate newspaper of one organization and dreamed of work of PR - the manager. But at us this position was held by young and very talented woman with whom I did not want to compete and hardly could. At this time I met the man working as the economist in one major company. He so easily and surely promised me a position of the specialist in PR in the firm that I believed it, left and began to wait. As we lived together, and he very much made good money, I did not feel any concern and did not look for other work. It was my mistake. As then it became clear, he also was not going to speak with anybody, just wanted that I stayed at home“, - Marina, 31 year, the journalist reports.

If someone promises to talk about you, treat it not as to the unique option, and as to one of others. If to really invite you to interview - go, but do not wait that there will suggest to do you nothing moreover will pay a lot of money because you came on acquaintance.

Addressing for a patronage relatives or acquaintances, you put yourself in position of the person who without assistance cannot get a job. It means, you just do not have data to receive a position for which you apply. If at you not enough knowledge, perhaps, it is necessary to pass additional training or to work on courses on the specialty. If there is not enough experience, it is possible to settle at first there where pay less, and already then to apply for a salary or a position of higher level.

Are the organizations which consider for themselves favorable to recruit employees without experiment or qualification in this direction and to train them directly on the place. They establish them a small salary and perfectly realize that after a while the person will go to other company where, working in the same position, it will have both an opportunity of career development, and a big salary, but it does not confuse them. Such is policy of the company. Therefore it is not necessary to consider that you on light are obliged by everything to firm and have to work in it for the rest of the life for “many thanks“, if wanted to keep workers there, then would provide them a worthy salary. So keep in mind: they use you, and you are them. The similar organizations often become a springboard for beginners.

Happens and in a different way. The company recruits employees too practically without special knowledge or experience, trains, paying out first a small wages, but then transfers them in the organization to a position higher and with a big salary. The person grows in the organization.

one is the best of all to spend

- two years for increasing own professionalism to the necessary level and to build career without assistance, developing in the direction necessary to you and receiving a worthy salary for the work. It is not necessary to try to shift problems to others shoulders completely. When you have a clear idea of a desirable field of activity and sufficient qualification for this purpose, work will not keep itself waiting!