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As Olechka woke the Dream of

of Olechke today there was no wish to sleep at all. And mother, as ill luck would have it, did not want to read to Olechke the fairy tale. And the father did not want to come off the soccer. Well you will do here?

I where Dream? Perhaps was late in way? Perhaps someone from boys or little girls does not want to fall asleep, and he should sit near them and to persuade? “Well, I - that should not be persuaded long, - Olechka thought, - I need so to fall asleep somewhat quicker! Last night the fantastic dream broke on the most interesting place.“

That only Olechka did not do - drank warm milk, shook up a pillow more softly, laid with itself a favourite bear cub, took cover a warm blanket - nothing helped. Olechka got up and glanced through a window to the yard. “As windows in the city shine much! And Katino a window opposite too, and at Andreyka burns light, and Mashenka, that that does not go to a garden yet, does not sleep too. Perhaps the Dream and to them did not come?“ .

I then it was solved: “I will go itself to look for the Dream! Perhaps he overslept and sleeps to himself in the lodge, and does not know that on all planet all girls and boys cannot fall asleep.“ Olechka put on a warm sweater, trousers and sandalik, quietly slipped out the apartment and went to a way...

As soon as it left an entrance, to it the gray cat towards jumped. “The girl, you why do not sleep? Children have to sleep at this time. Only we, cats, can walk at night.“ “You understand, dear Koshka, the Dream did not come to all children today, and someone should find it, to wake and tell that we cannot fall asleep.“ “Well, well, you are a courageous girl. I will help you. My niece is familiar with a cat that lives in the house of the Dream. I will see off you to it.“ And Olechka went for the Cat.

They went long, yet did not appear at the abandoned house with the broken windows.“ Wait for me here“, the Cat told and disappeared in a window aperture. In a few minutes it returned with other cat of black color. “Murrr, you want to know where there lives the Dream? - she asked. - Only to reach there it is very difficult. You should find the car which will agree to take you to the wood, and then you will need to walk to a magic glade where there lives the Dream. But... all who approach this glade - fall asleep. My friend Sonya will allow you to drink sleepless tea, and then you will be able to get to a lodge. Well, and further... do as you consider it necessary“. And the black Cat gave to Olechke the polished chicken stone:“ Sonya recognizes you by this stone. Good luck. Murrr“, - and Cats disappeared.

the complex challenge was coming Olechke`s

. Where to find it the car? She remembered that the neighbor uncle Pasha has an old avtomobilchik with the peeled-off paint by which the uncle Pasha goes on the dacha. Well, it is necessary to ask it because Olechka just had no other familiar cars. The car stood on the place and... slept. “Hm, means the Automobile Dream did not forget about the duties, - Olechka thought. - It is necessary to awake him“.

the Old Car long grumbled and did not want to wake up when the girl slightly tapped on its door and asked to take it to the wood with a magic glade, but then slightly opened the right headlight and, having winked at it, asked: “What, again old times the Dream overslept?“ “Yes, - Olechka told. - And what, it happened to it earlier?“ “Was few times, only long ago very much. It, generally disciplined. All right, get, well, I will take. Only be fastened!“

Olechka got on a back seat, and the Car started. They left to the night city, the lit show-windows and the burning inscriptions by flashed, on streets was few cars and people. When it went out of town, it seemed that stars began to shine more brightly, and the moon lit with it a way. To the wood the Car reached for half an hour, but Olechke is farther it was necessary to walk. She thanked the Car which, groaning and sighing, was developed and, having given a signal to her at parting, left.

Olechka remained one, but to it it was not terrible - she knew that she has to find a magic clearing. It appeared absolutely easily - in the depth of the wood she made out soft shine as though someone included a small lamp. Olechka went to this light and came to a glade. Here she suddenly felt how she was tired as legs and what heavy head hurt it. She wanted to lie down on a soft grass and to fall asleep. But here from - for a bush the white fluffy Cat jumped out.“ You look for the Dream? - she asked. - You have a stone?“


, overcoming weight in hands, stretched a stone. The white Cat turned a stone, told “Murrr“ and gave to the girl a silver cup with tea. Olechka drank tea and at once became vigorous and full of strength and to sleep absolutely was ceased to want by her. The white Cat saw the girl to a lodge that stood not far. “To you there“, - she told and disappeared.

Olechka pushed with

a door and entered. In a lodge smelled mint and still something familiar and sweet delicious, everything was pure and white, in each corner mountains of feather-beds and pillows on which mice fell down, birdies, cats lay, a doggie and there are a lot more any animals. And in the center of the room there was a high bed with bed curtains and a set of the shaken-up snow-white blankets, and in this is that beds the Dream - the man in a nightcap fell down. It had a kind face and he smiled in a dream.

Olechka suited

and carefully touched it for a sleeve:“ Dear Son, wake up, please! It is time for you“. The dream sighed, opened eyes and Olechke smiled. “You what here you do the girl? Who are you and how got here?“ “I will tell then you for now it is necessary to put to bed all girls and boys.“ The dream suddenly frowned and grabbed from a table a big color alarm clock. “Again broke! - he cried. - What to do to me? I will not manage to fill a bag with dreams!“ “I will help you, Olechka told, we together all will be in time“.

I the dream began to put dreams in a big bag. And Olechka helped it. Color, fantastic, summer, soft, magic, silvery and easy as a plumelet - all this there were children`s dreams. When the bag was full, the Dream strong took Olechka by hand and they departed. They flew over big cities and small small villages, flew to each house and left magic dreams under each children`s small pillow, and children smiled, with pleasure yawned and closed eyes, being going to watch color fairy tales.