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Test by food: Diet. Versions and delusions of

Agree, the heading demands at least the thesis. Doctor`s. Therefore let`s take occasion by the forelock better at once: we suggest to consider all diets as some kind of folklore.

Then the question of delusions disappears by itself, and nobody not in offense. Any, even the wildest at first sight diets, as well as national superstitions, surprisingly easily hire the adherents. When prove to you what should be eaten only red or, say, turned sour - bitter, and it is desirable before sunrise, for certain cite as an example some person who quite so grew thin for 10 - 20 kg, and rapidly. As there is a wish to trust! Besides, it can quite turn out to be true.

But the truth and the fact that diets for weight reduction are useless. Only you do not speak to nutritionists. Alas, there is a so-called weight inertia (in the people - the constitution) and it is almost impossible to affect it. What we with ourselves got up, the organism seeks to support “the natural weight“ if it is necessary changing for this purpose intensity of a metabolism. That is, if you grow thin, calories begin to be burned more slowly, than usually, that`s all.

should be Begun with

with the simplest.

Here approximate day diet of the adult:

is Seemingly really simple

: consider, you eat and be healthy. But questions do not become less.

Why some lucky persons can eat and not get fat? We come back to the constitution. Everything depends on heredity, a sex, age, a constitution, features of nervous system, degree of physical activity. And in general - it only seems to you that your thin friend eats too much donuts. You get accustomed: most likely, it leans on healthy, low-calorie food.

Why during diets weight is lost by

, and then comes back to former level or becomes more? The reason - the law of a homeostasis, mysterious for mere mortals. In brief: that the organism believed that the diet is at us seriously and for a long time, it is good to define accurately, how less we will eat. If we too cut down a day diet, the protective mechanism becomes more active and will begin to lay fat in store. If the quantity of food which we refused is insignificant, then will not follow reaction at all. The period of a rigid diet has to be accurately defined too. But the main thing - a diet needs to be chosen as the wife. Ideally - forever. This word is translated from Greek as “way of life“, but not, say, “torture“ or “what sometime will surely end“. And Greeks were not fools.

the Breakfast eat

itself, the lunch is divided with the friend, a dinner... Usually all nutritionists agree though is also such which graciously allow to eat for the night with it. But not everything that got. For example, according to the theory of separate food all counter in to using in one step products, protein-rich (proteins over 10%) and the products rich with carbohydrates (over 20%). And in how many is - a minor matter.

Are diets which are advised in general to gorge on before going to bed, refusing a breakfast. Generally the organism produces gastric juice day and night and not to irritate mucous and not to suffer from hunger in a bed, it is possible to have a bite for one and a half - two hours to a dream. For a supper it is the best of all to choose milk and fermented milk products - they reduce gastric secretion and make the general calming impact.

Fasting days and monodiets. The main thing - not to be fond. Apple, buckwheat and kefiric diets have to keep at a distance. One - two days, a maximum - week. To sit on a monodiet - it is all the same what to read only a fantasy or fighters: sooner or later there come irreversible consequences.

Separate food. The idea is in that there are proteins and carbohydrates separately. Fats - are neutral. As well as fruit with vegetables. It is desirable to have breakfast uglevodno - fatly, to have dinner belkovo, to have supper uglevodno - easily. At the same time in principle all is possible.

Optimum food of sir Kvasnevsky. The Polish nutritionist Jan Kvasnevsky already zadurit the head to at least two million fellow citizens and actively conquers Europe. Its council is simple: is it is necessary only such food which is easily acquired by an organism and gives at the same time a lot of energy. And it is a drumbeat! - animal protein and fats. Roughly speaking, meat and fat. All the rest is recommended if not to exclude from a diet, then, at least, it is essential to limit. Here vegetables and fruit - absolutely useless thing! It is much simpler and more useful to drink couple of glasses of clear water (for example, Vittel, Perrier, Contrex or Aqua Panna - officially the best waters in the world) and not to give a stomach excess full-time job. And here what it is necessary to refuse, so it cellulose. So, 5 - 8 eggs a day, meat, fat, an offal, milk, cream and cheeses. And all this not simply fat, but very fat. It is possible to add couple of potatoes or a piece of bread.

Mr. Atkins - to meat eaters. To be fair it is necessary to tell that this Atkins, the inventor of a proteinaceous diet, died of obesity. Perhaps, did not manage to use own invention. Happens... As it is clear from the name, the essence of a diet consists in preference of proteins to fats and especially carbohydrates. A minimum of fruit and vegetables, but pure pleasure from fried meat, fish and eggs. You should not keep to this diet all life.

the Separate subject for conversation - so-called sophisticated diets. Scientists from the American Chicago established that it is possible to get rid of feeling of hunger, inhaling certain smells. For this purpose it is necessary to take a banana piece, a slice of green apple, on a pinch of a peppermint and vanilla, to warm up all this on vegetable oil and to inhale fumes at the first feeling of hunger or in 15 minutes prior to food. Appetite considerably decreases or disappears absolutely. Adhering to this original method, it is possible easily and without special sufferings to grow thin for half a year approximately for 12 kg.

I finally. Selecting a diet, we will not forget that the diet has to consist of products, traditional for our people, generally. The organism is accustomed to them genetically. Exotic additions are welcomed, but only for a change. To put it briefly, it is impossible to build a diet on avocado.


How to check whether you chose the correct diet?

the Diet to you suits


  • you are not pursued by thoughts of food and you have no hunger attacks.
  • Weight is lost by
  • . In the first days process goes quickly enough, then gradually is more and more slowed down over time absolutely to stop.
  • weeks Later two after the beginning diets arose feeling as if you looked younger, the mood improved, working capacity increased. There is no irritability and weakness.
  • by means of a diet to you managed to approach as much as possible the ideal weight and, the main thing, to support him.

If you cannot subscribe by

at least under one of these points, the diet should be changed.

I the latest. Maya Plisetskaya answered a question of the best diet laconically: “To sit not zhramsh!“ We paraphrase the prima donna: any products will fit into a diet if to consume them moderately.

Yes, it is similar, article could and be not written - one last phrase would be enough...

Source: “Matter of taste“