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The brother of

(the story for children)

Darkness leaned on it, surrounding everything with viscous kissel around. Bylotrudno to breathe and, trying to escape from this sticky web, he rvanulsyavverkh and convulsively began to gasp for air.

- Toshka, Toshk, wake up, - he heard.

With improbable relief he opened eyes and saw mother, trevozhnosmotryashchy on it.

- What is the time? - it burned with a fright asked.
- 12 nights. On, take - and she stretched it a white tubule with zagnutymkontsy.

He took

it, and having shortly exhaled, made a breath, at the same time, having taken it in a mouth iszhav a hand. The puffing sound was distributed. He felt how he sladkovatoyeoblako disperses in his breast. He gave to mother an inhaler and laid down, having leaned nalokot.

- Sleep, - mother told and wanted to turn off the light, but it pomotat the head.
- I do not want to sleep...
- That for news, already midnight, and you by 8 in the morning in school! Is not present! Bystropovorachivaysya and on lateral.

It turned it a nose to a wall and covered with a blanket. It tinkered and nakonetsulegsya as got used: in a pose of the spread frog. Mother went to a door, but onpodnyal the head.

- Mothers...
- That? - Remain
here, and that will dream me a nightmare again.
- is fine, but any talk. To sleep!

It left the room and returned with a blanket and a pillow in hands. Neskolkominut it heard how it laid a bed, and then laid down. Calmed, it onotvernutsya and gradually fell asleep, departuring to the unknown, waving world.

Small troubles and unexpected news


that day to it was definitely not lucky

. To begin with the fact that he before school 20 of minutes looked for hours, and found them in a school backpack. To find out how they tudapopat there was no time, and it already was late. In a locker room it was found out that someone hid its smenka and he it looked for all change and, of course, received the remark for delay. And in completion of everything, it was caused a nabotanik which he did not know. He did not learn oral lessons, vsezapominy and so for a long time, and on the last he just was not, mother led him to the kocheredny doctor. Here was stuck. Well that for bad luck. The teacher will roll to it otvsy soul couple. He with melancholy looked at it. Well it pulls, skoreyba...

- Sit down, Mishin, and at the following lesson I will surely ask you. Be prepared.

He shuddered as though it was hit. And at once heard:
- the Favourite! Lickspittle!

These words rushed, appear, from all directions. At it started to blaze ears. Notamara Ulyanovna slapped on a table.
- is silent! We continue a lesson.


went to the place, at a stare of all class. It seemed, chtoetot the look undresses him, sees each section. He sat down and at once a poluchiltychok in a back. He turned back, but the offender already sat directly and derisively skalilzuba. Which - as having waited until the end of a lesson (thank God, it was the last), onvyshet on the street. Drenched it with dank, cold wind and probraladrozh. It went to the house, muffling up in a jacket. He went and thought of how emupridtsya to explain the remark in the diary. He was not afraid, no. Simply razgovordolzhen was to be not from pleasant. In August, before occupations, onobeshchat to the father that will be collected and punctual. Also will not refer to a nazdorovya at each opportunity. And he did not refer earlier. On pravdegovorya if his illness also caused it inconveniences, then he never hid for it. The father was right - concentration and punctuality - delokhoroshy. Only not always it turns out. But, having remembered the father, onpoveselet. The father had to return today. It can already at home! It Onpromchatsya the distance which remained to the house and flew in the elevator. Pressed the button 5 of the floor and tried to appease rattles from run. He came to the platform and called. Noise was heard, but nobody opened. Surprised and concerned it a pozvonilsnova. And the door at last opened. Behind it there was mother. She was whether than - a tovzvolnovana, whether is confused.

- Mothers, the father returned?
- Yes, it... it is not one.
- Something happened?
- Yes, which - that. Undress. We need to talk.

He thumped a backpack on a floor and took off a jacket and sneakers. It went, was, nakukhnyu, but mother resolutely turned it in a drawing room.

- Where the father?!
- It left. And now sit down.

He sat down on a sofa and scaredly looked at mother.

- You see Toshik, a situation very not simple, and I hope that you will vsepravilno understand. We love you, do not doubt, but in our life poyavilisnekotory difficulties. Generally, Tosha - at you is the brother!
- the Brother?


was stunned began to blink. He could assume everyone, but not it. Mother took him by hands.

- You understand that the father to you not native, we got married only 3 years ago.
- Well and that?!
- Yes, I understand, you love it as native. And it is very good. It prostozamechatelno. But you see it had other life. Before mypozhenitsya. And he loved one woman. And recently he learned that it has a rodilsyarebenok a few years ago. Your brother Maxim. Now he is 6 years old. And 2 weeks ago she died. And Maxim remained one. We cannot assume that it got to children`s home. And we decided to take it to us.
- That?
- He at us will live. The father went to process documents. They will return to a kuzhin.
- Why you did not tell me earlier?
- did not want to disturb. And everything was solved only yesterday.
- And he will sleep in my room? there is no
- we will allocate it an uglovushka.
- But it is small.
- But also it is not big. So far so, and then we will think up something.
- Well it without me!

It swelled up, got rid of mother`s hands and went to the room. There onzakrylsya on a key and having pulled out the photo from a hiding place got with it into a case izakryl eyes.

the Family

He sat so long enough. Then carefully got out and stealthily left nakukhnyu. To a sound of the opened refrigerator there was mother. She sat down for kukhonnyystol and silently watched how it does sausage sandwich. Then the onapodoshla to it also embraced behind for shoulders.

- Toshik, do not become angry. But understand, Maxim has nobody except us. At a negoumerl mother. He had to leave a home. At it now novayasemya. Think how it is lonely. Toshka turned to it.

- And where “it“?
- His name is Maxim. The father together with him processes documents. By the way, and made urokita? Toshk`s
kept silent.
- Something happened?
- So, nonsense...
- Toshik...
- Yes put the remark...
- For what?
- Was late... Mother do not look at me so. At me in a locker room a stashchilismenka, I looked for its half an hour.
- All right, all right, all right... You with the father will find out it - who that pulled down iteper go to do homework. Also look do not smear.


with insult breathed heavily and went to the room. Several minutes he sat to a natakhta, and then unwillingly was accepted to lessons. It opened the textbook on Russian inachat to write exercise. At first there was nothing, and then he began to write a vsekhuzha worse. With disappointment he threw the handle and fell heavily on an ottoman in loved a poze:na a stomach, heels up, fists under a chin. Everything went wrongly yes obliquely. Hours, smenka, botany, and now still brother. It needs no brother. Onvpolne is happy also without him. But you will not overpersuade parents. And truth egozhalko. Still absolutely kid. It with a sigh turned over on a back. From a wall of nany watched photos: it with mother and the father, it on are big, mother and the father. Idedushka. And having looked at its photo, he remembered very important issue. He jumped and sat down at a table. Having looked back to a door, it extended from a hiding place obshchuyutetrad. Took the handle from a glass and, pressing to itself a notebook, got into a case. Tamon included a bulb and having nestled, opened a notebook and began to write. “Companion captain, I have honor to tell you that we have problems...“

It so went deep into the literary trash that not at once heard as he is called by mother. Having hasty put the end, he got out of a case and having thrust a notebook in samyyugol a hiding place, left the room. He saw the father, and already wanted a povisnutn it as he saw near it the small boy. “Brother...“ It drooped at once, nonut there was mother and strictly asked:
- Why you did not respond, I call you 10 minutes. You what, slept?
- Yes - told lies Toshka.

Mother quickly approached


- You well feel?
- Yes leave you the guy alone, he was simply tired.
- Everything is normal, mothers. Truth.

It at last approached

the father and nestled on a sweater. The father embraced him, but potomlegonko discharged.

- What we stand in a corridor, go to a drawing room.

helped mother to deliver to Toshk`s

everything on a table, and during a dinner to postaralsyarassmotret the “so-called“ brother. It was full-faced and pukhloguby. Sochen black eyes and swarty skin. For all dinner he told not words, but also the whale could envy his appetite. After a dinner mother to a napomnilatoshka that despite everything, it has to make lessons. And Toshka a soblegcheniye left to himself. There it hastily completed lessons and, having taken a shower, was filled up in a bed. Mother came and, having kissed him, wished him a spokoynoynocha. But to it it was not fallen down. At first he listened to the fact that a proiskhoditza a wall, but then there everything abated and he tried to fall asleep. But as ill luck would have it to the sleepyhead went. Instead to it Maxim was suddenly remembered. It angrily pomotalgolovy and, having buried the head in a pillow, began to fill up slowly.

It is not my house!

in the Morning it was going to school record-breaking quickly. And hasty left. At school ondolgo could not concentrate and at the end of a lesson wrote to notebooks of “Bylovaskresenye“. When he saw the mistake, he wanted to burst into tears. But, fortunately, the call and it, with relief rang out, went home. But the house to an emulegcha did not become. There was mother with guilty eyes, deliberately vigorous father trying to discharge the caressing Toshka and the taciturn person - the brother. One was good - this “brother“ did not climb to him. Days became sad and, in the evening, already in a bed, to it the melancholy crept. He wanted to cry, and he snachalasderzhivatsya, and then nevertheless tears broke and he silently cried, terribly being ashamed of the tears and to death being afraid that parents will hear.

But so long could not proceed and explosion at last happened. Having come in totden from school, Toshka found out that his mother is absent the house. For all it shkolnuyuzhizn was not uniform time that was not at home his mother when onprikhodit from school. Instead of mother he was opened by Maxim.

- And where mother?
- It left.
- Where?
- I do not know.
- You have to know!
- And I do not know. And I to you not servants that at once to report everything.

the First rush of Toshki was to clout it. But, having remembered that that sovsemmalysh, it restrained and, having thrown off a jacket and sneakers, went to the room. Atam it understood at once that in the room something changed. He tried ponyatchto. And suddenly understood that the poster on its hiding place weighs a little crookedly. He rushed there and saw that its hiding place was opened. He at once proveriltetrad and, with relief saw that it on the place. On the place, but... Her Onotkryl and with horror saw that it is torn and soiled in 4 - x places.

“Reptile...“ It took off for a hall and one jump flew in a drawing room. IT to sidelta also painted the samoletik. Having seen Toshka, IT jumped also zagorodilsyastoly. As Toshka still held the torn to pieces notebook in hand, HE to a srazuvsa understood. Toshka jumped up to a sofa and already wanted to seize the rascal, but parents came to an etotmoment. Both.

- What here occurs? Anton, what you want to make with the brother?
- It, it...

In Toshki`s throat tears bubbled and he could not utter not the word.
- That “it“? To Maxim only 6! And you wanted to hit it?
- Let it cleans up from this house!
- Anton, it and his house too! there is no
- if it is his house - do not wash that! I hate it. It to me anybody!

of the Word escaped at Toshka breakthroughs, together with tears and whimpers.

- do not dare to tell

- Stop! Stop, I speak! We will so far go. Let`s understand. What was tebesdelat by Maxim? Only without hysterics.
- It broke off this.

the Father took

a notebook and opened on the first page.


“To my beloved grandfather it is devoted. I will keep the promise!“ Anton Mishin
“Mysterious Swimming“

- What is it?
- It wrote
- I understand, but why you never spoke about it? my secret was
- It. Wash also grandfathers. He knew that he will die, long before a svoyeysmerta. And only I told it about the history. And I promised it, I will chtoobyazatelno finish it. And IT... He got into my room, got in a moytaynik and made it... Only the grandfather also loved me! And you... I do not want zhitv this house!

having grabbed with

I a jacket and sneakers as was, directly in slippers, it ran out izkvartira. He long wandered about streets and, at last, having frozen, decided to go to krebyata. They were not his friends, but he knew that they will not banish it. Their Onnashel on the waste ground. Also sat down at a fire, heating the hands which turned white from cold.

He sat so long, but the melancholy captured him again. And he got up again and a poshelkuda of an eye look. He did not notice how he left quite far, and potomuslyshat whimpers. It was very strange - to hear whimpers in such pozdniychas and is so far from houses. It went to a sound and soon left to the river. The sound went from where - that from above. He lifted up the head and saw a temnuyudyra under break.

He quietly shouted:
- Hey, there somebody is? also listened.

At first he heard nothing

, but then hoarse, but very much the acquaintance golosnegromko told:
is I. Maxim. Help me to be chosen from here.

the First feeling of Toshki. But he remembered at once where it ikak it is terrible now. And resolutely got upward. It was difficult to climb, it pesoksypatsya under legs, but eventually it reached top. From it poslednikhsit it was tightened and having caught edge of a dark cave got into it. It uvidelv to depth of Maxim who shrank in a lump. Toshka was late thought, chtonado was to call someone from adults, but right there understood that - in - the first - to houses far, and air very cold and Maxim absolutely stiffened, Ava the second - a hole very narrow, it also hardly got into it. To it stalostrashno. But he coped with himself and asked:
- You as there? Live?

Maxim did not answer

. Toshka concerned called him by name, and that vdrugzashevelitsya and is silent - said in low tones:
- Forgive me.
- That? - Toshka did not understand. - Forgive to
that tore that notebook. I did not want. But it was interesting to me to read. And then I was frightened and told nothing to you. Sorry.

I of Toshk had feeling unknown to it hitherto - requirement about they are to tozabotitsya. To protect. And instant pleasure from the fact that it has a mladshiybratishka. But. He right there remembered in what dangerous situation they. But obretyadushevny balance, he became surer and understood that he has to do.

- You have to get through me, and I on hands will lower you to the earth. Be not afraid, here it is not really high. Maxim, give!
- You forgave me?
- Not time now about it. there is no
- it is necessary for me now!
- Well, “yes“ - forgave.
- And without “well“?
- Forgave, forgave! And now, give, climb!

Maxim began to move and began to move to an exit. It moved slowly, vidimoruk - legs at it stiffened. At last it reached Toshka and began to get. It already almost got and suddenly stopped.

- What happened?
- I am afraid. - be not afraid of
, I will hold you by hands. Well give, climb. I hold you.

Maxim lowered legs and, having hesitated, slipped on almost steep wall of break. Toshka sighed from weight, but did not release.

- Well how are you?
- Already almost dolez. Now.

At this moment of Toshk was felt by strong breakthrough and without having kept, swept down.

Falling deafened by

Toshka and he could not recover in any way. Everything vokrugrasplyvatsya and turned in a mad round dance. But through this round dance ikholod, through severe pain in a hand and in all body, he heard how plachetmaksy.

- do not die! Please! Well, please, do not die! I do not need nikakoydrugy the brother. Only you! You are the best brother on light! Do not die! Toshka wanted to tell that he will not die, but lips did not obey him, and onpoteryal withknowledge.

Around it darkness was p>

. Some sounds broke through it, but they are bylineotchetliva and very silent. Toshka was as if in a non-existence, to it was all the same. He wanted nothing - is, to drink. But in this non-existence some sounds inogdaprobivatsya. Jingle, rustle, whisper. And then Toshkestanovilos is terrible. He felt that he approaches reality. That, in which pain, cold, fear. And he did not want to come back.


But once when it approached her again, to it it seemed that it is not one. That is he knew earlier that in near it there are people, but now onpochuvstvovat something native. And from instinctively stretched upward. It opened for Neozhidannolegko eyes. Light blinded him and he blinked. Then otkrylsnova. White ceiling. Window. With big effort it turned the head and srazuponyal that it in hospital. Some tube reached for a hand. On it stekalaprozrachny liquid. To it it became terrible, but suddenly he remembered the feeling that someone is near. He looked eyes for mother, but instead of her saw in a chair... Maxim. During the first instant he felt burning offense. But it snovaposmotret on it. That slept and ridiculously moved in a dream lips. It onshevelnutsya suddenly and opened eyes. Their eyes met and that feeling of relationship snovapoyavitsya. All fears and pain, offense and loneliness disappeared. Now it to a byluzha not one. It has a BROTHER now.