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Thanks for the help of “Antoshke“

I Want to tell you the story of purgatory.

New 2004 I met

with pleasure, at last we will have a kid! And the pleasure came true on September 7, 2004, the sonny, Mark Aleksandrovich was born! All pregnancy I honestly drank vitamins and ate vegetables and fruit, had a rest and thought of good: looked at beautiful, talked to the kid.

the moment X“ Came “. I gave birth to the kid - weight 4250 and height of 60 cm. Real athlete!

In labor I lost a lot of blood, and the postnatal period began with antibiotics. The kid was from the first day with me. I, following indications of all literature which I read, put it to a breast on the first peep.

the Peanut gained weight in maternity hospital, wrote out weighing 4450 gr. But the pediatrician of maternity hospital for some reason forgot to give to my kid a probiotics which we bought according to the list given in maternity hospital! And at Marikosha as we call it, the allergy began. Also in maternity hospital to me plainly nothing could be told about food of the nursing mother.


After maternity hospital to us the doctor and the nurse came to look at the kid, and it already had rashes on a face. Having asked the doctor that it, received the answer - mosquitoes. Put a pakhuchka from mosquitoes, but rashes proceeded. Saw the district doctor again, prescribed food from 3 - x products and treatment by antihistaminic preparations, it to the kid in 1 month!

Ate month a semolina and beef, it seems, it became easier for it. Here to take rest, but is not present. All these rashes passed, but atopic dermatitis began. Cheeks are red, all the time torments an itch, the tummy hurts, and began moknuty on cheeks, i.e. children`s eczema. Addressed different doctors: to the allergist - the pulmonologist, the dermatologist, the homeopathist and just to pediatricians, made various tests (crops, blood, urine and kcal), found dysbacteriosis and appointed treatment.

there Came the temporary relief, but in a week after the termination of courses of antihistaminic preparations, everything was started over again and worsened just in the eyes. At night the child combed wounds till it bleeds. All doctors unanimously advised to stop breastfeeding, said that at the child some unknown reaction to my milk, perhaps, he it will outgrow (when, it is unclear). Also told terrifying stories that the allergy is incurable, and can be, atipichesky asthma! But I did not give up, kept to a diet and nursed. I was supported by mother and the husband. So lasted till one year. Our diet: mine - a rabbit, potatoes and macaroni, sunflower oil and black tea; the kid - breast milk and drying.

Once, having come into the children`s Antoshka supermarket behind porridges, addressed for consultation the pediatrician sitting in a cozy lodge with the name “Aybolit“, and the lovely girl took an interest that I want to buy. I told it the situation, hoping to get advice on a feeding up. Because the feedings up given by councils of the treating doctors caused an allergy.

the Girl told that she can help me to cure the kid. And it is absolutely free. Appointed a course of treatment and gave the mobile phone for consultations. And I believed it! And it is not vain!

Now, thanks to Stepanova Angelina Petrovna, we eat a squash and some baked fruit. I expand the menu and I continue to nurse. Angelina Petrovna supported me and told that it is the best prevention of atipichesky dermatitis. Our rashes passed, thanks to Foll`s diagnostics and Angelina Petrovna`s appointments. And we at last began to sleep at night.

our history did not end with

yet, the appointed treatment will be long, but we are glad also to these results! Marikosha weighs 13,200 with a height of 86 cm now, looks the nice peanut.

P. S. To all parents, faced this problem: do not lose hope, there is always exit, even from such painful situation. I with pleasure will answer all who faced this problem. So far in way, it always has a person hope.