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Hurrah, sick-list! (Notes from the diary of the working mother) October, 2005

Tuesday (it is written down on Wednesday)

Day the day before passed

awfully. At work the director arranged meeting, at the same time it was necessary to hand over urgently the translation which in the morning shefinya put gesture, peremptory and delays. So a bit earlier it was not succeeded to leave work. And my child coughs! All night long he did not sleep, and we, respectively, too. And in the morning, reluctantly, I led it in kindergarten, previously having carried out a row “lechebno - improving actions“, the benefit we had an early rise, at six in the morning when it became clear that night already passed, and it will not be possible to have a sleep all the same. And there passed this day - in vain haste and is painful - viscous minutes at meeting which as a result poured out at not one o`clock. And my child coughs! This thought - a refrain a hammer ticked at me in a brain a mad rhythm of this day.


Day the first my sick-list began

approximately as well as previous: from early rise after sleepless night. But with one essential correction - for this night at me the decision which by the morning got stronger ripened - I take the sick-list! It is hard to make such decision in the middle of labor week to the working woman - here and torments between a debt of mother and the employee`s debt “on the good account“, and arrangements of themselves not to call urgently now, at six in the morning, to mother that “sat day“ with the child, and scrolling in the head of mass of options of “delegation of powers“ in all directions at work. Up to it:“ To call Natashke (colleague) that took out banana from the second box of my table, and that by the end of my sick-list... It is better not to continue“.

But at last all calls are made: mother went behind products, at work all are warned, the doctor is called and - hurrah! - the sick-list began!

the Feeling of causeless pleasure seized me, I feel as the schoolgirl who managed to miss lessons under a specious excuse. We with the son do not hurry since morning and therefore slowly a bit earlier anywhere, with taste we drink morning tea, we listen to cheerful songs and we dance. My condition of pleasure is transferred to the little son and it seems to me, he even began to cough less, cheeks turned pink, eyes shine.

mother Came from a supermarket (almost verses!), brought products according to my list plus at discretion:“ For the sick child“. In a voice I hear reproach. With mother we live separately therefore I have an opportunity MOST to bring up the child, but mother of my misses NOT “does not notice“: “It is strange that he at you did not get sick earlier...“ .

the local vrachitsa Enters, flies more true as the arrow, uncontrollable in the flight, directly in a nursery and directly in street footwear, shortly asks several questions, exactly 30 - seconds! - examines the child, the sick-list writes out to me and also promptly disappears. All visit of the doctor occupies about 4 - x minutes - it is possible, it is a record in medical practice. But most of all I was struck by instructions - “To give that you give, during 5 - ti days“. It is good that my friend has a father - the pediatrician.


Day of the second passed

in blissful idleness: we listened to music, repeated the English words, read books, ate up “Olivier“ and herring “under a fur coat“, and also fried eggplants with braised beef - all this, it appears, yesterday I between times created, being in a condition of euphoria from unexpectedly fallen down freedom.

in the Evening, having put the child to bed, watched TV, and here I felt that I, as well as to the hero of TV - advertizing, “lack something“. When I understood that it “something“ has a direct bearing on my work, I strictly myself straightened out and went to take a bath with foam though was already slightly after midnight.


Day the third was held under the motto: “Analyze it!“ . I suddenly understood that I subconsciously was ready for a long time to taking the sick-list and even - oh, horror! - wanted it. I, of course, very much worry when my child is ill, and God grant to all children to be ill less, but caught myself on “criminal“ thought which as I remembered, flashed at me on Tuesday morning. Bringing together the child in kindergarten after natiraniye - rinsings - mixtures - cough pills, I thought how it would be good to sit down on hospital. I right there drove away this thought, in hope that the child will recover also without sick-list, and at work so many other thoughts pulled hard that only manage to sort.

Now I reflected: why I wanted this sick-list? To look after the sick child - it is undoubted, but behind just to stay with two of them, without hurrying anywhere, doing that is pleasant, considering picturesquely - bright trees in park behind a window against still turning blue sky. And also, to grant a respite to itself, reading favourite books, floating for two hours in a bathtub, changing five times within two days color of a varnish on nails. To chat much with girlfriends - both by phone and behind a glass of tea in own kitchen. To prepare something tasty, to please the family. And also to shake up cases, to make pass - clear-out - as without it!

the Conclusion from all aforesaid - is in the sick-list the pluses, the main thing, in time “to sit down“ on it that the child did not manage to ache strongly and did not infect children in a garden (and that and will return then to “the“ infection).


Day the fourth and day the fifth my sick-list fell on Saturday and Sunday which passed as our usual days off. With that amendment, of course, that the child is still sick. Therefore the trip to the Summer garden was replaced with walk on park that opposite to the house, and visit of Children`s club and Game had to be postponed until next weekends. The father tried to compensate it by purchase of the Lego set and two hours of the man built the lock where everything is provided, apparently, from the designer: lattices, windows, ladders, torches, knights in an armor and even a dragon.


Day of the sixth was marked by a visit to the doctor of policlinic. The district doctor, after the same lightning survey, wrote out us, and the rest of day passed in collecting and a naglazhivaniye of clothes for the son in a garden, for mother - for work.

Caught itself on thought (this time not criminal) that for work there is a strong wish, affairs collected much, it is even more ideas so - it is time in fight. The son feels well and too is torn in a garden: to friends, toys, to hobbies.

Well, the sick-list ended. This period in only six days was for us a peculiar respite, a time - a miss in race and vanity of everyday life, time for the child and for itself. So it is not necessary to be afraid of sick-lists, the main thing - to see off them with advantage.