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About parental responsibility of

Boiled. Well why we are such little cowards why we are afraid of responsibility? We accuse all of the troubles, but for us the last word, and it is necessary to fight for it. To my child now nearly two years. Perhaps the experience I will be able to instill more confidence in mothers.

my first precept - I am a mother, and to me to decide what to do with the child. What to feed with how to dress whether to do inoculations. And nobody has the right to interfere. The state, (as it cares for the citizens, I see according to the passbook with seventy rubles), health care with the eternally semi-truthful statistics and a pursuit of budget money. Purely properly I, of course, understand everything, the plan, awards, for God`s sake, but only without me. Another thing is that your opinion has to have accurate competent motivation.

Example 1. I do not consider it necessary to do inoculations to the child. Also I do not do. I so feel, I will not go deep into details, I will tell only that I studied this question very deeply. More deeply than doctors would like in our children`s policlinic. Judging by some signs, I coped with it not bad, at least, to them did not come to mind to apply to me cheap blackmail of type - will not do vaccination, we will not give food (but they dashingly make it with a great number of my acquaintances).

to Resist rather to resist to powerful pressure happens not simply. With me led preventive discussions very strenuously. The best minds were involved and the heavy artillery is applied. Said to me that I have no higher medical education that I deprive of the rights of the child that I am a fashistka that my child will not be given (totally ludicrous) the international passport and will not take to study … I, in turn, adduced the not less strong arguments in protection of the opinion. For this purpose my highest humanitarian quite is enough for me. Only accurate arguments and references to the law help to communicate with doctors, emotions and sense of humour with them do not pass. And I wrote refusal (as to write it, see below).

the Statement

Ya, Full Name, on the basis of the act of the Russian Federation “About immunoprevention of infectious diseases“ No. 157 - F3. Article 5 of item 3, and also on the basis of Article 11 of item 2, I report about refusal of carrying out preventive inoculations of F. I. O. of the child, the address, for a period of (half a year, year), are warned about consequences. Date, signature.

Further if your out-patient card of the child was lost, or you just are afraid of it, safely store her houses. You have the right. The map (the document is called No. 025/at) can be stored in registry, on a site or in the territory of a site (at home, in the apartment). But if to ask to bring the card (checks, other petty intrigues, surely bring).

Dress the child as you feel, you temper - may god speed you, and do not pay to anybody attention. Strange people are arranged: when wrapped up on “most I do not want“ the child goes to the subway, comes to nobody to mind to ask: “And to it not hot?“ . But if the kid is undressed - “ouch, oh“. It is better to answer only with a smile deliberately politely, it is checked on own experience, and here you should not tell phrases like “it at me tempered“ - there are strange malfunctions to health. Muffle up the children and grandsons, and I will deal with the child - I am his mother.

you Nurse

- please how many you want and where you want. I am convinced that harm from a milk cannot be, and here spiritual proximity and the help when teeth are cut, very notable. As shows experience, about harm (or uselessness) maternal milk after one and a half years only those aunts who did not feed or fed not enough child speak. Negative installation on this question that other, as attempt to be repaid. To drink beer at a playground of nothing, and to feed with a breast - found the place...

That to whom childbirth is only coming I can give the following advice. Read, study, develop.