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The plastic surgery after the delivery of

After pregnancy and childbirth a female figure changes - nobody sometimes will begin to argue with it. These changes are not noticeable to anybody, except the woman, but sometimes are evident all. Happens that they please mother and her second half, but sometimes and afflict. In the second case the thought comes to the woman who is not wishing to be reconciled with unpleasant changes to mind to address plastic surgery. Than it can help?

Beautiful breast after the delivery?!

Decoration of a female figure from time immemorial - the breast - changes at young mother always. During pregnancy it increases, preparing for feeding. After the delivery, if mother nurses, the breast pleasantly pleases her with the splendor. But upon termination of feeding of change can be not such pleasant. By gravity the breast falls, skin on it stretches, and these changes sometimes do not give in to adjustment by cosmetics or saloon therapy. In this case the woman also addresses the help of plastic surgery. The modern plastic surgery offers young mother a set of options of correction of a form and the size of a breast. The most popular is a mastopeksiya (lifting of a breast), the reducing and increasing mammoplastika (reduction and increase in a breast respectively).


or lifting of a breast - surgical procedure, which purpose - to restore height of a breast and to improve its form. In most cases it does not influence in any way ability of the woman to nurse. However the pregnancy which came subsequently and the period of breastfeeding can nullify results of operation. Respectively, it is necessary either to repeat a mastopeksiya, or to postpone.

procedure of pulling up of a breast (mastopeksiya) consists in movement of a mammary gland above and removal of surpluses of skin of a breast. Besides, the mastopeksiya also allows to reduce the areola size. By means of a mastopeksiya it is possible to raise a breast of any size and a form, but the effect of operation is not constant. The lost elasticity of skin and the broken copular device will actively not counteract the progressing omission of a mammary gland which reason banal gravity is. In this respect it is better for you to get additional advice at the doctor. He, by the way, at adoption of the positive decision will make you all necessary explanations concerning preparation for operation, the operation and the recovery period. Having come to reception for the first time, you should not worry, sitting in turn. The dispatching service in the Center of professional medicine “ACADEMY“ is organized in such a way that turns here just do not happen.

If you have claims not only to a form, but also to the breast size, you will be come to the rescue by the increasing mammoplastika. Operation on increase in mammary glands often attracts those women who, having stopped to nurse, found out that it decreased in a size. To return former splendor or to find new placement under a pectoral muscle of a silicone endoprosthesis helps. The silicone causing earlier many disputes is rehabilitated today: problems which were fixed earlier were connected with poor quality of materials and nonprofessionalism of surgeons. If includes in your plans to perform good plastic surgery, you address to good clinic where the qualified doctors, the modern equipment and high-quality materials will provide you the solution of your problem at the high level. And individual selection of an endoprosthesis will allow to make changes of your breast the most natural. Today one of the best clinics of plastic surgery is the Center of Professional Medicine “ACADEMY“.

After such operation you will be able to return to work already several days later. However in early terms after operation it is necessary to observe all instructions of the doctor strictly: the sparing mode with restriction of physical activity and active sexual life. Besides, for several months you should forget about existence of a bath and sauna. Surgery traces will decrease and will turn eventually into thin, almost invisible white line which, in connection with an arrangement in a natural fold of skin, will not be noticeable to people around.

the Aspiration to perform operation on reduction of a breast - a reducing mammoplastika on many owners of small busts seems to

, at least, strange. However actually too big breast sometimes gives more inconvenience, than pleasures. The excess volume, weight, a potnitsa, back pains, need of careful leaving and various tricks creates too much discomfort in the woman`s life. Therefore sometimes for reduction of a mammary gland there are not only cosmetic, but also medical indications. Besides, very big breast is often combined with excess fatty deposits in other parts of a body that often too demands surgical correction (for example, a liposuction method). These procedures can be carried out in many cases in one stage.

All superfluous - to clean


Unbalanced food, an inactive way of life or hormonal changes after the child`s birth often lead

to emergence in young mother of excess weight. In a situation when neither physical exercises, nor correction of a diet, nor change in habits influence a situation in any way, the liposuction - one of the most effective techniques of surgical correction of contours of a figure comes to the rescue. The liposuction acquired great popularity thanks to rather simple technology of operation and achievement of noticeable and resistant esthetic results in recent years. Liposuction essence - removal from - under skin of surplus of fatty tissue. Terms of restoration of working capacity after a liposuction fluctuate from 1 to 2 weeks. In addition within a month doctors do not recommend to play sports, to float, sunbathe and visit a bath. Very important point in the postoperative period is carrying compression jersey - it is necessary for receiving good result and prevention of postoperative complications.

the Sore subject of most of young mothers - a stomach. Vynosiv and having given birth to one, two, or three kids, the woman finds out that she by any forces cannot bring the stomach to a graceful state. The abdominoplastika - surgical correction of deformations of a forward belly wall can solve this problem in the surgical way. Methods of correction of these changes are various and depend on many reasons: from thickness hypodermically - a fatty layer, from a condition of skin, existence of “extensions“, postoperative hems etc. Here it is also important to note that in certain cases carrying out an abdominoplastika is premature. In particular, if after operation the woman plans one more pregnancy or is going to grow thin cardinally. In this case it is better to perform operation after implementation of these plans. The abdominoplastika combination to a liposuction allows to reach optimum effect. In principle, in a number of other plastic surgeries, the abdominoplastika is considered quite difficult. But strictly individual approach to each patient, the high technology of surgeries and wide personal experience of plastic surgeons of ACADEMY do an abdominoplastika by highly effective and safest operation for those who do not wish to be reconciled with unpleasant changes in the figure. Especially as after operation, quickly enough, within 3 - 6 weeks, patients come back to a habitual way of life. Final results of operation can be estimated in 3 - 6 months, and special programs of physiotherapeutic treatment and massage are developed for reduction of terms of postoperative rehabilitation in the Center of professional medicine “ACADEMY“.

Skill of surgeons of “ACADEMY“ and an individual approach to the solution of your problem will make by

results so natural that it will even come to nobody to mind that you asked for the help the plastic surgeon - people around will just decide that you unexpectedly got prettier and looked younger. It should be noted also that besides obvious cosmetic effect, a consequence professionally and qualitatively carried out plasticity is what at the woman increases self-confidence, in own appeal and sexuality, and even the look changes - in eyes gloss appears.