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What tutors happen

Tutors often are exposed to attacks from parents. Promised one received absolutely another, paid a lot of money of knowledge weak... Nevertheless, for many it is the only way to secure the child against failure at entrance examinations.

  1. Clan school

They are unusual sloggers. Now, under the guise of additional classes, tutoring at school is almost legalized - and it is remarkable. Extremely seldom happens when the child equally exactly gets on well at all objects: something is pleasant more, and some lessons seem boring. And abilities at all different - one grabs on the fly, other beret with diligence, the idler third at all.

of BAZ practically any subject it is given in 7 - ohm, 8 - ohm and 9 - ohm classes. And only the school teacher can lay the foundation. But we will look to the truth in eyes it is unreal in a class where sometimes more than 30 - ti children. Explaining, the teacher is guided by the pupil of average abilities, that is by that middle which not without reason call gold. To the geniuses grabbing on the fly at lessons it is dullish. And weak, lagging behind (their about 30%), are not in time behind rate of a lesson, demand an individual approach. Ideally these pupils are capable to make up for lost time, independently being engaged at home. If someone else time at the professional level explains them material.

How to choose?

the First warning of gaps in knowledge of the child, parents receive at PTA meeting or directly learn about it from the class teacher: the mathematics teacher advised... The teacher of chemistry complained... It is a high time to find out whether give at your school additional classes in this subject. And as often they pass who conducts them what price of a question how many people in group. It is quite possible that several occupations will be enough. Though they are sometimes very similar to usual lessons: the same speaks, only slightly more slowly and more simply. Do not forget that the main task of the teacher in this case to bring up the child and do not wait that on them will train him in higher education institution or will interest in a subject. If you want bigger: an expanded programme, profound studying of the separate subject passed, say, due to illness, - agree about individual occupations which practice in each school. But also houses - a question in the price can be carried out, it is low, in comparison, say, with services of the tutor from a selection committee of MGIMO. On the other hand additional classes even of the house - only a kind of lessons of the school program. But they bring benefit huge: the child ceases to be afraid of a subject, the relations with the teacher become more confidential, there is the first practice of individual occupations that very much it is useful by preparation in higher education institution.

For seniors at schools will be often organized by other lessons: analog of training courses. Here try to join school and high school requirements. Each higher education institution has them the, and it is impossible to prepare in abstract higher education institution per se today. Similar occupations can bring benefit if the average educational institution is under patronage of a certain institute, and school teachers well know requirements of this higher education institution.

But the most, perhaps, best school tutor the careful father whose daughter, since 7 - go a class, began to test a persistent allergy to physics and mathematics managed to find

. What to do - the classical humanist who in flight was mastering foreign languages, but who is turning pale before formulas grew up. At first tried to be engaged in addition at school. Then took several private lessons from teachers of the school next the allergy only amplified... At last, the desperate father addressed the old teacher living in the neighboring house and teaching, by hearsay, nearly in an imperial gymnasium. It was on pension, years twenty long ago as left school. But sometimes took pupils and appointed a payment just ridiculous. The girl at first sniffed (At this dinozavrikha even the TV it is black - white!) but soon... began to run on occupations with pleasure! Together they put some experiences, sat, without reckoning with time, over an interesting problem. Sent applications for patents of strange inventions and inquiries to the British Royal Academy, the Nobel committee and the Massachusetts technological university. The most amusing that they were answered! Came to an end in the fact that the girl unexpectedly even for herself, won on international against the physicist - the mathematical Olympic Games. And grateful daddy presented to the old teacher the home theater.

  1. the High school armada

is a competition in institutes So far while requirements of higher educational institutions disperse from requirements of school programs, there is a huge army of people helping to liquidate this gap. Such experts were required at all times and in any country. There are tutors preparing for entrance examinations in institute, and those who will arrive to you home. Is guaranteeing receipt (do not trust!) and those who neither a dream, nor spirit as pass entrance examinations in its subject. There are regularly printing florid and expensive announcements, and is such whose phone hardly can be got on a difficult chain of acquaintances, sometimes (parents, do not faint!) for money. For example, there is one tutor on physics for which home telephone number the people recommending it take 100 dollars. But this pro is worth it!

Most often parents try to find

the tutor from higher education institution where the child is going to arrive. Frankly speaking, it is not obligatory at all: there are professionals who consider in the course of preparation of the requirement of different institutes. If you want to make secure and file documents at the same time to 2 - 3 institutes, you need such expert - the versatile person. If you are firmly focused on a certain higher education institution, that is sense to look and invite the tutor exactly from there.


the biggest danger which traps eager to find the teacher - the services offer everything, today up to... to laboratory assistants and porters. And it is not a joke: one parent told how he was proud when he came to talk to the tutor in institute: everyone who to them met validly exchanged bows with this teacher. As then it became clear, it worked whether the manager. warehouse, whether security officer...

Tickets and tasks of last years - for anybody not the secret, and any person who is almost working in higher education institution can get them. Danger is not only in an unsuitability for a profession of the person who undertook training of your child but also that you will understand a situation not at once. Time will be missed, and the real tutor you will not be accepted by it already took pupils.

How to choose?

One of the most reliable and checked ways - to look for through acquaintances. And such to which you trust. It is even better if children someone from them were already engaged with this tutor, and safely entered to the university.

But also here: what was necessary to the son of acquaintances, can not help your daughter at all. Simple example: the lazy, but capable guy is not ready to receipt. Regularly and hard he did not get used to work, but the higher education institution chose difficult. The guy obviously needs the tutor which will constantly remind it of high aim, to set complex challenges for it and sometimes to arrange thorough scolding for outstanding tasks. And your hardworking, but not self-assured girl, will only become isolated from the sharp word, it is necessary to work with her quietly and to encourage and praise constantly for progress.

  1. As a hobby

of the Tutor can be employed not in an emergency order and not to the child, and for itself. Beauty - examinations should not be taken, you are engaged with feeling, plainly, in arrangement, and advantage huge. Especially often learn in this way foreign languages - and for life it is useful, and for career it is useful.

One skilled teacher told

how a few years ago the woman addressed it. She shy asked to work with her classical literature from the very beginning. The tutor tactfully took an interest why it needs it, and, maybe, it is better to try to enter the institute? In due time, - having sighed, the unusual schoolgirl explained, - I did not manage to get an education. And now I feel how I lack it: I do not know quotes which flash in the speech of people, I do not understand some literary comparisons. Recently the husband told that he at the conclusion of the contract tested the torment of Tantalus and that to it bothered to drag chestnuts from fire. And I do not know what it means, I hesitate to Ask. The eldest son called younger the servant of two misters, then they looked at me and burst out laughing, and it became so offensive for me! Children grew up, I do not work, means are. The institute is not necessary to me, simply I do not want to feel like the uneducated person, help me! And they began to be engaged. The schoolgirl with pleasure comprehended bases of what once was called classical education. It was sincerely admired Euripides, Dante and what remarkable composition she wrote on the Younger Edda... There passed time, and already both sons - the student began to operate frankly knowledge of mother, demanding that she wrote for them papers on cultural science, philosophies. And the husband quite often asked the wife to throw to him couple of quotes for persuasiveness in the report.


Of course, it is possible to be engaged not only literature, and in anything as a hobby. Though the higher mathematics if there is a hunting.

How to choose?

At first be defined

by strong that it is necessary for you: 10 - 15 classes in a subject which attracts you, but you would like to understand particulars? Then the tutor it is better to look for among keen people, fans of the business. For example, one person, having become interested in history of Moscow, found it at excursion: the guide of their group in Kuskovo with such heat and enthusiasm told about dvortsovo - park ensemble that she after the end of walk asked it to give several lectures for herself and 2 - 3 - x the girlfriends. The guide willingly agreed. And now that person, walking with somebody on streets of Moscow, continually excitedly explains: and here in this house... pay attention to a wing... and on this square... look, look what columns, and so... Well simply lost for usual chatter there was a person!


If to you need special occupations (for example, you unexpectedly were interested in culture of ancient Etruscans), then it is better to look for the teacher among the experts of a narrow profile who proved in this or that area. Here you will be helped by the Internet.