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On nails the fungus lodged...

Sun, sea, wonderful beach...

you have perfectly a rest in the summer, and your skin is covered by magnificent suntan. But what unpleasant cracks on a leg between fingers and why the nail turned yellow are? Get accustomed more attentively. Perhaps, it is a fungus?

Begins em with small

the parasitic fungus which Lodged on skin is capable to make the life miserable of any. And especially there are a lot of efforts and chagrin causes the fungus which was proved on skin of foot and on nails. The women who fell a victim of such fungus are occupied first of all by the outer side of a question which - is bursting, the shelled skin, the yellow crumbling nails, - but, according to doctors, an esthetic problem here not main. It is about a serious disease which needs long-term treatment.

In medical practice fungal damage of nails is designated the term “onikhomikoz“ where “onikho“ means a nail, and “mycosis“ - fungal defeat.

the Disease arises at first on skin of feet, is more often in interdigital folds. Between fingers there is a peeling which is followed by burning and an itch. Then there are bubbles which burst, forming ulcers and cracks. If not to begin immediate treatment, the fungus will extend to nails. Having got to a nail plate, it continues to grow and breed. Despite the sluggishness, a fungus slowly stratifies a nail, gradually fills it, and takes root into a nail bed. Over time the zone of defeat takes nails not only standing, but also on hands. Even damage of internals, fortunately, quite seldom meets.

the Main infecting agents - mushrooms dermatophytes (fungal parasites of skin, hair and nails). But there is also other responsible for a misfortune - various barmy and mold mushrooms.

of Display of an illness on nails depends on a type of a fungus, and also on degree and depth of defeat by an infection. Having got over on a nail plate, dermatophytes usually declare themselves yellow spots or longitudinal strips of a nail on each side. In certain cases it is possible to guess a disease on emergence brightly - yellow strips or spots in the center of a nail plate on toes. On hands nails “are also “decorated“ with similar strips, but lighter - whitish or a grayish shade. Barmy fungi thin a nail plate from sides, at the same time it lags behind a nail bed and gets yellowish coloring. Often the disease begins with nail rollers, usually on hands. Rollers are thickened, swell and redden, on edge silvery scales appear, the nail thin skin gradually disappears. The bacterial infection can join process, even suppuration is in that case possible. Food of fabric in the field of the roller is broken, cross furrows as a result appear. Mold mushrooms are capable to cause onikhomikoz only against already available violation of the food of nails which arose from - for others of diseases. In this case color of a nail plate also changes, it can be yellow, green, blue, brown and even black color, but damage of a nail remains superficial.

However should not make itself the diagnosis independently especially as damage of nails can be caused by several fungi at once. Besides a fungus - though the frequent, but not the only reason of serious problems with nails.

To the doctor immediately!

Having noticed fungus signs, do not hope that everything will disappear by itself. The longer the fungus lives on your nails, the it is more difficult to treat it and the worse for all organism. Long onikhomikoz can provoke allergic reaction, weaken immunity and lead to an exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Therefore the most correct at the first suspicions - to see the mycologist or the dermatologist. The doctor not only will perform inspection, will estimate thickness, structure of a nail, but also the pacifier - fabrics for the analysis will make. Only this way it will be able to define existence of a fungus, its look and to appoint adequate treatment. At the same time the doctor will consider prevalence of process, a defeat form, existence of associated diseases, growth rate of nails and so forth. Presently for treatment of an onikhomikoz there are highly effective preparations of the general and local action.

At initial forms of an illness when the area of damage of a nail is insignificant, can be limited to local treatment - drawing on a nail bed 2 times in day of an antifungal preparation (antimycotic) of a broad spectrum of activity in the form of ointment, cream or solution. Before drawing medicine carry out special preparation of nails. At first - mylno - a soda tray: the basin is filled half with hot water (40 - 50 °C) in which dissolve 1 tablespoon of soda and 50 g of a laundry soap. The feet needing treatment or fingers of hands immerse in solution for 10 - 15 minutes. After that the softened horn stratifications on nails process manicure nippers and file a file. Treatment duration - before growth of the healthy not changed nails.


Flat-footedness and too narrow footwear promote injuries of skin and nails. Stockings and socks from synthetic fibers, bad ventilation in shoes create too damp microclimate on skin of feet. Frequent contact of hands with the washing and cleaning household means injures nails. All this increases risk to ache, but sometimes danger is covered in the care of the appearance: false nails can create favorable conditions for development of an onikhomikoz on hands.

It is important! Do not use the same manicure accessories to processing of sore and healthy nails. Treat drugs of local action Kanizon (the pharmacological name - klotrimazol), Ekzoderil (a naftifina a hydrochloride), Nizoral (ketokonazol), Lamizil (a terbinafina a hydrochloride). And also Mikospor (bifonazol), on sale in a set with a water protective plaster. The preparation is imposed on the affected nails by means of the batcher and left for days under a water protective plaster. In a day after mylno - a soda tray delete with a file affected areas of a nail. Procedure is repeated before full removal of affected areas of a plate, and then rub a preparation in a nail bed treatment Duration, as well as in a case with other preparations, - before growth of healthy nails.

At initial forms of defeat for local treatment can use special anti-fungal varnishes: 5% varnish Lotseril (morolfin) or 8% Batrafen (tsiklopiroksolamin). Lotserily cover nails 1 - 2 time a week. Treatment takes 6 - 8 months at damage of nails on hands and about a year standing. Batrafen apply the first month every other day, the second - 2 1 time a week, the 3rd month and further once a week before growth of healthy nails. Atop protivo - a fungal varnish it is possible to put also manicure.

If local treatment does not help

any more or nail plates are completely struck with a fungus, appoint antimycotics of the general action (them still call system). Such preparations accept inside. It is Lamizil and its analogs ( Ekzifin , Terbizil , Fungoterbin , Onikhy ), Orungal (and its analogs - Irunin , Rumikoz ), Diflucan (analogs - of Mikosit , Forkan , Flyukostat , of Mikomaks ) and Nizoral (analog - Mikozoral ). They can be applied in combination with antifungal varnishes. However it is very important to be convinced that you to antimycotics of the general action have no contraindications. For example, diseases of kidneys and liver. System preparations are often contraindicated to children, besides, at them serious restrictions in simultaneous application with some other drugs. For example, Lamizil is not combined with hormonal contraceptives. If you nurse the kid, it is necessary to wait a little with use of these preparations. Pregnancy also means a ban on system antimycotics. Therefore the women of childbearing age accepting them need to use contraception throughout all course of treatment.

In certain cases should go for removal of a nail plate with the subsequent treatment. After that the new nail grows though its surface at first can be and uneven.

Whatever treatment was appointed by the doctor, for some time you turn into the disinfector. The doctor will write out the recipe according to which in a drugstore for you will prepare necessary solution. Prior to the beginning of a course they should process all available footwear, all socks, gloves and so forth. and then, once a month, before growth of healthy nails, it is necessary to process clothes and footwear which had to be put on during treatment. It is simple: the internal surface of footwear is wiped with the wadded tampon moistened in solution, the same tampon is put in gloves, socks, stockings etc. All this is hidden in a dense plastic bag for the night, then well dried and aired within 2 - 3 days.

So, as a result of persistent treatment external displays of an illness disappeared and at last healthy nails will grow. But there is more to come, control analyses at the end of treatment, in 2 weeks and in 2 months are coming now. There is no fungus any more? The question only in how not to ache again means, everything is all right.

Risk group

Onikhomikoz - a disease not such rare as can seem. It is widespread worldwide, and its share among all diseases of nails reaches 40%.

I of the man, and the woman become the victims of an onikhomikoz with equal success. The risk to ache increases with age. For example, after 70 years onikhomikozy every second suffers. Fortunately, children suffer from an onikhomikoz much less often as regeneration of fabrics, replacement old new, at them happens very quickly. Even nails at the kid grow much quicker, than at the adult, and the fungus, on the contrary, develops quite slowly. And still completely it is impossible to expel the child from risk group. Children, as a rule, from parents and, strangely enough, through footwear catch: sporting on the apartment in mother`s shoes, the baby risks to pick up a mother`s fungus.


Observance of simple rules will save you from an illness:

  • on the beach you walk only in slippers;
  • visiting a bath, a sauna or the pool, use the closed rubber slippers protecting from splashes;
  • after washing dry walk, especially interdigital folds, and process them preventive antifungal cream or special powder;
  • do not put on someone else`s footwear;
  • daily change socks and stockings.

the Uninjured, healthy nail is almost impregnable

for a fungal infection, but the changed nails, for example, as a result of a trauma - become an easy mark of a fungus. Not the last role is played by a condition of an organism in general. The risk to ache increases if the tone of vessels of legs is broken, for example at heart failure or a varicosity. The same can be told also about violations in endocrine system. Diabetes - a powerful occasion to watch vigilantly a condition of the nails, in such cases defeat by a fungus can be especially heavy.



to avoid troubles, it is necessary to be more attentive. Visit of the pool, a bath, the gym and even the sun-baked beach can turn back troubles. Activators of an onikhomikoz are amazingly steady against influence of external factors. Disputes of a fungus maintain drying, heating to 100 °C and freezing to minus 60 °C. They are capable to endure also “attack“ of disinfectants which usually use in public places, as a result pose continuous threat to our health. In beach sand fungi for months remain in a viable state. And it would seem where still it is possible to walk barefoot how not on the beach?! Here is how time of it to do and it is not necessary - for visit of beaches and pools there are slippers.

But most often (to 65% of cases), infection occurs in the bosom of the family. It is possible to catch at direct contact with the sick person, through footwear and clothes which he wears, and also through household goods, whether it be a rug in a bathroom, the general towel, cuticle scissors and so forth. On all these things the pieces of nails and a scale of skin infected with a fungus can remain. They easily stick to damp stupnyam.

of the Graze and an attrition, connected with perspiration or, on the contrary, with dryness of skin, strongly facilitate a problem of an infection. Powder from boric acid and talc or pure urotropin will help to cope with excessive perspiration and an intertrigo of feet. It is useful to process legs 40% solution of urotropin, galmaninovy octathionew powder or other drying solutions. It is possible to avoid excessive dryness of skin by means of ointment of Radevit , vitamin-containing Retinolum of a palmitat and so forth. Use the creams preventing emergence of callosities.