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Fall - a season of colds

With cold weather approach children begin to be ill more often. Cough, the squelching noses, temperature - satellites of dank fall. However contrary to a popular belief cold weather in itself does not cause cold, it only increases risk to ache with it. Even strong kids, spending in rooms more time, risk to catch an acute respiratory viral disease.

Ubiquitous viruses

The matter is that the viruses causing a SARS with the greatest ease move to small distances therefore the sick child, coughing and sneezing, generously presents with them all being nearby.

Respiratory (that is belonging to breath) infections make the majority of all “bunch“ of infections which people are ill. Children are especially sensitive to them because at them immunity to the majority of the viruses which are in environment was not developed yet. Every time when the child gets sick with a sharp respiratory viral infection, it gains immunity only to the concrete virus which caused this illness. But as SARS can cause at least 200 viruses of various type, it is impossible to guarantee that the fall and winter at you will pass absolutely without colds. Especially often SARS children till three years are ill.

Sledge Kids who spent summer on air prepare for

in the summer

, ran barefoot, bathed, sunbathed, ate the fruit and berries rich with vitamin C is much steadier against infections. Do not scorn also opinion on a hardening what archaic they would not seem - doctors did not think up yet the best way to increase organism resilience.

What to do if the child nevertheless got sick

In - the first, it is necessary to leave it at home. The sick child has to be isolated not only for the sake of his own health, but also because he is a carrier of an infection now, that is under the threat health of other children in group or a class.


to the Sick child needs the house mode. At feeling sick he willingly will lay down in a bed or on a sofa, but if temperature low, it is difficult to hold the fidget on one place, try to esteem together, to draw or be engaged quietly in hand-made articles. The TV - not the best way to occupy the sick child since it affects mentality of the child excitingly.

In what cases to see a doctor

the Reason for a call of the doctor on the house is not temperature in itself, and health of the child. But if you are not sure of yourself or at you it is the first child, take for the rule always to call the doctor on the house (or at least speak with the pediatrician by phone).

surely take

Before arrival of the doctor and write down temperature, give to the child as much as possible liquid. The matter is that the SARS is followed by development of intoxication, at the same time the organism loses a lot of liquid, is broken vvodno - a salt exchange. If the child refuses food, do not feed him violently, short-term malnutrition to him will not damage, and here it is just necessary to take care of sufficient receipt in a liquid organism.


the Increased temperature, or fever - not an illness, but its symptom, and also a sign that the organism began to struggle with viruses belongs to temperature

. Moreover, the increased temperature positively affects immune system - it forms it.

of Babies and absolutely small children is in a fever more often than is more senior than children. So occurs, in - the first, from - for the fact that they still insufficiently developed the centers of regulation of temperature which are in a head brain, and in - the second, the system natural, through sweat glands, coolings of an organism was not quite created. It is important to remember: temperature increase of a body higher than 38,5 degrees constitutes danger to a brain of the child, and such temperature needs to be reduced. Besides, severe fever can cause organism dehydration, or to become the reason of spasms which in itself are unsafe and usually very much frighten parents.

we Struggle with fever

there are two ways to weaken fever: to cool a surface of a body of the kid and to give it febrifugal. It is natural that it is necessary to begin with physical methods. The easiest way - to undress the child. Excessive heat will be absorbed by cool air.

One more reception - rubdown by damp sponges. Ideally rubdown has to last 5 - 10 minutes. After procedure do not wipe the kid, just blot skin with a towel. It is possible to repeat rubdowns which are perfectly combined with medicinal therapy several times in days, as required.

What febrifugal to choose

Febrifugal has to be first of all safe. Proceeding from this reason, doctors recommend to mothers of medicine whose main active ingredient is paracetamol (the most popular representative of this group - Children`s Panadol).

Such preparations reduce temperature not so sharply as analginosoderzhashchy that is very important since only gradualness of decrease in temperature protects the child from sharp expansion of vessels. Besides Children`s Panadol reduces temperature to 37,5 degrees so the organism continues to struggle with an infection. It is possible to give Children`s Panadol in the form of suspension - easier to dose it in compliance with age of the child, and such medicine begins to work quicker, than tablets. Also on sale there are candles which are especially convenient for using for the night, in connection with their long action.

to Mother should be known also that aspirin is forbidden for application to children till 15 years, for children to 18 only the doctor in connection with a huge number of side effects in case of emergency can use analginum, and the ibuprofen is categorically contraindicated to children with zheludochno - intestinal problems and the patient with asthma.



On average, the sharp respiratory infection (if it is not complicated, for example, by pneumonia) will pass in seven days. Most longer cough which especially torments at night remains, without allowing the child to sleep.

If your child coughs, exclude from his food crackers, cookies, sour and, on the contrary, very sweet juice as they strengthen cough. And here preparations for cough independently are not recommended to be chosen and given to the child. At all cough remedies the different mechanism of action they also influence various reasons of cough - here not to do without medical council.