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The dairy rivers

my first kid was born premature and sick and I did not nurse him absolutely.

I decided On the second kid only in 10 years. Got ready for childbirth at Marina Dadasheva. Gave rise to houses with its help.

Still pregnant, I represented how I will nurse the kid, dreamed me in a dream that I nurse it and that it is more milk in the left breast, than in right. I do not know why.

the Kid was born

, put it to a breast (left) without having cut an umbilical cord yet. He took a nipple, but did not begin to suck, of course, yet. The first real feeding happened, probably, in an hour after the delivery. And then he sucked almost constantly, I and carried him under a shirt at a breast.

colostrum reached a limit with

On third day, and milk did not come! My kid demands food - he got used to suck constantly, and there is no milk of hour 2! I have a fear: suddenly milk will not come, how with the first child? I urgently began to carry out all preventive measures for maintenance of a lactation. What drank herbs, I do not remember, but I want to provide one recipe: a half-glass of the cleared walnuts to cut, fill in with a glass of milk, to bring to boiling, to allow to be drawn minutes 20 - 30 and to drink. It was necessary to drink, in my opinion, 1/3 and 1/2 glass. But I so was afraid, as this kid will remain without maternal milk that I drank about a liter or more than this tasty drink at once!

With feeding I after this procedure had no problems to 3 - x years. About one year the kid ate nothing, except breast milk at all. Neither mashed potatoes, nor porridges, nor kefir, nor fruit, nor juice etc. Only sucked milk. Added every month 1 kg. Thank God, was not ill. After a year began to ask that wanted from a table, and (according to age) already began to receive regular baby food years with 2 - x! There was quite enough breast milk. And till three years we were nursed because it is so good to the child - quietly, tasty, it is useful also mother so close and only yours!

Now to this kid already soon 10 years.

In the left breast of milk, really, was then more, than in right. And, when the kid sucked one breast, from another milk beat with fountainlet or flew down on t-shirts.

Only one small prevention! After that tasty drink drunk in so big sizes I had problems with a stomach, it was necessary to run couple of days often. But it is such trifles! We were blissfully happy the whole three years.