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Aperitif - fashionable ritual of

the French who presented to the world is a lot of gastronomic traditions, suggested to begin a feast with easy alcoholic drinks. Over time aperitif stopped being “a prelude to food“. It is an excellent reason for companionship.

to Communicate and have a rest

In the Middle Ages doctors prescribed patients various tonics - with ziry, a thyme, a nutmeg, a carnation. At the same time there was a special category of wines - Vermouths flavored by a wormwood, a camomile, vanilla and other natural herbs and spices. It were also the first aperitifs (from Latin aperire - to open).

, as before, simple alcoholic beverages can be given Today to

before food - they refresh, invigorate and stimulate appetite. In France the choice of aperitifs is various - from light and sparkling wines to strong alcohol.

In many regions the specialist programmes are. In wine-making areas - it is white dry wines from local grades of grapes. In Burgundy and Savoy also liqueurs act as aperitif. In Normandy drink cider, cognac and Armagnac offer in the provinces of the same name. In the south of France prefer anisic drinks. So, in Marseille traditional aperitif is considered pastis Ricard divorced water with ice in a proportion one to five. It was invented by Paul Ricar in 30 - x years of the XX century and quickly won popularity not only in France, but also is far beyond its limits.

One more interesting option of aperitif - cocktail with liqueur. In Burgundy it is called “kir“ - in honor of the Dijon canon Felix Cyrus who thought up this drink in the middle of the last century. Similar cocktails there is an uncountable set. The most refined is, perhaps, Kir Royal (royal Cyrus) - champagne with addition of blackcurrant liqueur, for example Creme de Cassis from Marie Brizard.

of Strict rules of supply of aperitif does not exist therefore everyone can always choose that to it to taste. The main thing - that drink was not heavy and stimulated appetite. However, today the role of aperitif is not limited to it. Today very few people think of the toning properties of various drinks, it is much more important - the good company and that easy atmosphere which they help to create.

“Let`s run to me on aperitif“, - having heard this phrase which became habitual for French guests do not expect at all to see the tables filled with dishes of high kitchen. On the contrary, the situation is simpler, the communication is more free. To exchange news, to discuss affairs and problems, to chat a little - here why French “go to aperitif“. And in a glass there can be anything - from simple water or juice to polysyllabic cocktail.

By the way, cocktails on the basis of cognac became fashionable recently - mix it with ice, lemonade, juice. From possible options it is worthy Martell mentions with tonic or with fresh lemon juice.


of Martell Cosmopolitan
Pastis Ricard
Martell Fizz

Having invited you to itself home to a dinner, French will not hurry to give it. At first they will offer you snack and some easy, refreshing drink which will lighten mood, will force to forget about cares and, perhaps, will cause easy feeling of hunger.

the French restaurants also support by

idea of aperitif as one of opportunities to have a good time. After work became fashionable to come into restaurant with friends or colleagues freely to communicate in a stylish situation. Also this pleasure costs not so much.

Whatever pleasant communication was p>

, hunger will remind of itself from time to time therefore the real French aperitif without snack to present everything - difficult. Strict rules in this respect also do not exist though, as a rule, French give snack which are simple for serving. And, whenever possible, do without tableware. At home they, most likely, will offer something simple - fresh bread, kish, cold meat appetizers, cheeses, ready seafood, fresh vegetables and fruit.


For aperitivny snack are suitable such French products as pastes, terrines, ham, the Atlantic and Mediterranean seafood, various cheeses - from neutral brie to bright goat, pies with a cheese stuffing. Cheeses became a gastronomic symbol of France for a long time. For example, Komte - the well-known boiled cheese which is made from cow`s milk in East France. It is possible to slice it also a tax with rural bread or to string on skewers with banana, apple, grapes, mango.

is considered to be that wine and cheese - the most harmonious aperitivny couple. But any French table does not do without meat delicacies. In France there are specialized shops which sell only ready-made products from meat - a fu - a gr, cold aspic, various pastes and terrines from a bird and a game. A specific place is held by cold and hot dishes from the French pork - ham, the baked gammon and a set of other products.


ham Pieces with goat
cheese Hot appetizer from pork with
pineapple Hot rolls with
ground pork Kish with ham and a vegetable marrow
Pass - goat cheese pies

House holidays, cocktail parties - an excellent occasion to prepare original snack which not only draw attention but also tempt appetite. Multi-colored canapes, seductive rolls and tartinka, cheese plates, pass - a barbecue with a bird and seafood - what scope for gastronomic imaginations! The French restaurants offer the real tiny masterpieces as aperitivny snack. They are trained from usual products and delicacies, give cold and hot. They bright and memorable because they had honor to open a feast.

Aperitif was so strongly included into life of French that they devoted it the whole holiday. Also presented to the world “Day of the French aperitif“ which falls on the first Thursday of June. Last year he was marked out in 13 countries including in Russia. In it it is going to be celebrated with even big scope - in 22 countries. The sense of aperitif is in that people derived pleasure from communication. And we are always ready to give a toast to it.