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On excursion by all family of

Vacation - fine time to change scenery, and for this purpose it is not obligatory to go to exotic round. It is enough to go with the child to interesting excursion - and the kaleidoscope of impressions is provided to you!

to parents should approach

carrying out vacation consciously. Do not give in to temptation to send the child for all week to the grandmother, consoling itself in the fact that he will sleep and in plenty will sit at the TV and the computer. Yes, let the child will sleep, but for it there will quite be enough also couple of days. Other time is not obligatory “to kill“ at all! Try to borrow vacation holiday and spend time together with the child - interestingly and with taste. Think of your leisure in advance. Make the approximate plan of entertainments. One or two visits of theater or the museum, one - in the children`s center or park. Travel was considered as the best medicine for daily routine at all times. Unfortunately, abroad not all are able to afford a trip and not each parent will risk to subject the child of acclimatization in the middle of academic year. And here pass - travel, to be exact, excursion - just the fact that it is necessary.


to Children from 8 to 12 years to which it is always curious as well as what things around them are made of so-called excursions to productions will be interesting to

of Excursion to production. It is ideal option to interest the child in excursions in general. To receive new bright impressions, you will not need even to leave the capitals.

“Soyuzmultfilm“ - the well-known studio where children will see how animated films as the artist are born creates images, sketches what do noses and ears of that is necessary in order that the picture recovered. It is possible to glance in “a locker of memoirs“ where all dolls by means of which our favourite animated cartoons were removed are stored. At the end of excursion will show to children the latest animated films from a collection of Soyuzmultfilm studio.

excursion with visit of domestic “factory of dreams“ - Mosfilm film concern - game cars, shooting stages, the unique museum of suits and a requisite is Not less interesting to

. Among them and an imperial throne from the movie “Boris Godunov“, and the well-known crown of the Russian Empire from the movie of the same name. There are no doubts that - to why-askers it will be interesting to children also on other productions. For example, at Krugozor factory will show them how dolls and other toys are born, at pencil factory of L. B. Krasin children will see from what they make pencils, at excursion with visit of Children`s Literature publishing house will see the book world from within. On Babayevskoye and Rot Front confectioneries children will become witnesses of birth of various candies, cookies, gingerbreads and cakes with indispensable tasting. For the senior school students the doors will open oil refinery, Sickle and Hammer plant and Slava watch factory.

National crafts

the Majority of these excursions will also be suitable

for children of 8 - 12 years. As all crafts in different degree are removed from Moscow, such trip - travel for all day. But children`s curiosity will be satisfied on all hundred.

For example, at porcelain plant “Gzhel“ to children are shown by the best samples of Gzhel porcelain, and then show as all this becomes: shapeless clay on a potter`s wheel or in hands of masters turns into various utensils or toys. After all technological processings of a product get to a workshop of artists on a list, and children with pleasure watch how it occurs. In conclusion little tourists are given an opportunity to draw a Gzhel plot (under the leadership of the mentor) and even to mold something from special Gzhel clay!

Routes of excursions in places of national crafts are rather various

: here both the Bogorodsky toy, and factory of church utensils in Sofrino, and the Museum of crystal in the city the Goose - Crystal, porcelain plants in Kuzyaevo and Pavlovsky Posad (here also the well-known pavloposadsky scarfs), and also a list of trays and a batic in Zhostovo, a varnish miniature in Fedoskino, gold sewing in Torzhok, woodcarving, up to a bone and on metal to Khotkovo and many other things.

Visit of architectural monuments situated near Moscow can be interesting by

of Excursion on estates and palaces both to adults, and children of any age. Everyone will find for itself(himself) something special there - someone will be carried away by history, to someone will be to admire beauty and greatness of ancient constructions and interiors enough. For your children many names from the school program will recover.

In general in the territory of Moscow area located about 150 estates which are anyway connected with names of outstanding people. Among them there is Abramtzevo where Vasnetsova`s brothers, I. E. Repin, V. D. Polenov long lived and worked. New Jerusalem - the monastery which main temple was created just like the Jerusalem temple of the Lord`s Coffin, Savvino - the Storozhevsky monastery in Zvenigorod where Andrei Rublyov`s lists, the Kolomna Kremlin of the 16th century with Feofan Grek`s lists, picturesque and rich with the history Arkhangelsk where in park the real mineral source beats remained. Historical places can be listed infinitely - the Trinity - Sergiyeva of laurels, Ostafyevo, Pushkin reserves of Zakharovo and Big Vyazyoma, poetic Muranovo, Melikhovo - the historian - the literary memorial estate of A. P. Chekhov etc.

Unusual excursions

the Choice of excursions in Moscow is so extensive

that their organizers should apply all the creative imagination that the consumer chose them. Thanks to it in the capital market new original routes and developments appear.

the Unusual direction is offered by Gold Crane firm - “Pagan holidays near Mozhaisk“.

Much and names - that such are unknown to

: Vlesova Srecha, Ladodeniye, Lyalnik, Yarila. Ancient holidays are painted here for all year. One of spring - Yarilina Srecha, the holiday devoted to solar god Yarile. Those who will go this day by bus for Mozhaisk are waited a lot of by interesting: magic footpath in the Faraway kingdom, a sit-round gathering at a samovar and even communication with the brownie!

A here the Vladimir Farmstead firm developed unusual excursion for which it is not required to leave Moscow at all. This fascinating evening excursion is called “Secrets of the Moscow ghosts“. In it history of the city is bound with mysterious events and terrible omens. Here and the coming true fatal damnations, both mysterious phenomena, and secrets of the Moscow underpasses, and roads - ghosts, and even the mysterious white knight on the Kremlin wall.


and to them similar excursions suit more children is more senior - of 12 - 14 years. Names speak for themselves:“ Moscow of Stalin times “, “ the loudest crimes from archives of capital police“ (for children of 14 years - with visit of the museum Ministry of Internal Affairs), “The consultant with a hoof“ (according to the pages “Mastera and Margarita“ of M. Bulgakov), “History of world religions in temples of Moscow“, “Prisoners of the Moscow monasteries“.

How to order excursion

Surely order excursion in advance (at least in 2 weeks, and popular excursions to productions - for 1 - 2 month).

Find out

from the manager, to adjoin how really together or three together already organized group.

Remember that it is cheaper to bring together group of 15 people, for this purpose it is possible to unite several families or to organize schoolmates and their parents.

Find out

in detail as there will take place excursion, including questions of food, additional expenditure etc. that then there were no unpleasant and unexpected surprises.

About all subtleties and details of excursion travel to you with pleasure will be told by their organizers: