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Oral contraceptives. The increase in weight is inevitable?

Oral contraceptives, or as they are usually called, contraceptive tablets, enjoy wide popularity around the world. The Contraceptive tablets containing hormones give preference to

in the developed countries to 50% of women of childbearing age at the choice of a method of protection from undesirable pregnancy of

are convenient in application, do not break harmony of intimate proximity and possess almost absolute reliability. In any case, oral contraceptives are recognized as the most reliable of all ways of protection known now. Why only every tenth Russian trusts tablets?

of the Reasons of the mistrustful relation to oral contraceptives a little. First of all it is insufficient knowledge of advantages, contraindications and possible risks when using hormonal tablets and conservatism of our compatriots. One of the main motives of “abstention“ of women from hormonal contraception is the widespread opinion on an inevitable increase in weight when using contraceptive tablets.

As far as it is justified? As well as the majority of myths, this judgment is based on some real facts.

to gain a fair idea of the general mechanism of action of oral contraceptives, we will a little go deep into the theory and the historical background.

Who them thought up


for the prevention of undesirable pregnancy in 1923 the Austrian physiologist Ludwig Haberlant For the first time suggested to use hormones. Its assumption was based that in the woman`s organism saturated with sex hormones there is a braking of maturing and an exit of an ovum from an ovary, and thus pregnancy is excluded. It would seem, everything is simple.

However the way from the theory to broad practice turned out

long and difficult. And only in 1960 were available for sale “a miracle - tablets“ - Enovid .

By the way, with the advent of the first contraceptive tablets sociologists, and now and historians, connect the beginning of sexual revolution in the West. The women taking this pill for the first time in the history felt in a bed as equal partners with men. Now and the weaker sex at last could derive pleasure which is not saddened by thought of undesirable conception from intimate proximity. The preparation really was effective for hundred percent! Widely advertized means quickly won popularity at hundreds of thousands of women.

Alas, euphoria lasted not for long. To huge disappointment, it turned out that the preparation possessed rather expressed and very unpleasant side effects.

Enovid and others “high-dose“ (i.e. the containing high concentration of hormones) caused the contraceptive tablets subsequently called “preparations of the first generation“ not only development of a so-called syndrome of “false pregnancy“ (nausea, it is nude - a rubaniye of mammary glands, weakness, a liquid delay in an organism), but also more serious consequences - increase of coagulability of blood and shift of its biochemical indicators (first of all the level of hepatic enzymes and sugar). Now similar preparations are not issued any more.

the Listed undesirable effects were caused by two factors: considerable doses of hormones and inclusion in structure of preparations of all hormonal components, but not allocated highly active fractions.

On the way of modernization


that preparations of the first generation made huge commercial success, pharmacologists began to look for solutions of a problem of “side effect“ of contraceptive pills with enthusiasm.

should recognize

I that for the last three decades in this area very serious results were achieved. Without going deep into “technical“ details, I will report two main directions of modernization of contraceptive preparations: essential decrease in concentration of hormones (now it is reduced ten times - at preservation of absolute contraceptive efficiency) and use not of hormones “in pure form“, and their synthetic analogs possessing bigger biological activity at significantly lower manifestation of side effects.

the Mechanism of development of an increase of weight in part of women at long use of hormonal contraceptives is thoroughly studied by


It is caused by two circumstances.

First. One of the hormones which are contained in a contraceptive pill - progesterone - promotes an insignificant delay of liquid in an organism.

Second. Reception of hormonal tablets can influence change of food behavior, namely - to increase appetite.

preparations have no “own caloric content“ and, thus, are directly not capable to cause increase in body weight.

we Will note

that not at all women accepting oral contraceptives even for a long time the increase in weight is noted. Modern preparations influence change of weight significantly less - owing to decrease in concentration of hormones much in comparison with “a miracle - pills“ the first generation and use of synthetic analogs of female sex hormones. Now on sale including we in the country, had preparations which instead of progesterone incorporate drospirenon - the synthetic hormone promoting removal of excess liquid from an organism. Unfortunately, the price of tablets with drospirenony still significantly high prices of the usual oral contraceptives (OC).

Besides, modern contraceptive tablets possess, besides almost absolute reliability at their correct use proved by efficiency in normalization of a menstrual cycle, in prevention of cancer of ovaries and inflammatory diseases of female genitals. Some of preparations of OK group, having anti-androgenic effect (the effect directed to elimination of influence of male sex hormones), reduce greasiness of hair and significantly improve a condition of integuments. Speaking more simply, reduce acne rash.

Excess weight - an inevitable evil? whether

It is possible to avoid a weight increase to that group of women who, accepting oral contraceptives, nevertheless grow stout?

And once again yes. It not only is possible, but also it is necessary. In total in your hands! There is enough, especially in the first months of reception of contraceptive tablets, to control the food behavior, not only to watch the volume of the consumed food and its caloric content, but also to pay special attention to its qualitative structure. In other words, to follow the fundamental principles of healthy food: to limit greasy food, confectionery, to refuse canned food (especially in oil), meat and fish smoked products, to give preference to the fat-free dairy products, vegetables, fruit, greens. To exclude mayonnaise from a diet, to reduce consumption of vegetable oil (it very kaloriyno) and to fill salads with soy sauce or better still, lemon juice, to limit salt consumption. Once again I will repeat: eat more vegetables. Having the scanty caloric content and large volume, they will help to deceive “the center of saturation“ of a brain, having filled a stomach with cellulose which besides perfectly regulates function of intestines and is practically not soaked up in it.

Be honest

with themselves: scales you will never manage to deceive! The group of “girlfriends“ numerous today who persistently distribute the myth about inevitability of increase in weight at reception of oral contraceptives is formed of the women overeating.


to you will be helped by the doctor

there is one more extremely important aspect at the choice of means of protection about which all doctors write and speak long ago. Unfortunately, only the insignificant part of women listens to this undoubtedly important rule - before reception of contraceptive tablets it is necessary to visit the doctor surely. Even if you feel perfectly, and your best friend will not rejoice on “absolutely wonderful and inexpensive“ a new oral contraceptive and persistently advises you it to try.

In - the first, the preparations relating to group of contraceptives there is a lot of - now the pharmacopeia of their Russia registered about five hundred.

In - the second, a number of contraindications to use OK have

. For example, they cannot be accepted that who has a serious illness of a liver, vessels, hearts. Care in the choice of means by sick diabetes, and also applying continuous treatment at a number of chronic diseases is required (in the latter case efficiency of contraceptive tablets can decrease considerably).

to Deal with your state, to carry out if it is necessary, additional inspection will be able only the qualified specialist.

Only to the doctor in power to understand nuances of a set of contraceptive preparations, each of which has the features and specifics in application by various groups of women of childbearing age.

What to choose?

So if you with the doctor decided that after the delivery it is worth beginning or continuing use of hormonal contraceptives, then the following options are possible.


to the Feeding women suit the preparations containing only one gestagena - the hormones produced in ovaries which especially there is a lot of in the second phase of a menstrual cycle and during pregnancy. Reception should be begun after the sixth week after the delivery (we will specify that within the first 6 - 8 weeks after the delivery sexual contacts should be excluded). If it is tablets pass - saw ( of Mikrolyut , Esklyuton , etc.) they are accepted constantly, without breaks, daily on 1 piece i.e. when one packing (35 pieces) comes to an end, following begins at once. At the same time it is very important to drink a tablet at the same time.

during feeding by a breast is not recommended to use the combined oral contraceptives: they reduce amount of breast milk, reduce duration of a lactation and are capable to influence growth of the child. Therefore the COOK only after the breastfeeding termination is allowed to pass to reception. Women who do not nurse can begin to use these preparations 6 weeks later after the delivery.


to Whom need tablets?

What generalized portrait of our compatriot who is an ideal consumer of contraceptive tablets?

It is married or having regular sex with the constant partner (for casual sexual communications or for several partners there is a condom, except AIDS, there is a lot more unpleasant, time of incurable diseases, sexually transmitted) the woman of childbearing age who does not plan pregnancy in the next months. She smokes a little, and it is even better - abstains from nicotine, takes alcohol seldom and in symbolical quantities. This woman leads a healthy lifestyle not in words, and in practice. Its food is rational, balanced. It does not rush in an extreme of modern diets and food additives, eats moderately, giving preference to low-calorie products, includes fish, light meat of a bird in the diet, it is a lot of vegetables, first of all green, and fruit. Reasonably limits the use of strong coffee and tea. Such woman is, as a rule, well educated, successful at work, is responsible. She strictly adheres to the recommended schedule of reception of tablets. Our heroine cares for the beauty and health not only by means of cosmetics, but also the dosed sports loadings, and, above all - regular visits of doctors of the leading specialties for the purpose of routine inspection: for identification of the disturbing moments at the earliest stages of development of possible diseases.

you Remember the immutable rule: any illness it is easier to warn, than to treat. And the earlier she is revealed, the more effectively and quicker recovers.

you want to tell

that I want too much from the ideal woman? I assure, it is not a fruit of imagination, such women exist on open spaces of our country - and in a large number. And their army grows those who make the choice for hormonal tablets which are so easy and convenient in application and give feeling of full harmony of intimate life with darling.

If you so far for these or those motives decided to refrain from application of oral contraceptives or your doctor did not advise it to do, be not upset. Now there are also other modern means of protection from unplanned pregnancy, and each couple will be able to choose the way which is most suitable for itself.

If you hesitate whether to accept a preparation, or are firmly convinced of expediency of use OK, do not postpone visit to the doctor. The doctor will conduct necessary examination and will be able to recommend an optimum preparation in your concrete case, having told about features of its action and application.

in conclusion I want to wish

to our readers and, perhaps, to readers, wellbeing, love and health. And let on your way only competent and benevolent people in white dressing gowns always meet!