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We are a grandfather and the granddaughter why to us to quarrel...

Are possible, someone responses on the first article of this competition of Romanova Anna Evgenyevna from 4 cooled. 10. 2005 - to me, as well as article, all of them without exception were pleasant and forced to undertake the handle. I write without changes.

“Grandfather! And you have in the head only one game!“

Puppet theater: “Kolobok“ is the Hare (the Wolf, the Bear, the Fox): “Kolobok, Kolobok I will eat you!“ The address to Katya - “it is necessary to rescue Kolobok“, - “And how, the grandfather?“ “Bear apple (a pear...) also offer them fruit instead of Kolobok“. Bears animals. “And it is it is possible and is tasty?“ Katya bites off one piece, then the Wolf etc. appears. By the end of the fairy tale apple was eaten.

Room of “fear“. A key from a door a chess problem or it is necessary to read the word. The door opens, on the head the soft toy falls. Further - the movement on the invented route. Each task is preceded by the word which should be read: door, course, secret, who, water and... two mugs closed by a sheet of paper (in them juice, milk, candy, pieces of fruit or empty), it is necessary to choose and drink blindly; the pan closed by a piece of matter it is necessary to touch and define what there lies or it is poured; three chairs in a row - should be passed on them blindfold or it is possible to put by them, the underpass between legs of chairs and covered with a blanket, the rotating chair etc.

Then at us appeared the Brownie who lives under a bathroom, Chertenenok (i.e. the imp) in an air duct and water - in a toilet bowl. And what roundabout at them - the washing machine!

Then firefights from wet paper begin balls

. On a Whatman paper we draw and we paste the city in which all our friends (Carlson, Tom, Gerry, the Owl, the Baron Myunkhauzen, brothers the Wolf and Lys etc.) pasted on magnetics (are on sale such multi-colored round in shops), they begin to come to life.

“In places to stand from an anchor and the mooring to be removed!“

the Real flags of colorization, a steering wheel, a rynd, sea hours, an anchor, sails from a sheet (it is good to raise on a balcony on linen ropes). Pro-masonry tool and real sea chart. The parrot, of course, live wavy - Kesha, it is captain Flint. A mouse Gerry (granddaughter), and by the ship the captain a piracy mouse the Hiccups gives teams to the watchman to examine the horizon. The piracy ships are found (paper in a bathtub). Snore of the baron Myunkhauzen who is awoken and they on a kernel (balloon) with a match in hands sets fire to the ships of pirates. The way to the treasure island is open. Full speed. Course south, south, Vest!

to Katya 3,5 years. Movie “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer`s Stone“. An episode when there is a battle a chessboard. “The grandfather, and it that for game?“ There is in the house figured and classical chess. We learn to play houses, and in 4,3 we start going to chess club of Tigran Petrosyan (two times a week - Wednesday, Friday - for 50 minutes). The mat in one course is one of our favourite games houses. I cannot but express delight from occupations of children`s professional coaches of club - Kuchumovoy Evgeny of Nikolaevna and to Chukhrova Natalya of Nikolaevna. “The grandfather let`s play party!“ “Pawns are not nutlets!“, “What tasty figure!“... Unfortunately, since September we do not go - preparatory occupations to a pro-gymnasium - 3 times a week. It is possible on Saturdays, but we are afraid to overload. We play chess for entertainment. But we will return.

In park Sokolniki (Kuzminki). “Grandfather! It is possible I on a pony I will drive?“ And it is every time when we see a horse or a pony. For 3 years I give to the pony granddaughter - a rocking chair (as reminiscence of the wooden horse in the childhood: “IT to me?! Thanks!“ ) I count money: one circle - from 50 to 100 rubles. But it to us a little. Asks to drive more and more. I enter the Internet - the Horse-racing Bittsa complex. Individual occupations on horses (when still we grow) and a pony. Single occupation (1 hour) under the leadership of the trainer - 330 rubles + we send 30 rubles (the prices specified operating). The first trainer Nina Evgenyevna, the first kind old woman - Jude`s pony, then Flint, the Brawler. We go 1 - 2 time a month. We sit confidently in a saddle. The form was not bought yet. A company helmet - within 3000 rubles. And a complete set for the child - within 400 euros.

Every year - the Crimea, Balaklava. Sea. In 3,6 brought into the pool, goes with pleasure. Refused flatly to go to a splash pool. Only in big. Executes command of the trainer, falls on a ladder and is afraid to get into the water further. Sharp dissatisfied criticism of the trainer: yes she at you is afraid of water! To Bor the granddaughter on hands. The only thing that I can achieve, - holding my hands, we fall and rise several times from water. Does not want to leave too. Also there is a wish and it is pricked. We go home - we endure everything from - for the failure which comprehended us. Does not want to go to a splash pool, in big - one it is terrible. Again search on the Internet. Club of scuba diving “Betta“. I call the head and I discuss an opportunity to swim in the big pool together with the granddaughter. It is possible! I call the granddaughter: “Grandfather! As fine you thought up!!!“ Pokrovsky Vladimir Romanovich is the first swimming coach. We swim in flippers and floats. Literally through 2 - 3 occupations independently removes floats. Now in water for 2 hours. Mask, tube, flippers. Occupations - once a week Sunday, cost are 100 rubles an hour + equipment cost. To pleasure of the granddaughter - in the new garden No. 1342 “Sun“ on Fridays - the pool. Classical training in swimming!

I besides does not do without game: both in the pool and at the sea. This year floated with the real dolphin in the Alushtinsky dolphinarium.

In the past... the Granddaughter “The black prince“ with jewelry told
a legend about the flooded English frigate. In advance prepared 10 “gold“ (copper) and 10 “silver“ coins (aluminum), a clay vessel in the form of a jug with two handles. The gold beach near Balaklava, the granddaughter leaves water, gloss of a “gold“ coin on sand!!!“ Woman!!! Woman!! Look!!! I found jewelry from “The black prince!!!“

... After a while the beach is chained to a find, children who are more courageous approach the place where the coin is found..., excavation is begun, the granddaughter with all digs over sand. Suddenly... it is enough the first suddenly arisen silver coin: “Woman!!!! Coin!!!“ Next day we find in the bay “Batiliman“ under water a jug with jewelry and we rescue Mutely with the friends who snared a black Shark.

this year changed a garden. Comparison with old does not descend from the child`s lips.

kindergarten No. 1342 “Sun“ (the director - Malinina Valentina Nikolaevna) needs to be spoken to

of Missile defense separately. It is a separate subject. And the main thing to the child is pleasant to me, it is surrounded by careful and attentive tutors and nurses!

the Favourite tutor of the granddaughter - the head of Luchik studio Svetlana Vladimirovna. “Grandfather! It so is pleasant to me!“ It seemed to us that the granddaughter has neither voice, nor hearing. It was for me the tragedy. I do not sing, I do not dance and I do not play one instrument. In memory as me, the third-grader, drove out from school chorus and as the grandmother abused that I cannot dance under music. And - cut off! When at the beginning of this year the granddaughter told that she wants to play the piano, I dragged her in conservatory of Tchaikovsky in search of the teacher. Found. But the grandmother, the father and mother sharply - a piano in the house not to be! There is no place. And the companion free of charge offered - take. After the first phone conversation Svetlana Vladimirovna pleasantly surprised me with VERA in the child: abilities are!!! Learns to play the child the piano!!! There is a voice!!! And on preparatory to pro-gymnasiums there is a block - a flute! In total at the professional level!

Fine art studio... Went year. Once a week. On a wall of 10 of its figures 30õ40. The great teacher with whom only the father and mother, however, communicated (I physically could not).

Voronova Galina Nikolaevna delivered to

In Luzhniki Katya in 3 years on skates. We ride a skating rink near the house. Bought skates, we play hockey, we play Tom and Gerry.

Theatre since 1,5 years. 1 - 2 performances a month. Spoke to us - early. We: it will not be pleasant - we will get up and we will leave. Mother of the granddaughter - me: “For the granddaughter theater not a holiday, it is necessary to drive less often. She tells nothing to me“. And we go to the performances “Kolobok Vanyusha and Lush`s Aunt“, “On Pike Command“, “Cat`s House“, “Prince and Beggar“ (but it was my search, interestingly, but early). Ballet and opera. On the opera I was for the first time thanks to the granddaughter. We come back from Operetta theater (“Treasures of the captain Flint“), the poster of the Bolshoi Theatre - the opera “Golden Cockerel“. “Let`s go!“ Went “. The grandfather we will go still, well?“

I want to explain

At once: the prince and the beggar, the leader red-skinned and many other characters appear at us so.

For New Year`s vacation were near Murom. On the way (t. h and across Moscow) there is a game. I tell the granddaughter of history or we sound them, for example:

the Brother Volk , it is sad: “Well at us and the wood...“
Brother of Lys : “And than it our wood is not pleasant to you?“
Brother Volk : “Yes any fat Krolik who can be eaten is not in our wood!“
Brother of Lys : “How it is not present? And brother Krolik?“
Brother Volk : “So it cannot be eaten!“
Brother of Lys : “How it is impossible? Krolik, and fat!!!“
Brother Volk : “So same our friend, and friends is it is impossible!“

And so when already I finished writing and children`s fairy tales, I began the granddaughter to retell my favourite books of the childhood about Prinze and the Beggar, the Leader Krasnokozhikh, Thomas and Gek Fynn. Returned, in my opinion, on January 9, and in theater on Kuzminki - the performance “Leader of Red-skinned“. Magnificent statement. I recommend. In a week we go on “Leader“ to musical theater of T. Sats, then I buy the movie and the book (read only fragments - hard). The child has comparisons and questions: and why both performances and the movie are differently put that was pleasant more...

New year. We put traditions - every year, as a rule, in the evening on January 1 (all have a rest from a meeting and it is rather empty on roads), we go to watch the Moscow fir-trees. In the summer - the Kolomna parks, Kuzminki, Arkhangelsk, Tsaritsyno, the Kremlin.

So, to us already soon 5 and a half years - a time of adoption of strategic decisions. A choice of a pro-gymnasium is made. We make plans for the next 3 - 5 years. But whether everything that is conceived is correct? It is pleasant to me that the granddaughter is interested and does everything in pleasure now. And we missed something (we confuse a breakfast, a lunch and a dinner) - I hope, it “will clean“ kindergarten.

was taken The other day by day off and went to Patriarchal ponds to play at a playground and to ride on a plastic pipe. Though it is rather far, but the granddaughter chose a pipe (probably, reminiscence of an aquapark in Alushta) when came back after the performance “Ognivo“ from theater on Small Bronna. “Grandfather! Let`s construct a lodge in the room and we will play the father and mother?“ “Give“.

How I am eager to keep

knowledge where that side not to crack the child? We go to kindergarten. “The grandfather, and that it at the lorry between wheels?“ I explain how the movement from the engine is transferred to back wheels of the car. I throw the phrase in the evening: “Well, the granddaughter, we will go to driving school?“ - “You know, the grandfather, I will not sustain it any more“. And in the morning on the way to a garden: “The grandfather, and you promised to bring together me in the museum of astronautics!“

A year ago her father and mother told me that I deprive the granddaughter of the childhood . And unless the childhood is only games in a sandbox?

A I dream to execute dream of the granddaughter - to drive on an elephant and to keep the promise to show it in 7 years Rome, Paris and London...