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“Purity sessions“. Care of the baby of

the Daily toilet of the baby can raise day after day many questions at young mother. How to clean a nose? Whether harmfully to every time to use soap? How it is correct to hold the kid when bathing? And what to do that the baby with pleasure accepted these procedures?

the Morning toilet

Daily hygienic procedures from the earliest age help the child to adapt quicker to new living conditions, protect it from infections and create feeling of comfort.

Every day before the first or second feeding you carry out by

a morning toilet of the child: washing, care of eyes, ears, nose, natural folds of a body. Though the schedule of daily procedures it is possible to make the - the main thing that the basic rules were followed, and to you and your kid it was convenient.

Morning procedures are usually carried out on a pelenalny little table. All necessary objects of leaving have to be near not to distract for a minute and not to leave the kid alone. to you it will be necessary for

For hygienic procedures of p:

of the Baby is stacked on the pelenalny little table laid by a pure diaper. The child can be undressed if in the room rather warmly (22 - 24 ° C), as air bathtubs are the fine tempering procedure, emergence of an intertrigo is interfered, by potnitsa. If in the room it is cool, it is necessary to undress the child gradually, as required for carrying out procedures.

of an Eye . Washing is begun with processing of eyes. With the wadded tampon moistened in warm boiled water or brewing tea of room temperature (without aromatic additives), wipe one eye in the direction from an ear to a nose. Replace a wadded tampon and in the same way process the second eye. For processing of each eye use of separate wadded tampons is obligatory. It prevents possible transfer of an infection. If the child had allocations from eyes, it is better to carry out washing by the wadded tampons moistened in Furacilin solution (to dissolve 1 tablet in 250 ml of boiled water) or camomile broth (to fill in 2 - 3 tablespoons of a camomile with boiled water and to insist 20 - 30 min. on a water bath, to filter). It is necessary to consult by all means at the children`s doctor concerning allocations from eyes, perhaps, purpose of eye drops or other treatment is required.

Nose . The baby has very narrow nasal courses, in them can settle small motes, at plentiful vomiting - to get milk droplets. The baby is not able to blow nose, at the same time the difficulty of nasal breath leads to concern of the child. Processing of the nasal courses is made by the twisted wadded zhgutika moistened in children`s cosmetic oil. Oil softens crusts, and rotary motions zhgutiky help to take these crusts from the nasal courses. For removal of crusts from a nose after “oil“ it is possible to use dry wadded zhgutik. Q-tips for processing of a nose, and also ears of the newborn baby are not recommended to be used as skin and mucous membranes at the child very thin, gentle and easily vulnerable.

Ears . That water did not get to acoustical pass, ears of the kid wipe with the damp, well wrung out napkin. Surely it is necessary to examine skin behind ears is a frequent place of emergence of an intertrigo 1 . Nurseries need to oil skin behind ears. External acoustical pass, as well as the nasal courses, process wadded zhgutika, but not sticks. It is necessary to do it very accurately, it is not necessary to seek to process acoustical passes as it is possible more deeply as newborns have them wide and short, the eardrum is rather close, and skin of acoustical passes thin and gentle therefore the careless movement it is easy to injure an ear.

of Companies . The mouth of special leaving does not demand from the healthy baby, however during morning procedures it needs to be examined. For this purpose it is necessary to press slightly a finger a chin of the kid. Mucous membrane of a mouth of the healthy child pure, damp, pink color. The most frequent pathology, affecting mucous membranes, the milkwoman - a fungal disease is. It is shown by emergence on mucous a white curdled raid. For treatment of the milkwoman at the baby it is possible to process a mouth the wadded tampon moistened in 2% solution of soda (1 teaspoon on a glass of boiled water) each 2 - 3 hours before feeding, but consultation of the treating pediatrician is anyway obligatory.

Skin . At babies very gentle, sensitive skin, sweat glands are underdeveloped. Therefore leaving is required careful and careful. Especially close attention is required by natural folds - places of the most frequent emergence of an intertrigo. These are inguinal folds, axillary hollows, area of a crotch, a neck of the kid, area behind ears, palms, elbow and popliteal bends, a mezhjyagodichny fold, interdigital intervals. In cases of strong irritation or inflammatory process on skin it is necessary to see a children`s doctor.

Prevention of emergence of an intertrigo is timely change of wet diapers or diapers (diapers change at least 8 times a day, and also after a chair), and also careful clarification of skin from a calla and urine, the correct selection of clothes, processing of natural folds children`s oil.

Overheating for kids is also undesirable to

, as well as overcooling. At small children in connection with the increased sweating and high sensitivity of skin, the potnitsa - the melkopyatnisty itching rash easily develops. Natural folds at perspiration should be processed children`s powder (talc). It must be kept in mind that talc is applied only without oil and children`s cream. At first talc is filled on a hand, and already then applied on a body of the child and distributed on skin. The best means from a potnitsa - air bathtubs, however it is impossible to leave the child under direct sunshine and on draft. And to avoid a potnichka in the future, it is necessary to refuse an excessive ukutyvaniye of the kid and to dress it according to weather.


needs to be Washed away the kid after each chair. After an urination it is enough to use wet children`s hygienic towel wipes. It is recommended to wash away flowing water in front back, to an anal opening not to bring an infection in an urethra. At girls it is important to wash out all folds, at boys - carefully to wash a scrotum and a penis. For washing yagodichek it is possible to use children`s soap, children`s gel or body foam, but not every time as at very frequent use of these means protective fatty greasing is washed away. Children`s cream or oil will prevent irritation and dryness of skin. Newborn girls in the first days can have mucous or bloody allocations from a genital tract. It is so-called sexual crisis - reaction to sex hormones of mother. At this time the girl it is necessary to wash away several times a day, in addition to obligatory podmyvaniye after a chair.


is better to Bathe the kid in the evening, before the last feeding, but it is possible to postpone bathing and to other time convenient for mother and the kid. The children`s tray before procedure needs to be washed and rinsed with boiled water. The diaper or a special rug is put on a bottom, it is possible to hang up in a tray a special gamachok for maintenance of the baby during bathing. In the first weeks it is possible to add potassium permanganate solution to water (to poorly - pink color of water). The broths of herbs which are widely used earlier recommend to apply now with care since cases of skin allergic reactions are frequent.

Water temperature - 36,5 - 37,5 ° With, it is controlled the special water thermometer. In the room where there is a bathing, there should not be drafts, and air temperature should not fall lower than 20 - 22 ° C. Water level has to reach a breast of the kid placed in a bathtub. Necessary accessories: a special sponge for washing of the child, a jug or a bucket with water for rinsing (it can be on 1 ° With below, than water temperature in a bathroom). It is necessary to prepare a towel to wrap the child after bathing. Detergents can be used not more often than once a week.

When lowering the kid in water his head lies on an elbow bend of the left hand which the adult holds the child by a shoulder. The right hand soap a head and a little body of the baby, carefully washing out all folds: under a chin, a neck, behind ears, inguinal folds, elbow and popliteal bends, genitals, palms (small children usually squeeze handles in cams), between yagodichka, between fingers standing and hands. After this child take out from a bathtub and, having turned a back, pour the prepared water from a bucket. Dry the kid a soft towel or a diaper, making the careful promakivayushchy movements. Then oil skin folds to nurseries and wrap the child in a flannelette diaper. Bathing is complete. Now, having a little had a rest, it is possible to start feeding. All procedure of bathing lasts about 5 - 7 minutes.

Care of hair

In spite of the fact that some kids have a hair very little, care of them is necessary. It is necessary to wash the child`s head with the special sparing children`s shampoos with a neutral rn which do not have the irritating and drying effect on skin of the baby. Herbs make positive impact on head skin and the child`s hair (the camomile, a sage, a calendula possess anti-inflammatory action, the nettle and a root of a burdock strengthen roots of hair), however it is necessary to use them carefully: some herbs can cause an allergy in the kid. A long and thick hair needs to be combed a rare comb from natural materials: wooden or bone. If hair split or the long bang climbs in eyes, they should be cut.

In the first months of life kids on hairy part of the head can have a seboreyny dermatitis (a dairy crust, or gneiss). Its possible reason allergic reaction, most often - on protein of cow`s milk is considered. In this case besides an exception of a diet of allergogenny products it is recommended several hours prior to bathing to oil head skin vegetable, and after washing to comb out the softened crusts a fine-tooth comb on which cotton wool is combed (after procedure it is removed from a comb together with crusts).

Often found partial baldness (usually on a nape) can have several reasons:

  1. not changing position of the child in a bed - in such cases is recommended to turn the kid periodically;
  2. the hypererethism connected with defeat of nervous system;
  3. at the age of 3 - 4 months - rickets, a fungal or bacterial (pustulous) infection;
  4. hormonal problems.
should show

In all cases of the child to the pediatrician.

the Hairstyle of nails

the Marigold at the newborn reaches finger-tips, very sharp and quickly enough grows. That the kid did not scratch himself or mother, it is necessary to shear them. The easiest to execute this procedure when the child sleeps. It is possible to use tiny children`s tweezers or safe children`s scissors with the rounded-off ends. Not to touch a gentle thin skin, it is necessary to wring out small pillows of fingers during a hairstyle. Nails standing cut 1 time in 1 - 1,5 weeks. Places of the most frequent formation of agnails in corners of a nail bed can be greased with brilliant green for infection prevention.

It is important that care of the baby did not turn into mechanical performance of a number of actions. If mother communicates with the kid, to smile to him, to tell about that as for what she is going to do, he will carry out all procedures very willingly, perceiving them as game as fine and fascinating occupation: mother nearby, her voice and a smile calm therefore everything will be good!