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To the sea on a runway or on the South by car

I Will tell at once: the thought to go with children to have a rest to “our“ South never came to my mind. And suddenly my friend declared search of the company for a trip on the dacha... to the Black Sea, to the settlement Aga that in 10 km from Tuapse. Having thought a little that in principle our dacha at which we live all summer, almost differs in nothing from offered agoysky, we decided to go. The next portion of reflections led to the decision to drive the car.

So, we are I, my husband Sergey (15 years of a driver`s experience), the son Stepan (8,5 years) and the daughter Lida (2,5 years). Our car - the small jeep of Suzuki - the Escudo which all of us very much love and are ready to spend in it days without a break, especially children. Trip time on August 13 - 28, 2005. Our way - Cheboksary - Aga - Cheboksary - we decided to do along different routes. There: 1939 km - through Volgograd where we never were: Cheboksary - Saransk - Penza - Saratov - Volgograd - Salsk - Krasnodar - Dzhubga - Aga. Back: 1817 km - with maximum “occupation“ of the route M4: Aga - Dzhubga - Krasnodar - Rostov - the Kalatch - Balashov - Arkadak - Penza - Saransk - Cheboksary. Running forward, I will tell, the way back was pleasant much less. The route M4 of a ponapikhan posts of traffic police, behind each bush the GAI officer, an interval Krasnodar - Rostov - two-way, huge traffic jams, any decent cafe, Arkadak Road - Penza could not be worse. Would go through Salsk and Volgograd better again. But it next time. For now...


In the car the GPS system thanks to which we easily were guided worked for us and, thanks to it, few times went on... to the field roads (even not to primers) noted in the atlas at all not by the thinnest lines. It is good that we have a jeep - these surprises did not become unpleasant but only added extreme memoirs. Without other adventures the way in 1000 with small km to Volgograd was passed in 14 hours with two stops, having had dinner in one of numerous cozy roadside cafes about Saratov.


In Volgograd we decided to spend by

the whole day therefore in advance on the Internet found several hotels and by phone reserved a triple room in Kaskad hotel - 690r per day. The excellent house-keeper - option: the main thing - is pure, silent, hot water, a shower, the refrigerator, the TV, and from a window is visible Volga! Having slept, went to excursions. First of all on Mamayev Kurgan . To tell about the memorial there is no sense, and feelings cannot be transferred. There is only a wish to tell that at least once surely it is worth visiting life there. All of us examined, kept silent, put candles in Church of All Saints that at barrow top. Very much it was pleasant to Stepan (by and large, for the sake of him and went here), he filled up us with questions, and here we found out that we lack school knowledge of history to answer even the most elementary. And then we decided to go to the Museum - a panorama of the Battle of Stalingrad that on the embankment. Especially as at midday the thirty-five-degree heat from which it was necessary to disappear set in.

the Museum surpassed by

all our expectations. Instead of a boring set of historical papers and stands before our eyes “live“ cards, schemes, documents, models, regimentals, the weapon, etc. appeared. We rose under the dome where artists restored a fight panorama, and the guide in brief very interestingly told about those events and heroes. Is more effective than any lesson of history. Not only to Stepan, but also with Sergey very much it was pleasant to us. We expected to spend a couple of hours there, but did not notice how all four flew by. In the museum there were many families with children that made pleasant impression: our children have a patriotism and desire to know history. About the museum the military equipment where children with pleasure took a walk - polazil is exposed. Stepan learned a lot of new and in a different way began to treat war. After the museum we went to excellent children`s park, opposite to circus where spent the rest of day. And bathed in Volga about hotel in the evening. Volgograd was pleasant to us - green, quite pure, quiet, with children it is possible to have a good time there. Next day at 7 in the morning we left and in 20 - 00 were on the place.


the Settlement Aga the latest in front of Tuapse if to go from Dzhubga. On the Internet and in tourist circles it is not really known (and it is very good, and I will not advertize, in hope that it will remain silent, cozy and inexpensive). By means of the girlfriend we rented the dacha with two rooms (on two beds in everyone), kitchen, a plate and the refrigerator in the excellent quiet country place on the mountain for... 300 rubles a day. That minus that is far from the sea (about 1 km) was big plus in the form of fresh air and silence (as along the sea there passes the route), the saved money (about the sea such dachas handed over on 600 - 800) and as we were by car - in general any minus, one pluses. Besides, we were closer to a civilization in the form of shops, a hairdressing salon, pizzas - bar, a playground and to restaurant “Cossack farm“ which we chose. The restaurant is a big territory under the open sky on a mountain slope where as a fencing - the real wattle fence, and little tables - in the open stylized arbors and huts between which there are sculptures of Cossacks, different elements of the Cossack settlement: mill, well, the carriage, huge copper on chains, in the same style the massive wooden teeter, hills. In the evening on the farm the Cossack ensemble with the Cossack songs walks. The excellent place of family rest during a day heat or in the evening after a decline. Slightly further on the farm there is a night disco.

Dostoprimechatelnost Agoya

- airfield on which runway our way on the beach lay. Unless not romanticism - to the sea on a runway? In airfield of the boy (Stepan and seven-year-old twins of my friend) examined the real helicopters and planes, and from it motor-hang-gliders fly, but we did not decide to do some flying.

the Agoysky beach is formed in the mouth of the river by Aga who unlike small rivers in other settlements, flows on the natural beautiful stony course. In August after two months without rains the small river shoaled and flew a stream in meter width, but the course of meters in twenty, with impressive traces of former mountain streams. Once we passed along it and observed how some vacationers not only had a shower bath cold mountain water, but also were covered with white coastal dirt. The beach Agoya is remarkable the fact that it is not cultivated, i.e. from the sea views of the natural coast, but not results of a human civilization open. In the central part of the beach - another couple of cozy cafes, hire of catamarans, couple of hills and still some entertainments on water. Boys few times slid from a hill directly in the sea - rough delight, and dived into the rest of the time with a mask, looked for “treasures“, swam - played with a set of inflatable accessories which in huge assortment are on sale on approaches to the beach. We bought Lida the inflatable pool so a problem to pull out it from the sea was solved successfully. And the problem arose unexpectedly: to our amazement Lida not only came into the sea, but also swam so safely as though only all life was engaged in it. To our surprise both the beach, and the sea were pure so bathing - diving gave huge pleasure. The seabed can be made out even without mask, it is very beautiful.

From the beach went to one o`clock in the afternoon when the heat, even under an umbrella, became intolerable. Had dinner right there, on the beach in small cafe with home cuisine where there were both noodles, and buckwheat, and cutlets so problems to feed children was not. And appetite at them suddenly woke up incredible. The lunch on four cost 300 - 500 rubles depending on our appetite, the cost of one dish of 50 - 90 rub. It is a little about the prices. Near the beach - the market where we bought grapes (50r/kg), peaches (50 - 60), melons (15), water-melons (6) - it is expensive. We did not guess to buy more fruit on the way to the South, in Krasnodar Krai, (there is twice cheaper) that was enough at least on the first few days. Right there sell barrel wine of 80 - 100 rub/litas rub. Well and of course, full - it is full of any inexpensive miscellanea, I, for example, bought a bathing suit for 300 rub and a beach bag for 150.

generally, the sea equaled all our hopes, holiday began so fine, and we did not suspect that it only the beginning of our impressions. We spent four days on the beach, sunbathed, were bought, in the evenings walked on vicinities, tried a local cuisine, and spent one evening to Tuapse.

of Tuapse

About Tuapse I since the childhood had impression of “the big village“. Oh, as I was glad, having seen the city another. The small, pure, green cozy resort town - it now my impression. We arrived to the embankment, parked the car and went for a walk. In port they contemplated the small ships and boats, it is a pity - it was impossible to approach them close. Found a stone with a memorable plate to the crew of a torpedo boat “Kerch“ which performed a task B. And. Lenina about flooding of the Black Sea squadron and flooded this torpedo boat in June, 1918. I never heard about such fact and was surprised its strangenesses. Then we came to children`s park, in the same place, on the embankment where children rode long enough on attractions overlooking the sea. Wanted to have supper by the ship - restaurant, but then changed the mind and went to park nearby with a swing - hills for the smallest. Lida rode them - climbed, boys ran around perimeter of the intricate pool, and we ate tasty different ice cream and drank cocktails. Were very satisfied. On the way back stopped by in a supermarket “Pyaterochka“ and became happier since such prices I did not see already long ago, for example, one and a half liters of mineral water - 7 rub, juice Golden - a premium of 25 rub/litre, coffee of “Noir Cards“ of 290 rub / 200 g of rub. For comparison: in little shops on the beach we bought a minvoda and juice twice more expensive. We bought stuff and did not go to shops more. Here and one more advantage of the car on vacation. But the most important advantage is an opportunity to travel! We bought the guide to the Black Sea coast, and began...

33 - meter falls and dolmens

For the first time we decided to move forward nearby, on the highest falls of Tuapsinsky District which are approximately in 10 km from Tuapse (the direction to Maykop) about the settlement “Country“. By means of locals learned the road, moved the narrow tunnel under the railroad further - along the dried-up course. But, to our disappointment when we drove up to the territory of the reserve, the fellow - the attendant told that the falls dried up. But all of us equally decided to go to look and were not disappointed. The course of a stream “State“ very narrow, and coast - very tall. A little frightening. From a stone on a stone, from the bridge on the bridge - and we reached the place of break from where the falls in more rainy times fall. The place wildish and very beautiful, mysterious, silent - anybody around... Boys right there began to play Vikings, knights and dinosaurs.

On the way back we came to the dolmens which are settling down on the mountain near the settlement “Suburban“ in 6 km from Tuapse. I saw this miracle of ancient culture for the first time. Impresses. Does not go in as they could be constructed, why; all the rest too - a riddle. For example, why the opening of a dolmen is always directed to the huge stone located on a sufficient distance. Somewhere I read that there are not less than 78 versions of an origin and sense of these mysterious constructions. One of the most ridiculous: dolmens are no other than cans where ancient people stored a certain meat not to drag it with themselves down from mountains; or such: dolmens are big accumulators by means of which giperboreyets tried to win against Atlases. But all agree in opinion that about dolmens the unusual electromagnetic field and people about them feel different feelings, and not the most pleasant. But it not about us. We were such happy - saw and touched one more riddle of our planet. Made wishes at Scala of Desires: what - a secret, but I am sure, they by all means will come true.

the Valley of Ashe River, the Shapsug and Psydakh falls

We were so intrigued with

, without having seen falls that we decided to visit by all means most that on is, the operating falls next day. Went to the valley of Ashe River - about 30 km from Tuapse towards Sochi, turn on the left to the settlement of Shkhafit. By the way, in the settlement the fine playground where children gamboled was found. After the settlement to our looks the wonderful picture opened, not for nothing this district is called “The valley of secrets, legends and falls“. Having passed about 10 km along the most beautiful bed of the river, we appeared before entrance on the territory of the reserve. Long we tried to find out whether we will be able to pass further by the car, as a result decided not to risk. The drivers of cars fussing nearby GAS - 66 jacked up the price of 500 rub from a family that it seemed to us expensively - to falls there were 5 km. We started on on a way on foot, the first that we should - pass the long hinged bridge through the river - with the two-year-old child a difficult task. Soon after crossing of the bridge the driver passing by excursion GAS - Ik “took pity“ on us and “picked up“ for what to it many thanks, and the mountain of damnations on the head of that strange grandfather who advised us to walk ahead of us not one ford about meter depth waited. For our “rescue“ we gave 200 rub (100 - to the driver and 100 - to the guide).

Yes, driving on an open bortovik with a huge speed directly on the stony bed of the mountain river, “on a belt“ in water - extreme pleasure for people, but for cars - the real test. To subject the car to it the hand will not be raised, and we once again approved the decision to leave our car on the parking. At first we were brought to the Shapsug falls - it is rather not falls, but the cascade of falls to see everything, it is necessary to climb from each platform - level an abrupt twisting ladder highly up - not each tourist reaches to the very top. But we reached. Also were rewarded by the show taking the breath away: from above from huge height water flows, proceeds about legs and falls right there down. Down to look horribly, but it is interesting! The second Psydakh falls - absolutely another. It turned in the rock a semicircular niche - a trench which after several turns comes to an end with a step plumb.

After falls us was brought back to the bridge, and we moved to a cave “Gin - Un“, known in the people as a cave of “Rescue“. The cave is filled with water therefore to get to it, it is necessary to put on gumboots which give out before an entrance together with small lamps (in a cave darkly and cold). We paid for tour by the boat and after passed meters 15 in a cave, seated us in the rubber boat and carried further - all in a cave it is possible to promote on 33 meters. The woman - the guide told us a legend of this cave, showed interesting places, stalagmites, stalactites and other cave knowledge. The cave is small, narrow, low, a little frightening, but it is so much delight!

we felt by

After a cave feeling of hunger at once and went to have dinner to one of the numerous cafes offering dishes of the Adygei cuisine. Little tables of cafe settle down directly on the street in the wooden, twined greens arbors, in the territory - the pool with a trout and fountains. Vkusnyushchy Adygei medicines were instantly eaten. Captivated by beauty of Ashe River we could not leave this magic place for a long time. Expenses: tickets for falls of adult 30 rub, children`s 10 rub, in a cave by the boat of adult 100 rub, children`s 50. Lida walked free of charge everywhere.

Svirskoe gorge

After visit of the valley of Ashe River our curiosity to the nature of the Caucasus only amplified. And we went to the suburb of the settlement of Lazarevskoye, to Svirskoe gorge. By car it is possible to drive up directly to the beginning of a tourist route. Route such: White rock, Svirsky falls, dolmen “Glory“, Adam and Eve falls, Moonstone, Mother-in-law`s Tears falls. Total length 3,5 km. Adult ticket of 25 rub, children`s 10 rub. Generally the track of a route passes directly across the mountain, in the dense wood that gives to walk mystery and fabulousness. From time to time it seemed to me that the wood indeed as from the fairy tale: there the Wood goblin, and there - a hut on chicken legs for certain hides. We did not reach the most distant falls, and here in Svirsky falls Stepan bathed. And I would bathe and did not take a bathing suit. Water warm, very pleasant, the falls are surprisingly beautiful. Reached a dolmen, then a moonstone - all as in the fairy tale. The Mother-in-law`s Tears falls during so wide more rainy season - wide (we on the prospectus saw), but to our look it appeared very much - very shallow, and we were glad for all mothers-in-law at once. Mystery to our walk was added by twilight, we noticed what began to darken when to an exit from the gorge there were 2 km. Darkened so quickly that gradually our measured step turned into very sports. In the coming darkness it was necessary to go in dark mountain tracks, to get over on stones through a stream, to pass very narrow bridges over breaks so our travel began to remind the Fear Factor program. From the gorge we ran out in complete darkness with enthusiastic shouts “Hurrah!“ . And ahead - not less fascinating trip around the night mountain road back, to Agoya. Feelings are unforgettable.

Mamedovo gorge

I after Svirskoe gorge we did not calm down: The Caucasus attracted us the secrets, and following already waited for us after the index “Mamedovo gorge“ that it is established on the route Tuapse - Sochi between Ashe and Lazarevskoye. Having passed couple of kilometers after turn, we saw the index “The house of tea“ and decided to reach to it - it appeared at the top of the mountain. The interior of the house is very curious: here both benches, and penechka, and scrappy cloths, and ancient buffets with a set of the most different teapots, cups and glasses. Walls are painted with tea plots. It is possible to watch video with stories about the Krasnodar tea. I for the first time learned how yellow, red and black teas from green turn out. Right there we also tried them - compared. Tasty - about - about - about!!! This tea, so tea. Bought home the green tea which is grown up and touched manually. Everything is good, but the prices! Three cups of tea with pancakes and cornel jam - 380 rub, 100gr green tea - 500 rub. An exclusive whether you understand.

Loaded with cheerfulness of the Krasnodar tea, went to Mamedovo gorge. As well as to Svirskom, the adult ticket of 25 rub, children`s - 10. Route: stone blockage, barrows, falls “Mamed`s Moustaches“, “Mamed`s Head“, falls of Love and Happiness. Stepa and Lida threw pebbles into a bowl of falls of Happiness. Big fans of stones and water, they in these campaigns felt such pleasure! Did not begin to bathe in these falls, water was very cold - we and without it favourite and happy. Very narrow gorge - the bed of the mountain small river was the most interesting here. Height of coast in some places reaches 30 m. Impresses “The white hall“ - very tall white - the white rocks from above twined an ivy. In one place of the coast meet, forming a grotto. And as it was interesting to children to hide in a rocky crack! This place reminded me Butusov`s song:

Having left from the main territory, we found the index on a dolmen, on the way to which we incidentally found excellent small cafe in the wood on the bank of the raging mountain small river. While prepared for us a shish kebab and vegetables on a brazier, men went to a dolmen, and we with Lida sat on a huge stone in the middle of the small river, having turned the eyes towards mountains, and enjoyed types of the marvelous nature. The most striking beauty. Velvet music from “A romantic collection“ added emotions. It seemed to me that I got to Heaven. In the same paradise we with great pleasure ate dishes of Caucasian cuisine, long sat at a little table, children watched a trout in the pool and ran on a verandah of a bath which costs on the bank of the small river (it was possible to take a steam bath in it). We did not manage to finish very tasty nourishing dinner (to our surprise, only 500 rub) as the rain went! Warm, tender, - and we did not even begin to hide from it. Here it, romanticism - to sit - to stand - to run about in the rain on the bank of the wild river!

was reached to Lazarevskoye So far, the rain cleared up outright - cars went on half-wheels in water, visibility almost zero. There now we and heavy rain in mountains saw. Decided to go further, the rain will not come to an end yet. Reached to Adler. Krasnaya Polyana was our purpose.

Krasnaya Polyana

At first we wanted to spend the night in Adler as it was already dark, and the road to Krasnaya Polyana, as we know, very dangerous, it and is called “skalnik“. But to our surprise, in the private sector of “aunt“ refused to lodge us (as for only one night) even for 1000 rub. And in hotel where there were empty seats, the usual double room cost 1490. Besides, Adler seemed to us very noisy - across the city there passes the railroad, and with frequency 15 - 30 minutes on it there pass trains with whistle - a rumble - a roar moreover in tourist part music - fun at full speed roars. And we wanted silence and rest. Thanks to the girl - to the seller which we addressed for council in small little shop. “Go to Krasnaya Polyana, the most dangerous site - “skalnik“ closed, opened a new tunnel two days ago, Putin came to opening, you unless did not hear? There are a lot of hotels, also pass, and private, you will not be left without lodging for the night“ - she chirped. Yes such girls are well! Thanks to it we in 20 minutes rushed on a new tunnel, and in 40 minutes accommodated in a smart junior suite of Tatyana hotel for 1500 rub (with a breakfast on four). Before going to bed even watched TV, on ORT there were series which action happened on... To Krasnaya Polyana (truth in the winter).“ Tomorrow we here on this elevator will go to the mountain“ - we pointed a finger to children in the TV, and all of them could not believe in it in any way.

Having arrived to a ropeway at half past nine of morning, we saw two huge empty parkings, and, one of them paid, and could not understand in what a trick and whether there we, in general, arrived. It appeared - there, only early enough: the road begins to work at 10:00. We bought tickets (600 rub the adult, 300 - children`s, Lida free of charge) and studied information which said that rise on the highest top Aibga (2238 m) is carried out in 4 stages - 4 different sites are expensive, between them - observation decks, cafe and so forth. In one party without interruption rise takes 1 hour. Elevator seats - usual wooden “stools“, mother expensive, I as saw, thought that with Lida to rise is unreal. But Lida unperturbably demanded:“ I want on a swing “. To my pleasure she sat on my knees quietly, strong kept and even all road sang songs (the people going towards ukhakhatyvatsya - a pier, here some adults go, having seized seats, having hardened for fear, - and the little little girl waves legs and sings songs). By the way, so it was pleasant to it that still sometimes “demands“ to drive on “that big swing“.

On the top the platform small, and views of mountains open mentally ill people. Slightly nearby it is visible, - snow lies. And the air temperature of degrees 12 (below 35) though, the sun very strong - it is possible to burn and freeze at the same time. Surprisingly, huh? generally, mountains... From frontier with Georgia only the corresponding plate is established and the grid so, it was possible to cross it one careless step and without participation of customs officers is tense. Types are astounding. Here we also visited above clouds, touched them. For Stepan it was the real opening. Still he very much wanted to fly down on a paraplane (with the instructor, 3000 rub) but we left this pleasure on the following time. So surely there still we will return! Made many beautiful photos, sometimes it seems - installation, is so unreal we look against “mountain classics“. Yes, nearly forgot - on one of intermediate platforms about cafe the display “Amused us here the President of Russia had dinner“. In as! In a toilet of the similar plate it was not found :).

Big opening waited for us on descent: from above we saw 300 - meter turn on the elevator, and both huge parking and even regions of nearby roads were overflowed with cars. Oops! What we are good fellows that arrived to opening. Below we have dinner in the cafe which was located on the bridge through the mountain small river. This time the lunch consisted of dishes of Georgian cuisine and cost habitual 500 rub. Having supported, went to Sochi. On the road came around on a mineral source of “Chvizhepse“, drank waters and with themselves took.

Mount Akhun

One of the main sights of Sochi - Mount Akhun consisting of several tops, the highest - Big Akhun (663 m). If to go from Sochi, then, without reaching Khosta, turn on the left, and further - the eleven-kilometer mountain serpentine, the steep slope including 4 turns by 180 degrees. When we rose upward, even from the car began to smell “fried“ - yes, abruptly, so abruptly. At the top, as usual, several lovely small restaurants surrounded with wooden figures of fairy tale characters. Here both seven gnomes, and the old man with a goldfish, and a bear with a honey keg. But the most important - a thirty-meter white tower. It was built in 1936 on the project of the architect Vorobyyov by request of Stalin and as we were told by the guide (we “were pasted“ to one excursion), is the best observation deck in Sochi. It is simple to be convinced of it. From the top platform of a tower the panorama at the sea, on the Caucasian ridge, on the coast from Dagomys to Abkhazia opens. Sochi - clearly. Besides, having gone down from a tower, we found a chaos of people and the huge absurdly parked concourse of the excursion buses which are unscrupulously “locking“ each other and once again were glad that we by the car. Were terrified when saw HOW these buses on the mountain road go - one took off to us towards from - for turn, without having been confused at all that it went on the oncoming traffic lane. It is good that we small had a speed and Sergey has a wide experience of driving - otherwise accidents would be not to pass. Only now I understood why there are so much cases of road accident with excursion buses - their drivers, seemingly, do not know about traffic regulations at all and do not think that they carry people. But we will not be about sad. Before to go to the Sochi center, we decided to find a lodging for the night, and quickly found - at the foot of the mountain, in cafe with restrooms - a big double room with a chair-bed for Stepa for 1200 rub. Now forward - to have a good time!

Riviera Park

the Park is really magnificent

. In the evening in the light of multi-colored fires it is very beautiful. Huge green territory, beautiful avenues, cafe, souvenir shops, fountainlets. We bought Lida super - the subscription for 300 rub according to which it was possible to sweep on time on each of 12 attractions of the children`s town. In its territory there is one more children`s town with hills, lodges, lazilka, trampolines, stay in which is not limited on time. With huge work we “pulled out“ Lida from there in 22 - 00 when the children`s town was closed. Stepan, according to him, “already was above this age“ therefore he rode with the father adult attractions (which in park about 40) and dashingly spent 700 rub of the moneybox. Impressions of park remained very good, to all it is recommended.

Vorontsov Caves

we decided to Visit these caves after read that today it is one of the largest cave labyrinths in the world. The road - to mountains, about 20 km from Khosta to the settlement of Vorontsovka. From the parking to caves on foot 1,2 km. On the road - the magic oak incorporating energy from space. You will touch it - and you will feel extraordinary inflow of energy (it is so written on the plate). And even if you will not feel, then, at least, to go further more cheerfully. Already on the way to a cave the part of the road is laid out by stones - very beautifully, and on one stone ladder to us the snake met. Around a cave - a fairy forest, figures which are cut down in rocks, one of them - someone`s head - makes out a source. Quite most part of a cave where the electrical equipment, the extent of a route of about 300 m is installed is open for tourists, excursion lasts 40 min. In a cave - everything as it is necessary: both the parking of the ancient person, and wall inscriptions, and stalactites, and stalagmites - on - cave it is very beautiful. In a cave it is cold (12 degrees) and unique air: the guide promised us that during excursion we have to look younger for 40 min. Tickets in a cave: 110 rub the adult, 80 rub children`s (since 7 years).

the Tree nursery

A here the Tree nursery made the depressing impression on us. Probably we read about it beautiful responses too much, and Sergey since the childhood had admiration of this park. Yes, plants the same, beautiful and majestic - but are well-groomed only those that are put at the very beginning of park. The higher - the more thickets, the dried-up branches, garbage and... the peeled fountains. About the lower part of park I will also not speak. Offensively to tears. And the ticket costs expensive, together with tickets for a ropeway two adults and children`s 600 rub. The attendant of park with which we got to talking, told that the park lives in misery, is not allocated money, salaries are late. And the most oppressive impression was made by building (with all that it implies in the form of dirt, fences, the rustling equipment and construction debris) two steps away from the Tree nursery - is based up-to-date a vein 24 - the floor house. To whom could it come to mind?

But, we did not get used to despond and all - found to what to be glad in the Tree nursery: a huge wall of a bamboo, beautiful pines with the long needles and fluffy krone, the avenue of magnolias, a set of different palm trees, several beautiful corners - flower beds, amusing fountainlets, rare plants: the Oriental cherry, a wistaria, a yucca and is a lot of - much others which names cannot be remembered. Only 1800 species of plants. We enjoyed very much and a trip on a ropeway: not only the park, but also all Sochi is visible.

in general, from the Sochi center remained not enthusiastic impression: constant traffic jams, impolite personnel, dirty noncentral streets, antediluvian shops, the very tall prices and constant feeling that on you make money. The bought disk about the Tree nursery for 200 rub was such poppycock - at the level of a ternary term paper (though it was bought in cash desk of the Tree nursery). The Sochi singing fountain did not make impression at all, in the same Lazarevskoye the fountain is much more original.

After three-day travel on the Sochi coast we went in Aga again. On departure from Sochi ate tasty different vareniki in excellent cafe “Varenichnaya Hut“.

the Aquapark “Dolphin“ the Last three days we carried out


to Agoye, on the beach again, and also went to a dolphinarium and an aquapark in Nebug that in 5 km from Agoya. The dolphinarium is good, new, spacious, with the round pool close from the audience, but after last year`s “Marinelend“ in Spain representation seemed to us a little boring. But, generally, of course, it was pleasant. Tickets: 300 rub both adult, and children`s. And here the aquapark very much was pleasant. First of all, a big children`s complex - the town in which I counted 12 different hills and a set of other razvlekalovka. It will not be boring for children - precisely! A lead of times 50 moved down from a hill - frogs, it is a little less from the others. In breaks climbed an overland complex - the ship with hills. Right there got acquainted - made friends with girls is more senior which looked after it so I had not to follow it continuously everywhere. Stepan, “been above this age“, drove in a first-aid post where according to the statement of the father to it set to a hand the seal relieving responsibility from administration and allowing to ride from all “adult“ hills (the rule is resolved only from 12 years). His pleasure was not a limit. It moved down only from “Kamikaze“ 7 times. And, how many from other hills - does not give in to the account. The aquapark has the big territory, all have enough place and in zones of plank beds, both in numerous cafes and in zones of walks. But even more I was surprised by purity: very much - very purely everywhere. So we took great pleasure. And most - that main thing - the FOAMY DISCO! How many pleasure, laughter, delight she caused in children. Here entertainment, so entertainment. Tickets: 500 rub the adult, 250 children`s - with 16 - 00 to 20 - 00. If with 10 - 00 or with 14 - 00, then is more expensive.

the Conclusion

Rest, undoubtedly, was successful wonderfully well! Once again we want to express huge gratitude of Fayzulina Gule which introduced in my head thought to go to have a rest to “our“ South with children and “opened“ for us Aga. Huge plus of our trip - our car. Thanks to it we could look with children very much everything and did not contact excursions. With health all had a full order, the package of drugs returned in full, acclimatization took place just easily. Finance: spent only 38 thousand rubles. The biggest item of expenditure - food (I so never also used a plate) - 11 thousand. then housing - 7,5 (including hotel on Krasnaya Polyana, hotels in Volgograd and Sochi), gasoline - 7, trips - excursions - 6, entertainments - 3,5, purchases - souvenirs - 3. We saw only about a third of the sights of the Sochi and Tuapse coast, did not go to Abkhazia, so, a conclusion: let`s go once again!