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Board game “Dasha`s adventures - travelers“ often I think out

Ya and I make games and grants for the two-year-old daughter Marusya. Some of my homemade products can be seen on the website.

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the developing Montessori`s frame for Masha
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Today I want to present to your attention the developing game which I thought up and drew for the four-year-old nephew Artem. Artem is already familiar with some letters and is able to consider. He is very active, inquisitive and capable boy. Loves various games and the animated film about Dasha - the traveler which broadcasts Nickelodeon channel. This animated film formed the basis of my “razvivalka“. Together with Dasha and her friends participants should overcome the game field on which they will meet different animals, fairy tale characters who will ask players questions and riddles, and also to give stars and bonuses. Participants who the first crossed the game field and gathered the greatest number of stars will be winners.

Each course is one of alphabet letters. It is represented by a subject or the hero in whose name this letter occurs. Vowels are put in the red color. Concordants - blue.


to play this game, to you needs a cube on which each side figures or divisions from one to six will be put. And also the game field, counters of players, bonus cards and stars - all this you will be able to download here and to print or in a photo - the center (I preferred the second option - in this case paints do not spread at hit of water on them).

can play game from one to five people. Estimated age of players of three years.

I Hope, it will be pleasant to your little travelers and will help them to acquire new knowledge, and also to fix already available.

of the Adventure of Dasha - the traveler and her friends

the game Purpose - moving ahead on the game field by rules, the first to reach the finish, to gather the greatest number of stars.

Game develops

logical and the thinking, increases the general intellectual level, imparts skills of the account and consolidates knowledge of letters.

are included In the package: rules of the game, game field, counters of players, bonus cards and stars.

Game is calculated by

on 2kh - 5kh players.

Value of the courses:

  • of T - ( the bonus course, the player receives 3 stars ) T iko the baby squirrel, always helps Dasha and a shoe. Tiko gives you three stars
  • U - U a litka. It can be seen on leaves after a rain.
  • F - F onarik, helps out in dark places. Where the small lamp can be useful to us?
  • X - ( the bonus course, the player receives a star ) X a ruche, it gives you a star.
  • C - C a yplenok, it is born from egg. How call mother and the father of a chicken?
  • Ch - ( on this course can use the bonus orange card ) Ch an erepakha, it moves very slowly. If you have an orange, treat a turtle, and she will pass you. And if there is no orange - it is necessary to pass the course.
  • Sh - ( the bonus course, the player receives the balloon card ) Vozdu sh ny sh are. Take it with yourself and if on your way high mountains meet, you will be able to fly through them in the balloon.
  • Shch - ( the bonus course, the player receives a star ) Shch the monk gives you a star. What breeds of dog y you know?
  • of Kommersant - the Stone, leaves, a cockleshell - all this about of Kommersant nature ekta. What else objects of the nature you know?
  • Y - ( on this course can use the bonus balloon card ) On our way high mountains y . They can be overcome, only if you have a balloon. If you do not have it, it is necessary to return back on two courses.
  • Ü - ( the bonus course, the player receives a star ) Mysh lives in a burrow. It gives you a star. What else do you know about mice?
  • E - E the crane. The TV has it.
  • Yu - Yu a bka. It is carried by girls and Scots.
  • Ya - Ya a shcheritsa. If to seize her by a tail, she will dump it and will escape. What else do you know about lizards?

Who came the first to the finish?

we will count by

A stars now.

  • of the Star and bonus cards (328 KB)
  • Game field of 28x28 cm (329 KB)
  • of the Counter of players (31,6 KB)