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I grow thin with pleasure of

how it managed to dump 25 kilograms of excess weight, without refusing to myself favourite delicacies, the hairdresser from Moscow Marina Popova tells.

Since I gathered the extra kilos, I constantly tried to get rid of them. However all diets tried by me yielded the same result: after their termination I instantly found former parameters moreover and “with a makeweight“. Eventually, I decided to stop these fruitless attempts and not to pay attention to the weight.

However last winter the destiny brought together me with two remarkable experts: educational psychologist Irina Iosifovna Agalarova and psychotherapist Marina Nikolaevna Karpova. They just developed a special course for the people suffering from excess weight and suggested me to try - as experiment. I decided what to lose to me, except my kilograms, there is nothing, and agreed - and suddenly it will turn out? By that moment my weight made already 115 kilograms.

First of all me special questionnaires and tests asked to fill

to find out the reasons of my excess weight. As it appeared, completeness is only a visible part of an iceberg behind which there are always deep psychological problems which caused dependence on food. The test revealed the nature of this dependence: whether habit it, reaction to a stress or hereditary predisposition.

to me was explained that since the childhood in many of us put the wrong stereotypes of food: parents and grandmothers force to eat when there is no wish, demand to eat up everything that lies on a plate. Therefore, having become adults, we cease to hear signals of the organism and often we eat on a habit or to get rid of tension and negative emotions - “we jam“ problems. Therefore first of all it is very important to learn to cope with a stress by other methods.

By the way, stout women often dress shapeless loose overalls, trying to hide volumes thus. Actually indistinct silhouette only adds centimeters and kilograms. It is the best of all to choose clothes of an adjacent silhouette - it will allow to look more slender and to watch the progress in weight loss. The diary of food was my following step. Within a week I wrote down everything that got to me into a mouth, to the last candy or a roll. Then we together with experts analyzed this diary in search of mistakes. Frankly speaking, in couple of days I also saw, how incorrectly I eat.

Earlier me it seemed to

that I eat very little: coffee for breakfast, having a snack with rolls and buterbrodika at work, a leaky dinner. But it turned out that during this having a snack I absorbed infinite amount of sweet and farinaceous food which settled at me on a waist dead freight. My experts did not approve refusal of a breakfast too.

After the analysis of the food diary my tutors developed the approximate menu to which I had to follow. I with melancholy expected habitual bans on sweet, flour, fried and I go after six in the evening. What my surprise when I saw quite full-fledged diet which and a diet - that it was impossible to call was.

you Judge


  1. of Coffee with milk, it is possible with sugar.
  2. the Piece of white loaf or a toast with butter and cheese / ham. 3. Half of grapefruit.


  1. Half-banks of a tinned salmon / tuna in own juice. 2. Vegetable salad, it is possible with mayonnaise.
  2. Half of a piece of white loaf.
  3. Glass of milk.
  4. Polchashki`s
  5. of any frozen berries, during a season - fresh.


  1. of 100 - 150 grams of fast fish, meat or chicken without skin.
  2. Big portion of vegetable salad.
  3. If wants - one baked potato.
  4. Glass of milk.

besides, during the day it was necessary to drink 1,5 - 2 pure liters or green tea. By the way, I had supper at all not at six in the evening, and hours in nine, upon return from work. How we eat, is not less important what we eat. To achieve success, I had to change not only the menu, but also a manner to eat food. The total ban was imposed on food at the TV, with the book or the magazine, behind conversation. Meal is an act of pleasure which also should be arranged respectively.

In - the first, I had to lay beautifully the table even if one ate. It adjusts on process of thoughtful, slow acceptance of food. Believe, even at work it is possible to lay a napkin on a table, to put beautiful ware and devices.

In - the second, it is necessary to eat as it is possible more slowly, well chewing food. Process of digestion begins already in a mouth and that the food did not lay down a stone in a stomach, it should be prepared properly. Besides, slowly eating food, you will be able to understand when you were already sated. From here the following rule follows: if you feel satiety, do not eat up all food which remained on a plate. Just next time you will know the size of the portion. By the way, saturation will come much quicker if before putting a piece in a mouth, you enjoy a look and a flavor of food. It is necessary to tell, acquire these seemingly simple rules it appeared not so - that simply. A long-term habit on the run to swallow of food, almost without paying attention to its smell and taste, it was overcome hardly.

Having begun to follow the new plan of food and following the ordered rules, I did not expect fast and noticeable results. However in a week all clothes to me became much more free. And in several months I had to replace all clothes - former things just hung on me. Of course, sometimes pulled me to return to old habits, but psychological support which I got helped me to keep. Process went promptly, and centimeters left much quicker than kilograms.


concealed one more danger Here. Skin which long time stayed in the stretched state could hang easily ugly folds. Therefore I began to accept special procedures: various wrappings, massage. It helped me to remove excess liquid, to intensify blood circulation in problem zones. As a result I received equal smooth skin and almost got rid of cellulitis. This summer I for the first time in five years could come to the beach in an open bathing suit. It is difficult to describe my feelings: it both pride, and satisfaction, and desire not to be given and be improved further.

Today I can control the weight, enjoying each eaten piece. I made considerable progress, having lost 25 kilograms, but I am not going to stop. At the same time I am very glad that achieved everything by own forces, without miracle - tablets and operations. And I am sure that to grow thin and get healthier in power to any woman, the main thing - to begin and believe in success. With change of a shape of a body, weight of people changes also a way of life. But here, as well as during weight loss, support of experts is very important.

It is considered p that disposal of extra kilos - process painful and sad, and often also very expensive. It appears, there is a way to turn weight loss into pleasure.

my program of weight loss:

  1. to Realize the problem and its reasons. At this stage the help of the psychologist or psychotherapist can be required. 2. To imagine the purpose.
  2. to Learn to get rid of a stress without the aid of food.
  3. Within a week to keep the food diary, writing down all eaten food. 5. To begin to follow the balanced diet and Regulations of Admission of food. Any forbidden products. 6. To ensure psychological support. It can be both the expert, and relatives, friends or acquaintances who want to lose weight too. 7. To gradually do the way of life to more active.