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Tasty hobby of

It is chosen culinary recipes

better or worse, but all are able to prepare. However culinary art can become a useful hobby and even means of self-expression. Special courses under the leadership of skilled masters will help to open a lot of new to themselves and to reach the real tops in this area.

to Art should study

Many women during a maternity leave are fond of cookery and begin to approach with an invention cooking that is appreciated by husbands for whom after work the tasty dinner waits. However with the child`s birth this process is forced out by other cares, and the dishes offered to a table look far not faultlessly. Unfortunately, the imagination in daily preparation of a breakfast, lunch and dinner quickly runs low, and before us every time rises a question: “What to prepare tomorrow?“ The role of the skillful hostess of a guest-night too not so - that is simple because by drawing up the menu of a holiday table nothing goes on mind, except Russian salad salad which was many years invariable attribute of any feast and everything already became boring. There passed those times when the main objective of a feast was to sate a stomach. Now the desire to receive not only gastronomic, but also esthetic pleasure from food is inherent in much.

For council we address girlfriends or we begin to study recipe-books. But, as always, it only on paper everything easy and simply, actually can not be enough skill or knowledge of small secrets which will be decisive in preparation of a new dish, not to mention the special terminology used in recipes. And here the husband, picking a fork the burned food, something mutters about a dinner at mother, and guests do not decide to touch the underbaked pie made from dictation of the girlfriend. The cookery is an art which should study.

As to learn to prepare competently? If you decided to approach seriously the solution of this question, then schools of culinary art, cook or culinary courses will be able to help you.

For those who already have some culinary skills visit of similar courses will give to

the chance to improve them, perfection does not have a limit. And that who with kitchen on “you“ for whom each meeting with a plate reminds fight, training at culinary school is just necessary. Besides comprehension of secrets of cookery young mother will have here an opportunity to expand the circle of contacts and will have a good time, you will gather information on healthy food and learns how to prepare quickly and tasty from a limited set of products.

Culinary courses, unlike the organizations for professional development of professionals, do not set before themselves the purpose to make of you the chief - cooks, they are intended for fans, for the people who are carried away by cookery who want to feed the family tasty, it is useful, is beautiful and modern.

the Contingent of listeners is rather various

: students, the working young women, housewives, ladies of middle age, are even men. Some schools become peculiar clubs on interests where people come back not once.

of the Program of schools of culinary skill are included surely by such sections of cookery as preprocessing of products, preparation of snack, the first and second courses, and also desserts and pastries. The special attention is paid to the organization of a holiday table, ornament and giving of dishes which names already excite imagination and stimulate appetite: salad with pears, a goose with a quince and nuts, sturgeon royally, pistachio tiramisu, poppy cake with white chocolate.

And on long courses the program of occupations repeats every time with the minimum changes, and on short-term constantly changes, proceeding from interests and wishes of listeners. Practically everywhere during training listeners get acquainted with the Russian and European cuisine, in particular Italian, French and Mediterranean.

Besides, recently the Japanese, Chinese and Thai dishes began to enjoy wide popularity, and some schools are already ready to offer specialized classes in these subjects. Experts of one of schools, for example, in pass - the course devoted to dishes for children of 3 years can teach you to cook fritters from a liver in mushroom sauce, cold avocado and banana soup, mousse from a semolina with raspberry and an apricot. Teachers on culinary courses are the chief - high-class cooks, cook art of which on advantage visitors of the known capital restaurants can estimate. Some of teachers have rather solid length of service, including abroad.

the Structure of occupations is various

everywhere. The majority of schools adhere to strict division between the theory and practice. As a rule, the theoretical course lasts 1 - 1,5 month and makes 70% of all occupations. Teaching is conducted in usual student`s audiences. Practical occupations begin after the termination of theoretical part and last from 2 weeks to 1 month - in special laboratories or directly at restaurants. This approach reminds usual school process and for certain will suit the people who got used to methodical comprehension of bases of any skill.

Other type of training practically excludes a theoretical component and assumes direct practice in specially equipped classes where pupils, having armed with recipes and kitchen accessories, by means of the respectable guru seek to show the culinary talent. Similar occupations are rather similar to fascinating game, than for habitual study.

I in the first, and in the second case each practical occupation comes to an end with the most pleasant - tasting of the prepared dishes. And everything that will not be eaten, can be taken away home. If to consider that under the leadership of the professional for time it is possible to manage to prepare not less than two dishes, and at a highly topical program whole twelve, then members of your family with impatience will wait for your return to regale on a gastronomic delicacy.

That how much

For convenience of listeners will be organized by day and evening lessons which duration can make from 2 to 6 hours. The majority of schools are open for visit on weekdays, but there are also groups of the day off which are closed on summer vacation, and in September resume work.

If you want to be sure by

that during training will pay you enough attention, you need to sign up for courses where small groups are formed: to five people. In group of 6 - 12 listeners the teacher will not always be able to concentrate on you.

the Cost of training depends on at what organizations courses are created: state or commercial. So, on the state courses training duration for fans can make 2 - 3 months (3 times a week for 2 - 4 hours). There is such course 4 - 4,7 thousand rubles. For increasing skill - 5,2 - 6 thousand rubles. And some organizers in connection with low attendance of occupations provide a seasonal discount of 1 thousand rubles in the summer. Or instead of a discount the listeners who completed culinary courses for housewives can free of charge continue to be improved as “cook“ or “confectioner“.

At non-state school 4 - the sentry pass - the course without theory including preparation of twelve dishes on one of subjects can cost you 75 c.u. Thus, for each new course (desserts and pastries, the Mediterranean kitchen, fast recipes, etc.) it is necessary to pay separately. But you can choose that subject which is most actual for you now. Let`s assume, this weekend you wait for guests who are indecent for accepting on - everyday, and it is just necessary to think up something such. Please, in only several hours teachers of school will undertake to train you in preparation of dishes for a holiday table. Two-day training (2 occupations for 6 hours) on such courses costs 260 c.u. When filling the questionnaire on the website of school the discount which will make 5% can be provided, and in case of a questionnaire victory in draw you will be able to listen to one of subjects free of charge. For comparison: occupations in the centers of culinary skill for professionals cost 14 - 23 thousand rubles in 4 days on each of sections.

the Cost of any course includes a set of products from which you will try to create something tasty, and printing materials in the form of booklets recipes if those are provided by the program. Besides, and schools with the equipped kitchen classes, and restaurants where it is planned to give a practical training, will provide you to all necessary: modern equipment, beautiful utensils and convenient overalls.

Public schools upon termination of a bucheniye issue to

diplomas state of a sample. By results of examination they have the right to appropriate to the graduates categories on the acquired profession, starting with the third and finishing sa - the 1st high - the sixth. And even absolute employment is guaranteed to persons interested. Thus, it is possible not only to learn to cook well, but also to receive a new profession.

the Non-state organizations instead of the diploma can issue the certificate which demonstrates only that you successfully completed a course. In some institutions to brighten up the sad moment of parting, listeners are handed mementoes, for example, aprons or tacks with a company logo of school.

Where to move

of School of culinary skill was not widely adopted yet in Moscow therefore not always they can be found near the house. But this problem will not confuse the one who passionately wishes to learn to prepare well especially as it is solved rather simply.

Culinary courses are, as a rule, organized by

at cook schools, on the basis of being uchebno - production combines, and also at the specialized printing editions devoted to gastronomic art. More simply and most quicker to find the necessary information through search resources on the Internet, having gathered in the corresponding window of the word on the set subject, for example, “culinary courses“, “cook courses“, “cookery, school“, “to learn to prepare“. You without effort will find coordinates of specialized professional schools in the phonebook “Yellow Pages“, and in the magazines devoted to art to prepare, advertisements of the centers of culinary skill are placed. All you need is for transfer in similar school, - to approach and pay the chosen course. Where the diploma of the state sample is issued, will ask also the passport.

Courses as a gift

It is possible, all of you do not want to spend money and time for similar actions, but are a happy owner of the branded microwave oven. Even if you only plan purchase, there is a good opportunity to learn to prepare. Some large famous producers of household appliances as a bonus will organize for buyers of the microwave oven - the furnace free courses on development of new acquisition.

the Majority of us use a microwave only for warming up of already prepared dishes or defrosting of products, however its potential is much more. And if expensive thing is acquired, there is a wish to use it for all 100% especially as it has so many advantages before a usual plate: saving of time and electric power, preparation of healthy food, preservation invariable colors of products, small amount of frying substances.

About as well as what dishes can be prepared in the microwave oven - the furnace, and specialized courses are urged to tell

. Within a month once a week for 1,5 - 2 hours managers of the company - producer train listeners in the basic principles of work about a miracle - an oven. It turns out what with such assistant in kitchen can be prepared not only toasts, but also soups, meat, fish, vegetable dishes and even desserts and pies which are not a shame for giving to a table.

Information on what of firms conducts similar courses can be received on the websites of producers or at official dealers of the companies.


a way of training you chose, the most important is your aspiration to cook well. Be not afraid to open in yourself talent of the cook, it will allow you to give pleasure to the relatives, constantly surprising them with new dishes! It is so pleasant - to give pleasure not only itself, but also those who surrounds you, to the family.