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Balneotherapy of

Water - one of the fixed assets helping to keep health and beauty. Its hygienic properties are invaluable. At external application it renders mechanical, chemical and thermal (thermal or holodovy) action, and also additional positive psychological effect.

Each of properties of water is important at treatment, their combination and a mood is selected individually by the physiotherapist at treatment or prevention. In the medical purposes water is applied outwardly (bathtubs, souls, sea bathings, rubdowns of various temperature) and inside (treatment by mineral waters).

Mechanical influence at water procedures very considerable, whether it be rubdowns, douches, bathing and swimming in the river or sea etc.

Chemical influence waters is considered by

especially at stay in sea resorts. Sea water has unique structure: potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, iron, barium, chrome, iodine, chlorine, manganese, arsenic, silver, gold, uranium, radium. All these substances well affect a human body through skin receptors during bathing.

Chemical action fresh waters extremely weak. At a balneoterapiya where apply mineral waters of a certain chemical composition, it is more expressed. For strengthening of effect of fresh water add various medicinal and aromatic substances, infusions of flowers of a camomile, grass of fennel, a sage, needles, lime color etc. to it. Some people with thin, dry and sensitive skin have the usual fresh tap water rich with salts of calcium, magnesium, gland (hard water), can increase dryness of skin, cause her irritation, an itch, to serve as the reason of many skin diseases. For this reason it is recommended to wash or the filtered or boiled water, or water with addition of medicinal herbs or a hydrocarbonate of sodium (soda).

Temperature influence matters at medical and improving procedures. Cold it is long raises a tone of muscles. Heat at first slightly increases it, then reduces. Water thermal procedures render short-term (during procedure reception) influence on heat exchange. The cold strengthens a metabolism, at the same time combustion generally of carbohydrates and fats increases.

Hydropathic procedures (except for flourishes), depending on water temperature conditionally divide on cold (below 20 C), cool (20 - 33 C), warm (37 - 38 C), hot (39 C and above). The general procedures influencing all body, and local (with solutions of medicinal substances), influencing a certain part of the body can be applied (compresses, rinsings, an irrigation, inhalation).

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of the Bathtub of normal temperature the calming impact.

Thermal long bathtubs have the braking effect on an organism, lower excessive nervous excitability. Under their influence microcirculation in skin vessels increases. The bathtub duration necessary for achievement of therapeutic effect - 8 - 15 min., on a course of treatment of 15 - 16 bathtubs.

Short-term hot bathtubs , souls stimulate, at long influence - oppress nervous system. Besides, hot bathtubs work obezbolivayushche, lower a tone of muscles.

of the Bathtub with constantly increasing water temperature also possess anesthetic and spazmolitichesky action. They can be the general (with gradual increase in water temperature from 37 - 38 C to 40 - 42 C, lasting up to 20 min.) and local: manual or foot (with temperature increase of water from 36 C to 42 - 45 C). After bathtubs the dry ukutyvaniye for 30 - 40 minutes is shown.

Cool water procedures have the stimulating effect. Take away warmly from an organism, strengthen a metabolism, work toning. Such bathtubs (time of influence of 1 - 4 min.) for an organism hardening by preparation for the oseena are especially recommended - to the winter period.

Balneotherapy - one of the most available improving methods. Undoubtedly, in sanatorno - resort conditions with its use it is possible to achieve the fullest results. But application of techniques of balneotherapy is useful also in house conditions, both for children, and for adults .