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Milk for Dimka of

Ya gave birth to the kid Dimka by means of Cesarean section. Operation was planned, and I worried in advance whether I will be able to nurse it when it is put whether there will be a milk etc.

Ya put it to a breast in a day after the delivery. The kid not especially wanted to take a breast, was lazy to suck, and I still had pulled-in nipples. Next day I had a stagnation of milk (I did not know that it is impossible to drink much, nobody told, and mother I young, me 22), high temperature rose, and the nurse in maternity hospital decanted to me each breast for 40 minutes. Then I was decanted itself, but it is wrong, and cracks and wounds were formed. The kid cried and day and night, I very much was tired and thought of how difficult and painfully to nurse.

it became easier than

of the House with the kid, all family helped. When Dimka was 1,5 months old I went to institute to prepare for thesis defense. Within a week milk began to vanish, the child sucked and cried, sucked and cried … In one hard day I began to finish feeding it mix and mentally said goodbye to idea to nurse till two years. Moreover and diploma … It will not turn out.

Till two years did not turn out. Fattened 13,5 months. Also would feed still if my beloved would not bite to me a pacifier till it bleeds. Someone will tell, it would be possible and to suffer. And I decided that I, perhaps, am not necessary. After feeding from a nipple blood flew, and it healed 3 days (in which I, naturally, did not feed), then the situation repeated. The child plaid about a breast as a toy and ate only sometimes after my very persistent offers. And then I decided what will be enough. Tied up a breast, decanted nothing, resembled so week, and everything passed safely. The kid forgot about a breast in a week.

So that helped me to adjust a lactation and safely to fatten such important first year of the kid.

you Nurse

, at you everything surely will turn out.