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The fall of

Pleasure concerning arrival of a charming “sad time“ comes to an end together with a warm sunny weather and cold weather approach, followed by wind, a rain, and often and snow. In such weather the main thing - not to lose optimism and to be saved from those troubles which are promised by fall, having concentrated on the pleasant moments - abundance of fresh vegetables and fruit, an opportunity to spend cozy evening in the bosom of the family when behind a window pours a cold rain.

the nature has no bad weather

Fall - time of sharp weather changing, and not everyone rejoices to it: the head hurts, pressure raises or goes down, the mood worsens, working capacity, especially in combination with adverse geomagnetic factors decreases.

If the organism of absolutely healthy person is capable to adapt quickly to weather changes, then the organism future mother at whom immunity is reduced, reacts to similar whims of the nature more sharply. Besides cold and an exacerbation of chronic diseases which are frequent in the cold fall lead to a nervous breakdown, including hypothalamic department which regulates a tone of vessels and supports the constant environment in an organism. If work of this center is broken, the organism begins to react painfully to changes in external conditions. Hypertensive persons and hypotensives are especially vulnerable. Therefore in such days it is necessary to keep itself especially. Do not plan many cases for this period, have more a rest.

Remember that in off-season people are inclined to the conflicts therefore try to avoid critical situations.

to Hypertensive persons it is useful for p to drink tea with a peppermint, a valerian root, a melissa, and also decoction from the herbs of a thyme, a marjoram and a St. John`s Wort taken in equal parts.

How to endure a transition period?

Fall and spring - transition periods not only in the nature. In the fall “reorganization for winter time“ especially hard is given to the people inclined to alarm including to future mothers whose nervous system quite often reacts to fall melancholy.

As to fight against it? Help yourself in the ways simple, available to everyone.

In - the first, any autumn twilight! Indoors, where you spend time, there has to be bright light.

In - the second, any dullness! In spite of the fact that gray, brown, black - traditional colors of autumn clothes, try to surround yourself with bright white and color things that information coming to an organism via visual analyzers was not gloomy and sad!

Autumn beauty

Nothing so adds

to the woman of good mood as personal care. In the fall of its task are as follows:

  • to neutralize harmful consequences of influence of the summer sun,
  • to saturate skin with natural vitamins,
  • to bleach it in anticipation of winter.

By the end of summer on skin show consequences of excess influence of ultraviolet rays. These beams stir up activity of free radicals - particles which perniciously affect cells of skin, aggravating aging process therefore on skin pigmentary spots appear, a setochka of small wrinkles, large wrinkles are more sharply designated. The numerous acne rashes caused by long influence of the sun and dehydration of skin are sometimes noted.

it is possible to Restore balance of moisture and vitamins by means of the moistening and nutritious masks and lotions. All that vitamin abundance of fresh vegetables and fruit which are given by fall will be suitable for them. It is possible to prepare them very quickly and at once to put on a face for 15 - 20 minutes: crush fruit pulp a spoon and connect it to natural yogurt or kefir.

the Apple mask

Rub with

on a small grater a half of apple, add 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 yolk, 1 h a spoon of vegetable oil. Properly pound everything and apply on face skin for 15 minutes, and then wash away cold water.

the Pear mask
(clearing, nutritious)


100 g of the washed-out rice in unsalted water to a full razvarivaniye. Rub 1 big pear on a small grater. Merge water in which rice cooked, mix porridge with pear mashed potatoes. Impose a warm mask for 15 minutes, and then wash up a face cool water and wipe with tonic.

the Mask from a vegetable marrow


1 small vegetable marrow, pass it via the meat grinder, wait until juice is emitted, and add 1 egg yolk for strengthening of the knitting and disinfecting properties. On the cleaned face and a neck put the received weight a thick layer, take 15 minutes, then wash away cool water and wipe skin with tonic.

the Mask from an eggplant
(toning, nutritious)

1 small eggplant pass

via the meat grinder and after juice is emitted, add 1 h a spoon of apple juice and properly mix. Put on a face and a neck. Take 15 minutes and wash away cool water, after procedure put nutritious cream on a face.

Krom of masks for skin can be prepared for

also vitamin lotions.

Lotion from grapes

Mash grapes, in 2 hours filter juice, and wring out the rest. Pour in 400 ml of juice in bank, mix with 1 - 2 tablespoons of honey, again filter and pour in 1 glass of vodka in mix. Grease with the cotton wool moistened with this lotion clean face skin and leave, without wiping, on 1 - 2 hour. This procedure can be done at any time. Period of storage of lotion (in the refrigerator) - 1 year.

Water-melon lotion


According to the same recipe can prepare for

lotion from pulp of a water-melon. If to water-melon to add cucumber juice and alcohol in equal parts, then it will turn out arbuzno - cucumber lotion which can be used for wiping of skin at acne rash.

Grape juice
(refreshing, nutritious)

it can be used very simply: in the morning, having wiped a face with a cosmetic milk, take 2 - 3 grapes, take a bite of a thin skin and rub juice a face and a neck (juice you can grease also eyelids). 15 - 20 minutes quietly be engaged in the morning affairs, then wash away a mask cold water.

can be reached

of Bleaching of skin by means of vegetable and fruit masks too is masks on the basis of a cucumber, juice of a lemon, onions, red currant. For solidification to the necessary consistence add potato starch or an egg yolk to them. Fat porous skin it is useful for p to wipe

with the sour juice divorced water (juice of a cranberry, cowberry, tomato, red currant, sauerkraut) from time to time. Juice of grapes, a water-melon, plum, banana, a melon has good effect on dry skin.

Neck and hands: do not forget about that, as they needs leaving. Every day humidify and feed it with special neck cream and a decollete or nutritious face cream.

these procedures are Especially important

in the fall when neck skin practically does not “breathe“ under a layer of scarfs, scarfs and collars of sweaters.

Should not be forgotten also about skin of hands as change of temperature (in warmly, and on the street it is cold) not in the best way affects its state. It begins to be shelled. Special hand cream with the increased content of fatty acids well will be suitable for these purposes. It is applied on brushes and elbows twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. It is possible to rub just fat cream or oil in skin and nails.

With approach of fall hair also need additional leaving. First of all in autumn leaving restoration of normal structure of hair after intensive solar influence therefore a priority - their moistening and restoration of gloss is important. It is obligatory to add leaving with balm, to do masks for hair. For giving to hair of gloss use conditioners.


At dryness of hair are well helped by masks with honey, an aloe, and also masks from the wiped vegetables, fruit, berries, from a yolk with vegetable oil and honey (on 1 teaspoon).

Flu and its prevention

According to medical statistics, the late fall as sad to recognize it, becomes time of a flu epidemic and a SARS.

As during pregnancy use of medicines is sharply limited to

because negative impact of preparations on a fruit is noted, the special attention should be paid to prevention - increase of protective forces of an organism.


From folk remedies in it to future mothers need garlic: 2 - 3 cloves should be eaten daily for prevention, and the probability of a disease of flu and colds will decrease. Also oil infusion of garlic with onions which will require 100 g of vegetable oil, 3 - 4 garlic gloves, 0,25 bulbs will help. Train him so: oil in glasswares is kept by 30 - 40 minutes on a water bath in the boiling water. Small to cut, fill in garlic and onions with the cooled oil, to insist 2 hours, to filter. To grease mucous a nose.

Mix of polished garlic with natural honey in the ratio 1:1 is accepted for the night on 1 tablespoon, washing down with boiled water.

also useful properties of a radish Are known to

. The crude black radish should be sliced very thin and to strew them with granulated sugar. To accept the appeared sweet juice on 1 tablespoon each hour. To grate a radish and to wring out juice through a gauze. To mix 1 l of juice with liquid honey and to drink 2 tablespoons before food and in the evening before going to bed.

also rinsing of a throat solutions of potassium permanganate, Furacilin, soda, camomile broth Is useful for


All is a package of measures will help to strengthen immunity, but does not give guarantees.


Around the world for a long time by the main method of prevention of a set of infectious diseases including flu, active immunization - vaccination is. What is it? in the course of vaccination enter a particle of the weakened or killed infecting agent into an organism. The virus which is contained in a vaccine cannot cause a disease, but can stimulate an organism to development of antibodies. Therefore when the “wild“ strain of a virus gets to an organism, time is not necessary for development of antibodies - they already are after vaccination. Antibodies contact a virus and, thus, prevent infection of a cage and reproduction of a virus. Thanks to it the disease is warned till its beginning. Thus, vaccination imitates a viral infection (without disease) to provoke immune system of an organism for fight against an infection.

One of the central questions - about a possibility of vaccination against flu during pregnancy.

At first about consequences which were the cause for new researches and developments about vaccination during pregnancy. At pregnant women the risk of complications after flu, especially such as premature interruption of pregnancy and still birth sharply increases. The American advisory committee concerning vaccination (ACIP) recommends vaccination against flu of pregnant women who at the time of the beginning of a season of flu are on 14 - y (or more) to week of pregnancy. Vaccination after 14 - y is explained weeks by the fact that in the first trimester there is a risk of spontaneous interruption of pregnancy. Pregnant women who irrespective of pregnancy get to risk group on flu (those who work in big collectives, in child care facilities, health workers), have to be provaktsinirovana before epidemic irrespective of pregnancy term.


As apply vaccines of the last generation now, they have no negative consequences for a fruit. The flu vaccine is not dangerous to mothers nursing. Moreover, the antibodies developed by mother in response to introduction of a vaccine get through breast milk and create additional protection for the child.


In our country did not develop recommendations about vaccination of pregnant women. It is the best of all to do a flu inoculation in the fall, since September to the middle of November beforehand to create immunity; on it leaves two - four weeks. To be fair It should be noted that the inoculation contains only one subtype of flu A, B, etc. while the activator of the approaching epidemic is predictable only partly.

Consultation with the doctor before vaccination for pregnant women is obligatory for

! Autumn efforts

For the present in shops and in the markets vegetable and fruit abundance did not end with p with

, it is possible to try to keep it for long winter in the frozen look. Freezing remains in the best way of long storage of many vegetables and fruits as thus their taste, color, texture, nutritional value remains. Usability, and also saving of time for preparation of a product for freezing does not come within miles of conservation and drying therefore the question of monetary expenses which are demanded by freezing pales into insignificance. What technology of this process?

the Basic rule at the choice of vegetables for freezing consists that it is only possible to freeze what is used in a boiled or stewed look: beet, beet tops of vegetable, cauliflower, broccoli, sockets of Brussels sprout, peas, carrots, kohlrabi, rhubarb, pumpkin, sweet corn, spinach. Those vegetables which are usually eaten fresh for example a celery, cucumbers, salad, onions and a garden radish, are suitable for freezing, especially less if to freeze each look separately, but not in mix with other vegetables. Mediocre quality is gained after freezing by cabbage and pepper. Well almost all fruits, and especially berries remain as a result of freezing.

How to keep vitamins?

in the course of storage the frozen vegetables and fruit lose part of nutritional value, and, first of all, it concerns vitamins (among them the most unstable is vitamin C), however there are ways allowing to reduce considerably losses.

Prepare products for freezing right after harvesting. Before freezing it is possible to take them in the refrigerator no more than one days at a temperature of 4 - 5 ° With or below.

For the maximum preservation of nutritiousness vegetables before freezing needs to be blanched, and it is better to do it on couple, but not in boiled water. Why scalding is necessary? In fresh-gathered vegetables enzymes are very active: they quickly destroy vitamin C and turn sugar into starch. Low temperature of a deep freeze slows down their activity, but does not stop it. Only high temperature which is provided by scalding can stop this process.

Try that process of scalding and the subsequent cooling of products before freezing continued not for long, the less time a product adjoins to oxygen of air and, therefore, is exposed to oxidation, the less it loses nutrients.

the Majority of vegetables and fruit remains in a deep freeze within 8 - 12 months. Considering that after scalding and freezing of fabric of vegetables become softer, duration of their culinary processing has to be twice or three times well, than for fresh.

Containers for freezing of products

as containers for freezing except traditional packages can use cardboard boxes from - under milk. The released boxes need be not to thrown out, and pure to store till a preparation season. Fill a box with the vegetables prepared for freezing and bend “comb“ so that the top of a box became flat. Enshrine it in such provision by an adhesive tape.


Before placing the filled containers in a deep freeze, it is necessary to write on them the name of products and date of freezing. It will help you to find the necessary vegetables or berries quickly.

Defrosting of vegetables and fruit

Freezing, unlike hot conservation, will not sterilize products. In spite of the fact that during scalding many microorganisms perish, some of them, especially a mold, remain safe though low temperature slows down their growth and reduces activity. When the product is taken out from the refrigerator, its temperature increases, and the microorganisms which are at rest begin to breed. Even during thawing the product can deteriorate, and the temperature when defrosting is higher, the harmful microorganisms develop quicker. From this it follows that microbic population increases the number more slowly if defrosting happens at a temperature below, than room, for example in the refrigerator.