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Adenoides: to breathe or not to breathe

Adenoides. This word was heard for certain by all who have children, and not necessarily - there are quite enough nephews, grandsons, even just offsprings of good acquaintances. The horror story how to Vasya, Petya, Masha, Olya deleted adenoides is handed down, the quantity hearing these rasskazk increases in a geometrical progression, at the same time history acquires the most improbable details.

Somewhere at the exit the picture bears a strong resemblance to the description of an engraving on which the torture chamber of the Spanish inquisition is represented. There`s nothing to be done - parents can exaggerate reality, so far as concerns health of their children.

meanwhile, everything is not so terrible. The main problem, as always, in shortage of information. We already in detail sorted - what is adenoides and what violation of nasal breath threatens the child with. A question which arises anyway - whether it is necessary to treat and how to treat.

The matter is that by 13 - 14 years adenoides are reduced, decrease in sizes and the problem disappears by itself. However happens and so that to teenage age still far, and there is a wish to breathe a nose already now.


First of all, we will be convinced that before us really adenoides, but not vasomotorial or allergic rhinitis, the congenital or acquired curvature of a nasal partition, or even a tumor. Otherwise it is possible to begin to treat not that is actually.

Nurseries the ENT SPECIALIST - doctors insist on obligatory expeditious treatment of the adenoides of the III degree which are completely stopping nasal breath. The argument is quite clear and clear - what grew at present, grew, it cannot disappear as hypostasis or to resolve as a liquid congestion.


Other point of view on this question is presented by the chief physician of Clinic Buteyko Andrey Evgenyevich Novozhilov :

are up to the end not known to

of the Reason of growth of adenoides for medicine. They represent formation of the lymphoid fabric making a basis of a nasopharyngeal almond. The most often applied way of elimination of adenoides - operation which is an enormous trauma for the child. It carries by memories of it through all the life.

the Physiologist Konstantin Pavlovich Buteyko still in 60 - x years of last century, by difficult researches and numerous experiments on studying of a hyper ventilating syndrome at patients, paid attention that adenoides arise at the child as one of the very first serious protective reactions of an organism in his life directed to elimination of chronic hyperventilation of lungs.

Actually emergence of adenoides is attempt of an organism to block part of pneumatic ways, and activity of growth of adenoides submits to the content of carbon dioxide in air of lungs. If the content of carbon dioxide falls, oxygen supply of an organism in general decreases. There comes oxygen starvation. And it is fraught with development of various diseases. At children, on nobody to the known reason, growth of lymphoid fabric begins, adenoides develop.


was considered Earlier that it is most predisposed to emergence of adenoides children from a year to 14 years, but cases of developing of adenoides and at children, for age only in several months are known to modern medicine. However now it is for certain known that adenoides can arise at any child of any age.

For the first time in medical practice the real chance without operation appeared, without drugs to clean these phenomena. Besides, Buteyko`s method is so strong method of prevention that if to begin to be engaged while hypostasis mucous a nose develops and adenoides only begin to be formed, then their development will stop.

So, adenoides are a response of an organism to hyperventilation of lungs. It is impossible the cause to define the hyperventilation emergence reason otherwise. All can be: both heredity, and a situation in a family, and nervous breakdowns, and other factors. Often parents sow around themselves a hyperventilation situation: they have such way of life, a communication manner, nature of food that they constantly increase pulmonary ventilation.

Intake of oxygen in an organism depends not on that how many air will pass through lungs, but from that how many carbon dioxide is in an organism. If deficiency of CO2 in an organism is caused by hyperventilation, the organism cannot use that oxygen which is in blood. The situation when blood to a limit is oxygenated turns out, and the organism suffers from oxygen hunger. The global problem of any manipulations which we make with breath of Buteyko`s method, is reduced to one - to bring the general pulmonary ventilation and activity of a metabolism into accord. It guarantees high immunity and survival of an organism. As the condition of a metabolism in many respects depends on the maintenance of CO2 in an organism, the majority of protective reactions is directed to it.

Danger of removal of adenoides consists that we eliminate protective reaction of an organism. Having lost it, it begins to be protected by some other method - there are all new and new diseases, for example, pollinoz, asthma, chronic rhinitis (that is it is possible to tell that these diseases - only symptoms of other, main illness of an organism - chronic hyperventilation). If any of these options did not work, then malfunction of a metabolism, immunity easing begins. There is an allergy as the wrong reply of immune system. The operational method eliminates a consequence, but not the reason. On the contrary, it strengthens hyperventilation at this concrete stage. Easing of immunity leads to the fact that the child gets to category of often ill children.

Whatever, the child always has a hypostasis of a mucous membrane. He does not allow the child to breathe normally. Our technique allows to eliminate hypostasis for 1 - 2 occupation and to return to the child ability to breathe a nose. In that case, growths do not disturb it any more. The question of need of operation is removed instantly. Further, if to follow all rules and to be engaged, ventilation of lungs, a metabolism is normalized - and adenoides leave somewhere. The child ceases to soplivitsya, often to be ill, does not become subject to allergic diseases.

We are not engaged in any focuses, miracles. We really explain to the patients as as why occurs in their organism, and also we in detail tell what Buteyko`s method is based on. Focus can be only that illness symptoms: the nose congestion, cough etc. - are removed almost instantly. But also to it there are quite logical explanations. There is enough within 1 - 2 minutes by effort of will to limit ventilation of lungs, to create a lack of air to achieve such result how, for example, to restore nasal breath.

should not Tell

about recurrence in our case. They are possible only at repeated violation of ventilation of lungs. For example, if the child, comes back home after classes where he gets again on Wednesday where giperventilyanta - other family members. From this situation there are two exits: or to eliminate the factors providing hyperventilation maintenance or to work constantly for removal of symptoms of an illness. Anyway, we furnish to the patients the clue, we teach them to use.