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Health or education?

Poor progress at school. This problem disturbs many parents today. Why come to one children of knowledge easily, and others overcome the school program with huge work? One go to school with pleasure, and others need there “to be exhausted with a stick“?

Laziness? Bad behavior? Carelessness? It appears, everything is not so simple. The unhealthy ecology, bad heredity, an adverse situation in a family, toxicoses of mother during pregnancy is and many other things can cause serious deviations in physical, mental and speech development of the child.


At such children from the beginning of study on the basis of the wrong oral speech (dyslexia) the wrong written language (dysgraphia) inevitably begins to be formed: ridiculous mistakes, illiterate letter. And there is no fault of the child here! Further - bad marks, an inferiority complex, neurosises, a depression … Whether it is possible to help the kid with such situation?

Yes! It can be corrected, and the earlier - the better! At first the qualified logopedists and psychologists will help your child to eliminate defects of the speech. Then teachers who are engaged in development and training of attention, imagination and memory in children will teach them as it is easier and simpler to study at school. After a course on development of intelligence the problem can be completely removed. Your child will have a self-confidence, and his estimates at school will raise.

But a problem of poor progress concerns also absolutely healthy children. Today to school it is possible to hear reproaches that the program of training is unfairly difficult - it loads the heads of pupils useless knowledge which does not give to children of development, do not stimulate their abilities. Besides, study at school does not leave to the child of free time at all. High fatigue of school students by the end of educational week results in the lowered working capacity, a depression, sleep disorders, irritability appears. The reason of many serious diseases can disappear in this situation. And before parents there is a choice problem - a good education of the child or his health.

Increase of learning efficiency of children at simultaneous decrease in overloads - such task for themselves was set by experts. The developing technique which as experiment began to be applied at some schools of Moscow and a number of the educational centers specializing in development of mental abilities of the person was so developed. During educational process at children developed: ability to analyze, structure, classify knowledge, it is reliable to remember. Besides, to school students skills of the faultless letter took root, learned to state them effectively and competently acquired material.

Results turned out

tremendous - in classes where techniques of development of intelligence were applied, incidence of ORZ decreased, the general state of health improved, quality of assimilation of a training material increased, the fear of dictations and examinations was gone! In other words, children had an INTEREST in study - school students actually to taught to study , and they began to do it with pleasure. Children began to be tired less, and to acquire more. Children began to work at good speed, to carry out lessons quicker, they released time for rest, sport, a night dream.

So, the alternative is! A task of careful parents - to find suitable courses on development of intelligence of the child where he could learn reliably and qualitatively acquire the school program. And then visit of school will stop being for it a problem.

A for students examinations will stop being a problem! Unless they have less loadings during study? Unless they do not endure stressful situations during sessions, suffering an acute shortage of time? To quickly read the textbook, to precisely remember its contents, it is desirable from the first - such thoughts for certain came to mind to the one who at least once in life took examinations. (And to the entrant) important not only quickly to read to the student, but also most precisely to remember a training material.

you want to read and remember educational texts quickly? It is reliable to store in memory of date, terms, formulas, that is any educational and daily information? You can do it if learn to handle the memory competently!

the Nature disposed of

so that possibilities of human memory are involved only for 7%. Other 93% - a reserve which it is possible (and it is necessary!) to use. If you seize secrets of the memory, learn to use rationally it, then it will be much easier for you to study at school, college, institute. You learn to prepare quicker and more effectively for examinations, to avoid unnecessary overloads, will save time and to release it for more interesting affairs!