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Comparison of composition of women`s milk and the adapted mix

the Nutritious factor for to by does not have to Vitamins and Mineral substances are Insufficiently well acquired by Contains with
of of Sozherzhaniye in breast milk of of Sozherzhaniye in the adapted mix of Comments
of Fats

Is enriched with

of the Omega - 3, an important component for development of the growing brain, namely DGK and joint stock company, and also scale - linolenovy acid, lecithin and taurine.
Automatically adapts to needs of the baby. In process of a growing of the baby its concentration decreases.
Is rich with
cholesterol Almost completely is acquired by
Contains a lipase - the enzyme splitting fats

does not contain DHA
At all does not adapt to needs of the baby
does not contain
cholesterol Not completely At all is acquired by

Fat - the most important nutrient in breast milk does not contain a lipase At all. Lack of cholesterol and DHA, vitally - important nutrients for the increasing mental capacities and bodies, can contribute the child to heart troubles in the future and to diseases of the central nervous system. The remained, unabsorbed fat explains unpleasantly smelling chair of the baby.
the Omega - 3 is a dokozageksayenovy acid which is necessary for development of a brain and a retina of eyes of the newborn;
of DGK - dokozageksayenovy
acid of joint stock company - arakhidonovy acid

scale - linolenovy acid which optimizes development of mentality and a body of newborn children;
lecithin which defines development of a brain of the child, the volume of his intelligence and memory;
sulfur-containing amino acid taurine which defines brake processes in the child`s brain.

of of the Squirrel

Gentle, it is easy - the acquired serum.
the Most well acquired. Protein content is higher in milk of mothers who gave birth to premature children.
Contains laktoferrin - an important component for the best work of intestines.
Contains lizotsy, antimicrobic enzyme.
Is enriched with the proteins necessary for a structure of a brain and internals.
Is enriched with the proteins necessary for growth factor.
Contains the proteins stimulating a dream.

it stvorazhivatsya Hard in a stomach of the baby.
is Not completely absorbed by an organism, bigger quantity of the waste giving load of kidneys.
does not contain a laktoferrin At all.
does not contain a lizotsim At all.
Is imperfect or low in some proteins necessary for a brain structure.
Is imperfect in growth factors.
does not contain enough proteins stimulating a dream.

Babies have no allergic reactions to protein of women`s milk.
Laktoferrin. This natural antibiotic which is contained in women`s milk protects the newborn during difficult transition from a materiny organism to the outside world filled with pathogenic microbes. Then throughout all life it, being present at blood and various secrets of an organism, protects the person from harmful effects of environment.
Lizotsim - the enzyme interacting with sugars of certain types in a cellular wall of bacteria and destroying covers of bacterial cages.

of Carbohydrates of

It is enriched with lactose.
Is enriched with the oligosaccharides necessary for healthy work of intestines.


In some mixes lactose at all.
Contain imperfect oligosaccharides.

Lactose is important carbohydrate for development of a brain. Researches show that lactose level in milk of a species is in a direct connection with a size of a brain of this species.

of Immune carriers of

It is enriched with antibodies, millions which are transferred with maternal milk.
Is enriched with immunoglobulins.

does not contain living white blood cells or “any other cages At all. Dead foodstuff has smaller immunological benefit.
Contains very few immunoglobulins which often have the changed genetic appearance.

When mother is subject to actions of microbes (simply is ill), her organism develops antibodies to these microbes and transmits these antibodies to her baby through her milk.

Vitamins and minerals are most well acquired by

of through maternal milk, especially iron, zinc, and calcium.
Iron - from 50 to 75 percent of assimilation.
Contains bigger quantity of a selenium (antioxidant).

Iron - from 5 to 10 percent of assimilation.
the smaller quantity of a selenium (antioxidant)

Most well vitamins and mineral substances are acquired from breast milk then when the organism of the baby has them a direct need. What vitamin or a mineral is necessary for an organism at present, that is better and will be acquired.
of Enzymes and Hormones

It is enriched with digestive enzymes, like a lipase and
amylase It is enriched with many hormones: the thyroid gland, Prolactinum, oxytocin, and more than fifteen other
Amount of vitamins and minerals directly depends on food of mother

Processing kills digestive
enzymes Processing kills hormones which initially are not human
Always has the same structure

Digestive enzymes define health of intestines. Hormones make a contribution to the full biochemical balance which is optimum for the baby.
Incorporating aromas and tastes of the products absorbed by mother, breast milk prepares flavoring feelings of the child for food addictions of family.

of Cost About $600 a year in on additional foodstuff for mother

About $1,200 in a year
To $2,500 a year if the hypoallergenic mixes
Cost of Bottles and Other Devices for Artificial Feeding
The Lost Income, when Baby are necessary it is sick

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