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Career for young people: we choose formation of

In 16 years questions of career worry not everyone, besides forecasts for five years - a complex challenge. Quite often young man chooses higher education institution on the advice of parents, acquaintances or is closer to the house. But it appears, it is necessary to think of professional development not when obtaining the diploma, and even not on older years, and even before receipt. What education - fundamental or highly specialized - is the most favorable to successful start? Participants of today`s round table argue on it.

Main - not to be mistaken

the Choice for economy and law will become the good course for those who were not defined in preferences yet: taken such step in the future decent work waits, Ekaterina Shiryaeva , the HR director of the Deloitte company considers .“ I think that the general economic and general legal education gives great opportunities. B is 16 years old when future students just define where to go to study, these two spheres can become almost sure bet as experts in these areas are demanded always. Additional knowledge can be gained later“, - she tells.

But not everything to be lawyers and economists! Anyway fundamental education is more preferable highly specialized, Olga Muravyeva , the HR manager of the company Whyte and Keyes considers . According to her, it gives a broad outlook, ability not to become puzzled at collision with different problems, more opportunities appear. Choosing a concrete field of activity, it is necessary to weigh carefully all pros and cons, she considers.

If does not have

of definiteness in plans, it is better to be guided by natural bents and to arrive on humanitarian, natural-science or technical faculties.“ The diploma of branded higher education institution is already competitive advantage. Quality education forms thinking definitely, peculiar to this educational institution. For example, in MSU do not give answers to questions, and teach them to set correctly, the graduate of MGIMO is able to see a picture in general and to analyze details, and MAI gives system approach and tendency to structure information. Employers appreciate pets of the known higher education institutions ability to think“ - Lyudmila Sklyarenko , the managing partner of the Global Recruitment Group company is sure by .

experts of high level in the financial sphere also, Sergey Kireev , the HR manager of the Ernst &Young company claims .“ There is a set of options: for example, economics or mathematical departments. Their graduates, possessing good skills of work with digital information, and also desire to build career in finance, will be able quickly to gain additional knowledge by means of trainings and through system of mentoring“, - he tells.

could claim

Several years ago that the best platform for start is a broad education, but today the situation changed a little. “Recently there was a demand for experts of narrower directions. Engineers, specialists in introduction of computer systems, competent HR managers and so on began to be required“, - Ekaterina Shiryaeva tells .“ Even in a beginning of the career in quickly developing branches specialization is useful. So, in telecommunication or IT - the companies willingly take graduates of MTUSI, MGTU of Bauman, MEPhI. Such professionals are very demanded on production, existence of the profile diploma is important for marketing specialists, advertisers, designers“, - Lyudmila Sklyarenko considers . According to her, it is necessary to study concrete specialty if you have a calling, precisely you know in what sphere you will do career.

Adaptation to the employer

is not enough to Gain any diploma today, it is necessary to focus knowledge and skills on requirements of specific employers. What they?

Approach of the company to a set of young specialists depends on its general personnel policy and positioning in labor market. In particular, Andrey Chepurnov , the head of group on attraction and staff recruitment of the Shell Exploration &Production Services company , on industrial or food production, and also in retail trade graduates, from - for lack of experience explains , can be considered as efficient high-performance shots with low market value. “In this case education has to be profile and directly connected with work which such expert intends to carry out“, - he notes.

At the same time, by words Andrey Chepurnov`s , in a number of the progressive Russian and foreign companies young specialists are perceived as a high-potential personnel reserve, as the professionals capable during three - five years grow within the organization to the level of the head of an average link.“ At employment the serious multistage system of selection directed to an assessment of potential of candidates is used here. Besides knowledge of specialty, from them sure foreign language skills, good progress and ability to show leadership skills are required“, - he is sure. The demand of young specialists is so big today that for their attraction many companies will organize special year-round programs. During an assessment of the applicant various HR - tools, for example, of asessment center are used.

“One professions demand narrow technical knowledge, for others broad specialists are necessary. For rapid growth it is important to have serious knowledge in concrete area, however the combination of good fundamental and professional education ideally is useful“, - Olga Sokolova , by the leading consultant of department of recruitment of the Alliance Recruitment company considers .

according to Sergey Kireev`s , candidates are selected by several criteria, one of which - specialization of higher education institution.“ First of all, the theoretical base is important. If to speak about the financial sphere, then economics departments give a strong basis. Special skills in this area can learn in the course of work. At inclusion in the company of ability and level of a foreign language are checked by means of a set of standard tests. By their results future employee goes for interview with managers. Besides possession of professional knowledge, the ideal candidate has to think, show creatively commitment, have leadership skills, skills of communication, to seek for acquisition of new knowledge“, - he notes. soft skills often come today to the forefront, and not only in the professions connected with communication. Employers often do not allocate an education profile as criterion: graduates of technical, humanitarian and commercial faculties are equally interesting to them. For them the most important that employees possessed mental abilities, were productive and showed attention to colleagues.

“The full-fledged basic education is still considered one of the main requirements, but its level and prestigiousness for many companies are not the main criteria for evaluation of candidates, - Anna Borodkina , the coordinator on staff recruitment of the British American Tobacco Russia company is sure by . - In the international organizations on a number of vacancies, regardless of a diploma profile, only one requirement - free foreign language skills, and on the manager`s position, for example, the main criterion - presence of administrative and leader potential is imposed“.

to Study and work!

it is frequent ideas of young people of the professional opportunities disperse from reality. By words Olga Sokolova`s , the higher education is necessary for successful career. “Insurance, advertizing - rather versatile fields of activity. And here in technical areas experts in some one direction are necessary, on the contrary. I will note important advantage of young people - to them easier to adapt on the new place“, - she notes.

“Special significance in the companies is attached to training during which young specialists receive practical skills and idea of the main objectives, tasks of the organization, processes happening in it. It is an additional opportunity to look differently at training in higher education institution, chance to effectively concentrate efforts in the remained school hours“, - Olga Sabanina , by the leading expert on staff recruitment of CJSC CB Citibank claims .

the manager`s Profession is very popular

among students and graduates today.“ It opens prospects as to those who else study, and that who already graduated from higher education institution. The main thing - desire to work and be trained in specialty subtleties, and also ability and readiness to absorb new knowledge, ability to interact with collective and leadership skills“, - Olga Semenova tells , to the consultant of department of human resources development and training of the McDonalds company . However among a large number of persons interested to become managers not all possess the necessary competences. You should not despair, of course.“ For example, it is possible for effective communication and has to study, and independently. For this purpose the thicket should address audience, to participate in discussions. Now there is a large number of literature which helps to gain necessary qualities. Such expert, in whatever area he built career, will not remain in loss: communicative skills will always be useful“, - Olga Semenova continues.

So, today the broad fundamental education giving a broad outlook is considered more demanded. At the same time, there are many directions demanding special skills and, therefore, narrower preparation. Therefore if you precisely know, than want to be engaged, then safely choose training in a specialized format. But, having gained the diploma about the higher education, it is not necessary to stop in development: work in the competitive environment demands continuous increase of professional level. The one who well thought before choosing specialty who was not lazy to combine work and study, will find the place in business and will be able successfully to walk on a career ladder. Let “better late than never“, but all - is better earlier, than later. In total in your hands, at least because you are young.

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