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Offal: From ears and to a tail. As it it is correct to call part I

- giblets, entrails, a liver or an offal? It appears, everything is more correct - “offal“, though the opposite word.“ Liver“, “entrails“ and “giblets“ belong to internals so outside a subject there are tails, ears and necks.

to us it seems to

convenient to divide an offal into two classes, being guided by exclusively subjective reasons. In - the first, it is clear products, such as a liver and kidneys. And in - the second - such with which to the modern Russian citizen it is resolutely unclear what to do. This udder, zobny gland of a calf and to that similar rarities. Let`s begin with clear. In combination - from the head.

That at them in the head

So, brains. It would be possible to tell that it is a dietary product - they contain twice less proteins, than in meat. It is a pity, but to tell so it will not turn out because it is more than enough of cholesterol in brains.

Beef brains possess quite dense consistence. They are very large; one brains are enough for 4 portions. On thermal treatment, boiling or frying about 20 minutes are necessary.

Veal brains more gently and as if maslyanisty. By the sizes they there are approximately twice less beef; they are fried - 10 minutes soar.

Pork brains taste like

beef though by the size it is less. For 1 portion one brains will be necessary. Time for frying - only 5 minutes.

of Yagnyachyi brains - pinkish, gentle, the real delicacy. They are so small, as well as pork. They cannot be digested and overroasted at all. Five minutes on a frying pan, are also ready. it is simple to p to Prepare for

brains, but here it is necessary to pay the closest attention to their preparation. To remove blood clots, brains before thermal treatment need to be soaked in cold water, it is regular it changing, within at least 2 hours. Only after that it is possible to remove from them a film. If clots remained even after a soaking, then it is necessary to put brains in warm water until blood finally does not disappear.

That brains when frying kept white color, it is necessary to take previously a brush and to grease them with lemon juice or vinegar. And if you are going to prepare brains in wine sauce, they can be killed in the water acidified by vinegar and it is not necessary to grease them with vinegar.

Own taste at brains is expressed to

poorly. Therefore it is better to boil them in strong, saturated hens - broth. Otherwise boiled brains turn out presnovaty.

By the way, having boiled, they can be sliced, dunked into batter and to fry quickly in hot fan. And that taste of these of “brain donuts“ turned out more interesting, batter needs to be kneaded not on water and not on milk, and on white wine. Any will approach, the most inexpensive.

we Will pass

to language. In France in the Middle Ages there was a law according to which peasants, hammering cattle, had no right to keep languages - they went only on a domonical table. Frankly speaking, it is possible to understand the French feudal lords. Here and the empress Catherine I the favourite dish read boiled language with cucumbers. To this day language is considered a titbit - whether it be neat`s tongue, veal or pork.

Neat`s tongues and pork sell

separately, yagnyach - sometimes together with the head.

do to

aspic Of language, use it in salads, eat boiled - cold, with various sauces. French do of language and a stewed celery of miles - fairies, that is shift them layers and give hot.

of the Portion of dishes from language pay off at the rate of 200 g on the person. It turns out that if it is possible to feed with one beef tongue the person five, then yagnyachy languages two pieces are necessary for one portion.

If you bought

fresh language, know that in the raw it is stored no more days. You do not manage to prepare per day - freeze. Language freezes through in 5 - 7 hours and can be stored several weeks and even months. Anyway even before its freezing it is good to soak 2 - 3 hours in cold water. Boiled language is stored three days.

to Prepare for

language - business simple, though long. Language needs to be washed up, cleaned, lowered for a couple of minutes in boiled water and to remove skin. Then it is desirable to rub language with coarse salt and to leave on 12, and it is better - for 48 hours. And then its taste considerably will improve.

If you bought

language salty, it needs to be soaked carefully within a day, regularly changing water.

not less than 2 hours in very spicy hens Boil language - broth, regularly and surely removing foam. Degree of readiness is checked a usual fork - if it easily enters into pulp, language is ready. It can be given a la naturel, with horse-radish and mustard. It is possible to sauce, for example, from equal shares of sour cream and mustard, the seasoned sweet pepper and garlic. In general sauces to language great variety, both cold, and hot. All of them are rather sharp to shade gentle taste of the language.

Offal: From ears and to a tail (part 2 - a liver)

And now it is possible for

also about a liver. It is very often called a liver. And in vain! The liver is an anatomic body, a liver - foodstuff.

all livers are approximately identical

On food properties, but big differences are in their taste and texture. The veal liver is considered ideal. Even it is strange that the European culinary specialists long enough ignored it, preferring beef.

Upon purchase of a liver pay attention to its color and the invoice: if the liver bright, brilliant, smooth, then it from a young and healthy animal if it has too dark color - a beast was in old age. If the cut at a liver granular, then when frying it becomes wadded that is bad. If there is an opportunity to choose, buy middle part of a liver - it can be sliced beautifully. It is important for a festive dish.

of the Portion of dishes from a liver pay off proceeding from 100 - 150 on the person.

the Fresh, pair liver is not recommended to be stored long, it is desirable to use it right after purchase or at most within 24 hours, and that at storage in the refrigerator. But if to cut it chunks and to freeze, then it can quietly be stored before half a year. But it is better to eat a liver fresh, it not only is tasty, but also it is useful.

Here several culinary receptions useful at work with a liver. Before frying it is worth putting for 10 minutes the cut liver in milk. Milk forms a fat film on its surface, and it will not darken when frying. There is also other option - it is possible to grease liver slices with the kindled butter; especially it is useful before frying on a grill. At all the liver is never fried to full readiness, all process takes 3 - 4 minutes. Do it so: slices are put on the warmed frying pan and waited until the ichor appears, right there overturned and again wait for emergence of an ichor. Everything, the liver is ready. It is necessary to fry a liver on weak or average fire, strong fire will spoil its taste.

to make brochettes of a liver, at first big pieces slightly fry on a frying pan, and then from them cut small cubes which just need to be reddened slightly on a grill.

If you were going to bake a liver entirely, then it needs to be pickled previously. Use for this purpose port, it is possible the cheapest, spices also are added to it. The French cooks add a little cognac to marinade. Port by means of the syringe is injected in a liver. And the chicken liver can be pickled in medovo - acetic marinade at the rate of 1 h l. honey on 1 kg of a liver, vinegar - to taste. Also pickle a liver duck and goose.