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The resistant cosmetics of

is actively offered to Modern women of fashion steady decorative cosmetics including counterfeit. How not to make its wrong choice and not to do much harm to the health, the doctor of medical sciences, professor, the head of the Moscow State test laboratory center on parfyumerno - cosmetic production of TsNIKVI of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation Anna Vasilyevna Rezaykina tells.

- I will Honestly tell: the subject arose from personal experience. Bought ink, painted eyelashes, and in the evening “wiped to holes“ eyelids until washed away it. Waterproof ink, it such also has to be?
- the Only difference of waterproof ink from usual is that it will not begin to flow if on eyelashes drops of a rain or a snowflake get. But at the same time it easily washes off. You obviously bought not the French ink - the most qualitative in the Russian market from a series steady today. And bought, it is sure, not of company shop and without verification of the certificate of quality.

- Yes somehow did not come to mind to be interested in it. And bought in the subway, in a perfumery booth.
- Here - here, practically all act this way. Just I do not cease to be surprised to flippant attitude of our ladies own health. Any parfyumerno - cosmetic production has one definition - “is intended for maintenance of a healthy condition of skin and care of it“. In other words, foundation, powder, shadows, lipstick is objects of ornament. They help the woman to create mood. Or, as speak today, to produce pleasure hormones which have a direct connection with immune, endocrine and other systems of an organism. It is necessary to handle the same ink very accurately. If it possesses an irritant action, then eyelids and eyes - extremely sensitive - react very painfully. Burning, itch, dacryagogue begins, the veil in the eyes appears. Lipstick, a lip gloss should be chosen carefully too. We eat them, they get to an organism. And if lipstick of bad quality, then there can be very unpleasant consequences for health.

- So that the cosmetics did not damage health - should connect intelligence upon its purchase, especially lipsticks, hulks, shadows and cream for a century. And not just purse. When you plan to buy the car, clothes, furniture, you think over it in advance - consult on someone, choose shop. But why on the run, at all without reflecting, you get parfyumerno - cosmetic production?
- It is much cheaper, than large things. And on the other hand, someone on expensive cosmetics has no money. - And on health which is much more expensive, so there is money? If you after use of low-quality cosmetics had an irritation on skin, you will go to the expert. And perhaps, to it whose services are not a part of the system obligatory medical insurance. Means, you pay for consultation and treatment. Perhaps, you will need to make analyses, to pass diagnostic inspection which are also not included into the list of free services. You again - will pay from the pocket. Add to it the cost of drugs. Here also consider in what sum the low-quality lipstick bought in the market or in an underground passage will cost you. So, maybe, there is a sense to buy expensive, but high-quality lipstick of well-known company and in solid shop?

- And where a guarantee that the same steady cosmetics is harmless?
- That decorative cosmetics that passed through our center, is safe for health of the woman. There are special normative documents according to which we work. There are accurately fulfilled obligatory indicators of safety which we have to define as the test laboratory center. And on the basis of our protocols government bodies on certification give out or do not give out sanitarno - the epidemiological conclusion, the certificate of conformity. These documents say to the consumer that cosmetic production is safe for health. For example, fine quality the cosmetic lines “Silver Rosa“, “Myrrh - Luxury“, “Olkhon“, “Farmakon“ have. The decorative cosmetics of the Moscow factory “Rassvet“ - a lip gloss, a pencil is harmless to eyebrows, is ruddy. By the way, specialists of this enterprise develop steady compact powder of several tones now. We will check the components entering it. It is supposed that this powder will not only smooth minor outer defects, but to moisten skin and by that to protect it from presenilation.

- But the market abounds also with import cosmetics.
- Known parfyumerno - cosmetic firms make too many investments in production, too value prestigiousness of the brand to ignore official control bodies of the consuming country. Therefore all of them provide samples for laboratory researches. In return, we surely demand the certificate of safety of that country where it is made. But also at its existence, and also having data on composition of cosmetic, all of us equally it check - at first for animals, then on volunteers and then we draw the conclusion. That is import parfyumerno - cosmetic production passes double control before goes on sale. Especially for young girls I can tell that the “sparkling“ voice-frequency cosmetics so fashionable now - spangles for a body and a face, damp eye shadow - does not pose threat for health. Substances which are forbidden by the European association of cosmetologists are not its part. The same spangles from cellulose remain on a skin surface, do not get inside.

- Now fakes rather well learned to stamp. It is written “Paris“, and made in the neighboring cellar. How to protect itself from false cosmetics?
- Prestigious firms strictly watch that their production was not forged. Small firms - a something ephemeral, of course, are less legible in means for receiving profit. And externally you will not be able to distinguish, let us assume, handicraft nail varnish - allegedly especially strong - from the present. You will understand then it when you use of the Varnish - the forgery does not dry, does not lay down exactly, changes the initial color, is washed away in two hours - it is worth washing hands. The main danger is that it spoils a nail plate. But! Such “producers“ never will also present the production for check on safety. Therefore, they have no documents allowing sale. Therefore - that it is also necessary to ask the certificate of quality. If it is not shown, so just do not buy the offered goods.

- Taking into account age features of skin what you can make practical recommendations about use of steady cosmetics?
- First of all to read the summary. Personally I so consider: cosmetic production only in that case is effective, that is really is a subject of care of appearance if it is applied according to the summary. As a rule, the producer writes it on the basis of our protocols and with reference to our center. And we do not speak advertizing language. And we carry on subject conversation with the developer on a subject how not to do much harm to skin. It for us - the main thing. Qualitative steady cosmetics, I will repeat, it is harmless. But it is necessary to consider age features of skin. If the mature woman needs to use voice-frequency powder, then - it is better for young girl to avoid it. Though youth is also fine in itself, young people want to look as it is possible more brightly, more effectively. But skin of teenage and youthful age, as a rule, problem - fat, with acne rash. And the excessive hobby for cosmetics can strengthen these and other unpleasant signs of approach of puberty. Categorically I do not advise young people to leave decorative cosmetics for the night. If tap water dries skin, then it is desirable to remove a make-up a cosmetic milk or lotion without the content of alcohol. And at all not to use night cream which on the active components is intended for women of more solid age. At night everything has a rest including skin. Therefore it has to be pure and breathe freely that exchange processes in an organism were not broken. The organism has to be healthy then the cosmetics helps to emphasize appearance favourably.