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Miracles happen!

Weather was already habitually slushy in spite of the fact that there was a January therefore for work I reached, bending around extensive pools. At work as usual the work involving all hands, and mood were not even lightened that there was a Friday, and for tomorrow we with the husband ordered restaurant to celebrate the first wedding anniversary in the family circle.


along a corridor with folders, edge an ear heard that with Galina from the next department became bad. Decided to glance to it especially as lately we densely communicated with the Daw on work. Really, she looked bad: tearful eyes, the swelled up a little face. I think, all right, I will not stick with inquiries, greeted, and went to itself further. And here dawned on me: The daw is pregnant! She married several months ago, they with the husband bought the apartment on credit, well of course, most likely she is pregnant! And so to me for it it became joyful, even to a heartache. Yes so jammed! And likely the Daw specially did not aspire to it, only the wedding was won back, and all like clockwork. And I for the last month exhausted a lot of tests, and itself got exhausted, and all for nothing.

did not sustain

A week ago, went to the doctor, with inquiries: “What is the matter? Why it is impossible?“. And with hope: suddenly tests lie, and everything will be confirmed. And that on me, one may say, snatched: “Yes here people for years try, and you want from the first. So does not happen!“ . But if the majority can hope for a miracle every month, then my situation is more difficult: the cycle is irregular, and, as a rule, strongly stretched.

to me it became absolutely sad

I. Yes, I, probably, was lost in day-dreams. And here I sit at the office, and at heart of a cat scrape. And after a campaign to the doctor promised - more than any tests, all - the family budget not rubber, and there are no thoughts in this respect - so not. But Galkin a case brought down me from legs. Again began to check mentally itself: does not feel sick - it seems is not present, and in general the state like nothing, only with experiences the head aches a bit.

Eh, was not taken out by soul of the poet! During the lunchtime ran on pools in the next drugstore. Returned, grabbed some bottle - and in a toilet. And, - you will not believe, - I and trust myself hardly, for the first time in lives - two strips! Bad lighting, optical illusion, paranoid syndrome, at last? No, very distinctly two strips. Try exactly, a quiet step to leave a toilet, in a corridor nearly faced a forehead the chief, and hardly managed to hide a paper strip. Sitting in an office, I continue to consider it under a table, I cannot admire.

How to tell the husband? No, to the house I will definitely not wait. And sent the SMS: “Two strips“. Reaction did not keep itself waiting, is right there ringing. Was not to express pleasure in words! And gray gloomy day suddenly found paints, and all problems were dissolved. To the same evening went to an appointment. “I congratulate you, five weeks, - she told with a smile, and added, - and miracles after all happen!“ .

Next day we celebrated a wedding anniversary. We with the husband shone, relatives could not admire us. At a culmination point of action we, despite all signs and other, declared everything that we will have a kid. To the boy we did not think up a name and if there is a girl, then we will name Alina.


Never should despair, miracles actually happen! It is only necessary to believe in them!

P. S. In September we gave birth to Alina. And the Daw, two weeks before, gave birth to the boy.