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The Turkish somersault - everything is modest, but is included

“Decide! Kitchen or Turkey?“ - the husband insisted. I thought of new kitchen and of that how many plates I in it should wash up, and then about the warm sea, a genial sunshine and multi-colored cocktail, and decided - Turkey!

2005 for us was marked by considerable vital changes - sale of the old apartment, purchase new, repair in it. All this thoroughly knocked down not only our budget, but also nervous system. Therefore to rest we treated as pleasant need, but were forced to think of its inexpensive option. Turkey was the first country which occurred. At more detailed studying of the prices it turned out that it is not such cheap rest. Air tickets from our native Krasnodar would cost us 380 dollars from the person, from the next Rostov-on-Don - 260 dollars, and from Moscow - okolo190 dollars.

Travel through Moscow we rejected

at once - for our daughter Masha it would be too tiresome voyage. Stopped on Rostov.

First of all I made the letter in which stated requirements to hotel, estimated dates of a departure, our approximate budget, and distributed the letter to dozen of travel agencies of Rostov-on-Don. To my astonishment, answers came only from three companies. In one letter to me suggested to arrive to office and to discuss everything on the place (probably, forgot that between Krasnodar and Rostov about 300 km). In the second letter offered hotels much more expensively than the sum specified by me. And I found answers to all the questions and ten offers on hotels only in the third letter. Having studied the description of hotels and comments on them, stopped on small hotel in Cyd. When we were going to make an advance payment, it became clear that the hotel is already sold. After long throwings chose four-star hotel “Club Akman Park“ in Chamyyuva on the first coastline. Enthusiastic reviews of hotel on the Internet were not, but also brightly negative too. In general the hotel met our modest requirements, and we decided.

I saw

of Complexity of our travel in two aspects: a diet of the daughter who in the year and ten months continues to eat as a one-year-old lyalechka, and in the transit Krasnodar - Rostov - Antalya - Rostov - Krasnodar. On the first question I was perfectly informed on: not to find baby food in Chamyyuva so porridges and meat jars should be brought with themselves. Boiled vegetables and fresh fruit for certain will be on a buffet and in local supermarkets. The second issue was unexpectedly resolved thanks to the relatives living in 140 km from Krasnodar and in 160 from Rostov. We accepted their offer and on the eve of a departure arrived on a visit, having thereby broken the road into two stages.

the Kind manager of the sending SK - Intur travel agency sent me an instruction of the tourist in which the documents which are required for travel to Turkey were specified: international passports wash also the husband (the daughter is entered both to it, and to me). But a day before a departure when we already overcame halfway to Rostov, she called and asked to take the birth certificate of the child:“ Just in case“. The husband refused to come back to Krasnodar - we traveled not for the first time and knew that internal documents for departure from the country are not necessary. The prospect to pass 300 km late at night from - for reinsurances did not seduce. I very much was nervous, but everything managed safely - on border nobody gave a hint at the birth certificate.

the Road to Rostov, weeds and the daughter transferred a transfer to hotel perfectly - any unreasonable whim, full understanding of all gravity of a situation. On it the good behavior ended. In hotel she behaved as usual. And on the road showed difficult character in all beauty back.


the Host - Altair Travel - frankly disappointed. From our plane they met us, elderly couple and a married couple with the boy of five years. Elderly couple was put in the car at once and taken away in hotel. We and children from Rostov half an hour lonely waited for the promised bus. Police officers approached us even and were interested what firm meets us. At last the bus arrived, the representative of firm, having agreed with the driver, sent us to hotels, and itself remained at the airport.

In hotel us was met by other representative of Altair Travel - Jascha. Our dialogue was short:

- Questions are? there is no
- Questions.
- Show the return tickets. A day before a departure wait for information on departure on a reception.
- OK.

On it we left.

the Hotel met our expectations - small, but very green and cozy with a set of palm trees, citrus trees, flowers. Between three-storyed cases, in each of which 12 numbers, paths from white marble settled down. Numbers with the oak furniture, marble bathrooms twined greens balconies. However, in number there was no promised crib, but it not strongly upset us - hardly Mashka would agree to sleep in a new situation separately from parents.


absence of the hotel of the hair dryer declared in the description disappointed Much more. Here I, with your permission, will make small lyrical digression: before a trip I as, probably, any ambitious woman, was engaged in the appearance. Visit of very fashionable and creative master of hairdresser`s art became one of points of the program of personal care of darling. The master suggested me to change image, to look younger, and to say goodbye for this purpose to long black curls, having given way to a fashionable hairstyle with vanguard painting. Well, I came into a hairdressing salon in Salma Hayek`s image, and there was in image Pink. In the course of laying the stylist gave me necessary manuals on care of a hairstyle: as much as possible to level hair the hair dryer, and “to put“ a nape vertically. Considering that hair at me curly, it and in usual conditions a difficult task, and at the sea so even less so.

I here we come, and there is no hair dryer. We go on a reception, speak to us:“ You come tomorrow, perhaps somebody will move down and will hand over the hair dryer“. Next day history repeated. And on following too. I received the long-awaited hair dryer only for the fourth day therefore the first three days we were not photographed:-). Then I, however, receded from manuals of the hairdresser, and daughter`s hairpins were put to use. But for herself resolved - more than any modern hairstyles before trips.

Location of our bungalow pleased

- near restaurant and the pool with a children`s hill. We were lodged on the first floor that too is convenient, considering that we used a carriage. From a balcony the sea was visible.

in general, an arrangement of hotel very successful for the four - on the seashore, at the end of the resort area of the village of Chamyyuva. The village green and cozy - it was pleasant to me much more, than Belbidi and Kirish. When I exposed requirements to hotel, placement on the first coastline was the basic. I can tell that for our sum of such offers was a little, and Akman Park as I was convinced later, not the worst of them.

Cleaning in number was made by

every day, the Bed linen and towels changed daily though we left tip only three times. Every time to us was left by shower gel, soap and shampoo on all family.

Meals at the hotel very peculiar. It quite sufficient for healthy adults, but nevertheless differs from to what we got used. Main features such.

Practically all food is presented by

in the crude or soared form. If something is also fried, then only on a grill. Everything salted insufficiently on our taste - salt on tables in saltcellars.

Practically in all food does not have fat. The majority of salads is not filled - just there are cut ingredients - they can be mixed, and it is possible to water with sauces which stand on a separate table in transparent wash-tubs: the lemon juice mixed with olive oil sauce - cocktail, grape juice with oil and so forth. Mayonnaise in that look to which we got used, no. It is replaced by similarity of sour yogurt with spices and additives. Therefore when Turks try to reproduce Russian salad, they manage only its weak (imkho, tasteless) similarity. Meat everything fat-free. Even the omelet is steamed.

For breakfast always flakes, pastries, vegetables, potatoes, eggs in several types, types five cheeses and sheep cheese, olives, olives, oil and so forth are. On your eyes fry either an omelet, or fried eggs, or toasts, or fritters, or pizza.

several types of a garnish give

During the lunchtime. Among them: rice, macaroni, potatoes, haricot, vegetable stews, corn. Never there was a buckwheat.

the Wiped soups me personally were not pleasant to


Vegetables always in infinite quantity and in various variations.

Meat is presented to

every day to two - three views of a lunch and three - four views of a dinner.

For dinner in general more than hundred names of dishes. Every day to the pool take out three braziers. On them fry vegetables, flat cakes, fritters. From meat one of names: shawarma, a shish kebab, chicken wings, a liver, beefsteaks and so forth

the Pastries and sweets are something! About them I could write the whole page, but forgive, I on a diet, am afraid to choke with saliva. Eh, here goes! Airy cakes, the cookies soaked with honey syrup, choux pastry, fruit pies with a lemon, a quince, cherry, air mousses, transparent jellies with fruit, water-ices with poppy, swiss rolls, some unusual baklava, various puffs, croissants, pies and many other things. Generally, to the confectioner five with plus!

Somehow time at breakfast I became the involuntary witness of conversation of two of our compatriots. Ladies complained about a poor breakfast with which it is impossible to sate itself to live up to a lunch. I admit, I arrived ugly and furtively glanced in their plates. Kartoshechka, sausage, couple of types of cheese, cucumbers, olives, tomatoes, fried eggs, rolls, butter, muesli, juice, coffee … It is necessary only to guess as they eat at home.

the Huge problem - shortage of tables at supper. It is just some nightmare! To take an empty seat, it is necessary or to come by the beginning, or to wait for the end. I long thought why so? For breakfast and a lunch restaurant thin. Perhaps the reason that between the end of a lunch and the beginning of a dinner a wide interval of time - people manage to get hungry (though it is always possible to have a bite in the bar French fries and hamburgers). And there can be a dinner for vacationers not only meal, but also entertainment - people eat, drink, wait for evening animation, do not hurry to leave. At us everything rested against the child and his desires therefore it was very difficult to settle sometimes these troubles with a dinner. I think, the management of hotel should think of it seriously.

to eat the products prepared by cooks of hotel, Masha refused flatly. Whether Turks have exotic spices, whether we have very choosy child, but we had to eat the brought habitual products. The exception was made by only boiled potato, a yolk of boiled egg, cheese, puff rolls and apples. However, I observed more than once how two-year-old kids whom in hotel was much navorachivat macaroni and vegetable stew, washing down with milk or juice therefore I will assume that we were not lucky only.

Baby food I all - found

in Chamyyuva. In local markets and so-called drugstores there are dairy mixes NAN, soluble porridges and jars of fruit puree of Milupa firm. The price - 3 euros for a jar confused: - (.

In general fans of shopping on the Antaliysky coast is waited by disappointment. The continuous consumer goods on extravagant prices are on sale. There are no toys of nurseries not that good, and at all any. One plastic buckets for 5 - 7 euros. Perhaps, we had a rest at the very end of a season and bought up all goods? Clothes - stuff. Products it is impossible expensive, 5 euros for a linking of bananas - to go crazy! Skin and sheepskin coats are more expensive, than in Russia in two - three times. Do not agree to free excursion in shopping at all - the centers - you will just waste precious time of rest. All very expensive, doubtful quality. To me advertized the Istanbul Saturday market in Tekirov, and it is vain. My summary: shopping on the coast - the sad tale of a downtime.

Animation in hotel was, but such is imperceptible - unostentatious. During the day the children`s club where children draw works, ride hills, play in a sandbox. In the evening after a dinner kids execute dances under the leadership of the Russian girl. Our Maria, on life not inclined to collective actions, showed in this case special speed. The first time she long deliberated to go to a scene or not? At last demanded that together with it the father went. Ours the nice fellow - the bartender created amazing cocktails therefore the father not only climbed on a scene, but also during an instant mastered all movements. Masha was quickly liberated and executed dances after the own fashion - her movements strongly differed from what was offered by the animator.

In general the child surprised with

us in Turkey more than once. Somehow we spent time the about bar, Masha escaped and promptly ran in restaurant. There she chose a little table with the having supper Turk, sat down on a chair and demanded from the stunned man of bread. “Queen!“ - the discouraged gentleman uttered and stretched to Mashka a top crust :)

One night we came back home and found on a wall under a ceiling a little orange lizard.“ What will we do?“ - the father concerning the uninvited guest inquired.“ Bach - women“, - Masha who got used that in the evenings the father beats with a towel of mosquitoes, which in hotel infinite quantity answered. We released a lizard, having decided that “ba - women“ in relation to a harmless beast it is somehow inhumane.

Separately I want to tell

about fantastic the Mediterranean Sea: gentle, tender, warm! It can wash away all shortcomings of stay by the salty transparent blue water. The sea of Turkey was fallen in love by all our family without exception. Mashka was very difficult to be pulled out from water.

At departure us again was expected by an incident of Altair firm. In due time the bus with the attendant came, on the road we came for a married couple with the five-year-old boy in their hotel and went to the airport. The airport landed us, showed doors and wished a pleasant way. In the building it became clear that we were brought not to that airport: to us it is necessary Antalya - 1, and it is Antalya - 2. We began to call our attendant, he long could not find the bus (the fact that brought us, already left). The benefit of time was much, and aboard the plane we were in time. But there was a feeling that the host not really professionally treats the business. I do not recommend to you to use its services.

in general, feelings from travel very pleasant. The ratio of the price and quality - is optimum. Not all people are ready to spend for rest two today - three and even one and a half thousand dollars. Such hotels as Club Akman Park, just for the low budget. And in general, the main thing on vacation - a positive spirit!

can see other photos of our travel Here.

* * *

Two previous years we had a rest in Cyprus therefore we involuntarily drew analogies between hotels, quality of service. In my modest opinion, Turks very easily distribute to hotels of a star, and the fact that in Cyprus two stars, in Turkey - the firm four are called, and the average Cyprian three can quite correspond to the Turkish five. And the fact that in Cyprus the status of five stars carries in Turkey is proud is called “Seven“. All these gradation, of course, are conditional - and the principle of rest in these countries is various: hotels practically do not work at Cyprus on system “all inclusive“, in Turkey this priority direction. In Turkey you receive all service and entertainments in the territory of hotel, it depends in Cyprus everything is calculated that you will spend a lot of money beyond its limits. With children Turkey is much more convenient for rest. But for the people missing movements and change of impressions, perhaps, a little more boringly. I will repeat, these are especially my personal impressions, they do not apply for the ultimate truth, and only urge to consider various options of rest once again.

I Wish all pleasant travel!

yours faithfully,