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As we went to the fifth class


to a synula of 10 years. This year we went to the fifth class. Write “we“ because this not only serious event in the child`s life, but also a huge stress for his parents.

But about everything one after another. I realized all gravity of situation last academic year before the last PTA meeting in May. On it had to divide a class into the English and German subgroups. All mothers fussed, whispered, afraid to get … “in Germans“. Voluntarily only one mother agreed to learn with the child German. With the others acted this way: those who came to PTA meeting wrote down in the English subgroup, the others - in German. Conclusion: it is necessary to go to PTA meetings, at least sometimes.

In August I decided to be bought by notebooks, handles etc. Bought all necessary at once. Joyful and happy, I came home. Here - that also became clear that:

the List I could continue

, but, I think, as so everything is clear. I drew one more conclusion: I will go to shop behind all necessary to school together with the child now. It will preserve nerves and money.

on August 31. Surely ask the son (daughter) whether wants he(she) to go with flowers. So, just in case. My son wanted to go with flowers in the late afternoon when found out that friends go “with brooms too“. It is good what was still not really late, we safely bought flowers.

Long-awaited the first of September. When the son learned that, except mother, the father, the sister and the grandmother will go to see off him, discontentedly muttered: “What I, small, perhaps?“ And after school, “he still politely asked not to meet him already in the fifth class“. Agreed that the son will call, leaving school. But for September I understood an important thing: if the child called in 13 - 30, it does not mean at all that he will come in 14. And even in 14 - 30. On the way home there is a lot of important and interesting: chestnuts in a schoolyard, a stray dog whom it is sad without your child, the schoolmate who needs to help to spend ten parental rubles. To swear it is useless - either you suffer, or catch your child at school after lessons.

Now, at last, most important. Rewrite all phones of schoolmates to names of mothers - fathers - grandmothers. You should communicate often with them,


and many other reasons of lack of homework force you to get acquainted with families of schoolmates closer. You do not call honors pupils all the time, otherwise in few weeks will never be at home them when you want to ask something. Leave for them only the trickiest questions.

A have some reality now. Texts on literature, paragraphs on natural study, history, a grazhdanovedeniye should be retold, despite oath assurances of the child of that, as words - that (retelling) he at a lesson did not hear it. Setting the paragraph, the teacher of high school also does not suspect that it is necessary to stipulate it. For it it needless to say. Besides, the child needs to do different extracts in a notebook (important dates, rules, drawings and schemes) from time to time. Even if in writing nothing was set. Otherwise for maintaining a notebook there will be eternal “four“. And so the notebook will “be more solid“, and your child - is cleverer (at least if once redrew something, wrote out etc. that something has to be postponed). Has to. Surely. Sometime.

Carrying out exercise on Russian, do not forget to make all analyses, to emphasize and explain the passed spelling patterns. Otherwise more three for homework will not deliver to you. Or will deliver heartless “cm“. You work - you work minutes twenty - and on you. Any satisfaction.

A in tasks on mathematics do not designate the speed, time and distance Latin letters at all, write completely with words. Very much it irritates mathematicians, as well as presence of a short condition at a task. It to you not elementary school.

you learn

On a foreign language words. And not only their values, but also their writing and (about horror!) transcription. It frightens only in the first days ten. Then you get used. The child even begins to bring positive marks for written test works which are carried out through a lesson. And houses it is better to write words on cards: on the one hand - the word and a transcription, with another - the translation. You carry cards with yourself everywhere and stick to the child constantly. Wants - does not want, and will learn. And you at the same time. And for the night deliver to the child in a player the Happy English cartridge. Let thinks that it is a new modern lullaby.

do not try to remember all teachers of a name - to a middle name. In - the first, there is too much them, in - the second, routine of shots at school - still a problem (at us only for September two teachers exchanged), in - the third, teachers are schooled by our children so that they respond on any name, is tender to them turned. And if it is serious, then remember better than number of offices of subject teachers that the nobility where to run if something happens. And write to the child numbers of offices in the diary, directly in class timetable that he did not wander on school with an unfortunate look in search of the schoolmates.

Surely listen to all childish news. Sincerely be interested in affairs of the child. Not far off this terrible teenage age, the main thing to keep the cordial, confidential relations. Be indulgent. The fact that it seems to us nonsense, silly chatter can be very important for your son or the daughter.

you go to PTA meetings. At least to look at “hysteric woman“ (hysteric woman) who writes such remarks, amazing in a form, to the diary; on the athlete who wants that your child at least repeated a world record on sprint; on the teacher of biology who for some reason chose a written form of communication with children at lessons and now clutches at the head from opuses of our unrecognized geniuses. Where still you will hear so many different opinions on the child?

Surely take

phone from the class teacher. Do not hesitate to call cool mother with your problems. Rather you will understand everything, the will be quieter to you more comfortably to your child. I understood that in spite of the fact that the son already big, he still needs reasonable control, attention and care from parents. Patience to all mothers!