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How to teach the wife not to be afraid of sorts

my story is addressed for the first time to pregnant women, and more to their husbands that they could teach the wife not to be afraid of childbirth.

It is known that many yet not giving birth women are afraid of childbirth, and some - just in panic. My wife in general is afraid of pain strongly (pardonably, in general, to the woman), and here pregnancy at it (first).

All nothing, but any more the horror causes the word “childbirth“ in it, and the more the tummy became, the stronger it was shown. Her girlfriends who many were not giving birth and who gave birth probably too could not tell calming. Here on the TV childbirth quite often shows in all their “beauty“, it is worse than tortures of Gestapo... Generally, anything optimistical.

Irka every month is more and more gloomy, about a month from the seventh in general than us, men (it is not concrete me, and in general men though a feminist never before was) began to accuse supposedly this labor from you, men, we women have, and so on. No influence (a pier, the baby - that long-awaited) worked, there are no courses of preparation for childbirth in our town, In the Internet too nothing acceptable was found. I already began to worry that such Irkin a spirit, who knows, badly will affect the child.

decided to work with

Ya. As itself did not give birth, and will hardly give birth as childbirth takes place and that is tested, cannot raaskazat. Handled the help to the mother and the mother-in-law, Irkiny mother. Let a pier, and so, will talk to it, all will describe, only without paints, all heavy moments let not especially paint. But the mother-in-law at me in general the woman strict, does not love whiners (and why Irka such grew up at them), my mother gave birth to me hardly, there were gaps quite strong as she told me. But both of them talked to it, it seems as Irka became cheerful. I, having studied literatures, began to be engaged with it, to prepare for childbirth, it is if at all possible to be expressed so.

we with it Studied the correct breath, anesthesia massages, but the main thing - a psychological spirit, from it and ease of childbirth proceeds. I think and, Irka with such spirit of easy childbirth not to see definitely, she and on the TV as looked at childbirth in some movie, day two could not recover. Generally, it was necessary to convince her that childbirth is, actually, as a lock (you remember from the childhood), only slightly more feasibly. But very much get prettier there was Chinese some book, from yoga it seems as breath to reduce pain. By means of a delay of this breath I also learned to reduce pain (on itself even did experiences).


of Fight at Irka suddenly and strong. Having called me by the mobile phone, Irka reported about fights, I run approached, took away in maternity hospital (the benefit of minutes of the 15th driving), brought all necessary things later. Irka surprisingly gave birth to doctors easily (though told - shouted terribly), but gaps, nothing. There was it on June 5 this year. The baby at us (son) the good, healthy, thank God, fourth month.

Irka I ask

whether painfully to give birth was? Speaks, everything is much easier, than imagined, well is valid how the lock, only slightly - is slightly heavier. And tells pains, at all not such as with the axe on a hand, and some pulling, and attempts - it is not sick at all. The breast which ached from a large amount of milk for the 3rd day after the delivery was an unpleasant surprise only.

through five we to the son (Denis called) decided to make by

of Years the little sister (well or the brother as it will turn out). Irka speaks, the following pregnancy will be only in pleasure.

my advice to all husbands - to future fathers if you see that your wife is afraid of childbirth, do not wave away, you remember, you have a direct bearing on her pregnancy, so to overcome in it fear - your direct man`s duty.