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Toys with a surprise of

Surprises (certainly, pleasant) are loved by both adults, and children. But unlike the world “big“ where, as a rule, wait for reasons for unexpected pleasure and emotional lift from outside, it is often more interesting and more pleasant to little person “to give“ this surprise to itself independently. Features of children`s development are that that regularity it seems “you press a rychazhok - the hare jumps out“ causes hardly no more delight, than the best gift or an unexpected event. Therefore at kids toys with a surprise are so demanded.

Main in toys of this sort - the fact that the child independently opens the principle of their action and in an award for it receives a surprise. That is at certain actions of the kid (a nazhimaniye, turn, rotation) something new appears - the hare jumps out, the unexpected sound is distributed, pictures begin to flash or to turn castors. Participation of the adult should not be persuasive here. The child has to open a way of action, and the adult only to direct the kid, to stimulate to actions.

of the Toy with a surprise can be divided into several types:

  1. of Sound (panels, the children`s game centers) and any toys from which the child can elicit a sound.
  2. the Self-made toys and toys from improvised material developing inquisitiveness and thinking of the child. These are various boxes with secrets, small bottles and vials for games of water and other objects by means of which it is possible to surprise the child.
  3. Some moving (dynamic) toys with which at certain actions there is something new. Working with such toys, the child learns the regularities hidden in them and establishes connection between the actions and emergence of a surprise. Such occupation very much carries away kids and develops their informative activity.
to Whom is not

a year old

can offer the First toys with a surprise to the child approximately from 7 - 8 months when he can already sit. These are simple sound toys and the game centers. There are many their versions. For example, such in which when pressing the button with the image of a certain animal the sound corresponding to this animal is distributed. As a result the child establishes connection between pressing of the button and a sound. Besides the developing moments, the emotional charge which children receive during game is very important here. They can press many times the buttons, listen to sounds and receive huge pleasure both from effect of own action, and from a sound.

At the choice of similar toys it is important to p to pay attention to where and as the button is located. It is important it was easy to press it and the toy at the same time did not move. Then the kid will quickly master necessary actions and with pleasure will play or listen to pleasant music. If when pressing the button the toy moves or fall (for example if the button is ahead), the kid will not be able to play with it. Important and what sound is made by the acquired “surprise“. If “voice“ at a toy very loud and sharp, the kid can be frightened and will not begin to play more with it. In the future, when the kid will grow up, he can include such toy and dance to its melodious music.

Of 1 year to 2 - x

For children the game centers with keys which should be turned in the certain way that “surprise“ jumped out are more senior to eat (for example, in the form of a cat or the hare). At the same time the child has to guess as it is necessary to turn a key (to press it, to twist, shift to the right, to the left, up or down) to achieve result.

At this age the child “thinks hands“ (when works with objects) therefore to understand the principle of emergence of a surprise, it should turn, press and make a set of times other various manipulations with keys. Thus informative activity develops and strong-willed qualities of the personality (persistence) are cultivated - the kid should open a way of action which is not always easy for finding. But when this way is found, the child with pleasure turns keys again and again, taking from it great pleasure. At repeated repetitions the kid works new actions and is convinced of the competence.

When the child knows what will occur after turn of a key, is an already expected surprise. It is of great importance for further development of the kid. The expected surprise is already the image arising at the child, preparation for figurative thinking.

the hands

For the child of early age (1 - 3 years) easily to make toys with a surprise. For example, of a box with a secret . Treats boxes with various locks assuming ways of opening different, unknown to the child them. It can be:

When the baby will open a box and will get the hidden subject, it is necessary to praise it, together with it to be surprised finds to consider it. Then it is possible to hide a surprise back to give the chance to the kid to repeat all actions independently.

Surprises from water and soap

Rich opportunities for development of inquisitiveness give to

games with water. And here the set of interesting toys with a surprise can be made of improvised material also. For example, to take a bubble and to lower it in water - and let the child will see how this vessel will suddenly jump out on a surface. And if to fill this bubble with water, it will drown. The detailed phenomena - opening, a surprise for the little person, earlier it never turned attention to such things. It is possible to experiment with water and a plastic bottle: to lower an empty bottle under water - and it will be gradually filled. And still it is fashionable to immerse a bottle on depth in the different ways: horizontally, under an inclination, vertically. If to throw it into water absolutely empty, with the closed cover, then she will horizontally swim on a surface. Let the kid will try to send to it and to hold there.


, parents surely have to comment on everything that occurs, paying attention of the child to how objects of the different size behave in water, weight, with openings or without them.

can find

many interesting grants for games with water in shops Now. For example, very unusual center “Magic Flowers“. It is the plastic platform with flowers which gradually “grow“ if on them to pour water. In the beginning the adult can show unusual transformation to the kid. And then, when the child will understand communication between water and growth of flowers, he will do it independently. This toy is very entertaining and gives a lot of joy to children. Besides, children with its help learn to establish prichinno - investigative communications between the effects, the movement of water and “growth of flowers“.

Infinitely various opportunities for surprising opening such known children`s entertainment as soap bubbles gives

. It is worth blowing in a ringlet on a stick - and they chaotically scatter in different directions, one burst at once, others sit down on leaflets or on a hand, and in them it is possible to see the reflection or reflection of the sky. And all these unusual transformations depend on that as well as with what force the kid (or the adult) lets out the air.

National toys

For a long time parents wanted to draw attention of the child with unusual toys, thought out, made something interesting. To a being yut different types of national toys with a surprise. One of them represents the figure of the clown made of matter on a stick. You push a stick up - Parsley jumps out, clean a stick back - Parsley hides. At first the kid rejoices to appearance of the clown, then, after repeated repetitions, he already waits for it emergence, and subsequently itself makes attempts to work with a toy. The child has to understand the principle of emergence of Parsley, establish connection of manipulations with a stick and emergence of a subject. That it was interesting to kid to play with the clown, that has to be bright and cheerful. And the mechanism of emergence of a toy has to be reliable and easy for a children`s hand. If once at the same actions of the kid parsley does not appear, it can cause irritation of the child.

One more national toy with a surprise is the so-called kuvyrunchik. It represents a figure of the clown on a short flight of stairs. If to put the clown on the top crossbeam, then he will somersault and go down on crossbeams, it will not appear below yet. This toy attracts with the movement and the fact that the clown, somersaulting, does not fall. By the way, the kuvyrkunchik (it still call the acrobat) at the same time is also a dynamic toy.

One more rather old “surprise“ which was familiar and loved by children still in 60 - 70 - e years of the 20th century is Thumbelina. Many today`s parents remember this toy on the childhood. It represents the plastic platform on which there is a flower with the closed petals. And sideways there is a small rychazhok. If to press it, then petals reveal and inside it is possible to see a figure of Thumbelina. The child has to understand that for appearance of Thumbelina it is necessary to press the lever constantly. As a result at the kid small motility and visually - motor coordination develops.

by Most “adult“ of children

such toy as a kaleidoscope is very interesting to

To preschool children and younger school students (5 - 7 years). Externally it is similar to a telescope, but if in it to look, then it is possible to see not that is ahead - closer or further, and fancy patterns from multi-colored pebbles. These patterns change only if the pipe rotates. Therefore the kaleidoscope should be twisted. And the most interesting is in what is never known what pattern will turn out next time. The unexpected picture attracts not only children, but also adults as at any age people can twist long a pipe, being surprised to new, unexpected combinations.

This toy calms the excited children, develops imagination and creative abilities.

the top Turns...

with a surprise can carry To toys also one more very popular type of children`s entertainments - a top, and also its version - a spinning top. They differ from each other only in the principle of start: Brought a top it is started by rotation between fingers or hands, the spinning top at is found in the movement by pressing a core or the button. The most attractive in these toys is that the child himself, own actions sets a top in motion. At the same time he feels a source of this movement - from its simple action there is something unusual, unexpected, surprising. A spinning top and a top, as well as the acrobat, treat also dynamic toys.

the spinning top and a top have many versions. But all of them are united that the surprise arises at their rotation. Painted kinds of these toys are most interesting. Here transformation of the spots drawn on a top surface into “live circles“ which appear - thanks to merge of flowers during the movement becomes the most surprising.

Wooden tops are painted with

manually, and among them will not be two identical, and the mechanical spinning top of such variety of flowers has no. But those models of a spinning top which publish easy buzz at rotation are very attractive and are poured by sparks. A surprise for the child are sound and lighting effects at the movement.


For the smallest is suitable a toy - a spinning top in which there are toy animals or figures which are “coming to life“ and beginning to move at rotation. Inside there can be bears who hold hands, and during the movement it seems as if small animals drive a round dance. Inside there can be also a rider on a horse who jumps through obstacles. In both cases the syurprizny moment is “revival“ of toys in a top during its rotation.

In order that the spinning top or a top gave joy to the child, it is necessary to exercise in their choice judgment. An important point is the color scale here and how the top is painted. Colors have to be not too bright, and picked up so that at rotation they mixed up and gave the new interesting combinations pleasant for eyes. The special attention should be paid also to the choice of a list of a top. At the correct selection of flowers and style on a toy during the movement the surprising paints and patterns absolutely not similar to what was in a quiet state appear: red to and yellow colors will be transformed in orange, blue and yellow - in green, and red and blue - in violet etc. During rotation the top has surprising patterns (for example, at the movement on a spiral from the center to edges and from edges to the center). It is also necessary to estimate technical qualities and serviceability of this toy. The top has to be correctly ottsentrovan as in this case even at small rotation it becomes steady and does not fall.

Sounds at the movement of a spinning top have to be melodious and not really loud. The loud sound can frighten the kid, and he will not be interested in this toy any more.

Can think up many various games with a top - a spinning top, we will bring only some of them. Right at the beginning the kid can suggest to monitor the movements of a top or spinning top, paying its attention to surprising transformations of flowers and patterns. It bewitches the child, and it is difficult for it to come off such show.

Gradually the kid will learn to start a spinning top in the beginning, and then a top. To start a spinning top more simply because it - on the rigid basis. So, the child should press only on a metal core or the button that it began to rotate. With a top it is more difficult, skill and the developed motility of a hand is necessary here. Such movements are very difficult for the small child. It is necessary to train long to learn to set such toy in motion. But when the child will master this skill, he will start a top again and again, being fond of magic of the movement, merge of flowers and trying to understand regularities of this surprising toy.

to Children is more senior than

it is possible to offer competitive games: “At whom the spinning top turns longer?“, “At whom the top will longer not fall?“, “Who will be able to start a top a hat up?“, “To throw and catch on a hand a top during rotation“.

Surprises true and imaginary

on shelves of shops can see Now a huge number of toys which at first sight have to surprise the child and give it a surprise. Clockwork, interactive and some electronic toys concern to them (machines - clockwork and with the control panel; animals - the barking and jumping doggies, hares who play a drum etc.) . Really, such toys draw attention of children - they with pleasure start mechanisms and long watch their movements. However at the same time kids do not open anything new, any principle of action. There everything is clear and clear: pressed the button - the doggie began a bark, turned the lever - and the robot begins to move circles on a stall, to blink bulbs and to make unclear sounds. The toy imposes certain movements. And activity of actions of the child is excluded - does not depend on Hero as the doggie will bark or to move the robot. After the first meeting these toys do not bear any surprise. For the child of 3 - 5 years pressing the button or movement of the lever is not opening. At the same time the kid quickly becomes attached to such toys and mechanically; repeats the same movements to gain predictable effect. All this forms the consumer relation and to life in general.

Therefore, choosing toys for the child adults have to learn to distinguish the real, “live“ surprises from imaginary.