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Special tricks of the specialized classes

we Deal with definition

the Fashion on specialized classes does not pass more than ten years. In the early nineties, the education system of the Russian Federation endured the first large crisis of the Post-Soviet period. With falling of “Iron Curtain“ confidence that our education - the best in the world, strongly reeled. School exchanges with foreign educational institutions, the increased requirements to going to the universities, change a top - a leaf of specialties of the higher education...

In such conditions the birth of alternative education: private schools, profile classes at higher education institutions, a gymnasium and lyceums - it is natural. Also it was not always important, the child studies where exactly. The main thing that the program differed from standard, and the administration of average educational institution gave receipt guarantees in one of institutes. The concept “specialized“ was indistinct. It was used in the description of any classes and schools which though differed in something from traditional.

Time went. By 2000 experts understood and accurately formulated what is it.

the Gymnasium and lyceums were allocated to

in separate structures. Children study strictly on certain norms there. Carried to specialized classes:


Ostap Bender`s School

It is surprising, but now it is difficult to find a usual general education first class. The majority of schools try to organize specialized. It is not difficult to make it. It is enough to provide the program in Department of Education, to approve it and it is possible to take children. whether

pupils Receive in this case better education? Not the fact. The chance to run on beautiful, nothing guaranteeing the name, unfortunately - is big.

Natalya Ivanovna, the teacher of elementary grades (a surname and number of school asked not to call) :“ At us the three first class. One of them - with profound studying of informatics. The second - works according to the Exceptional child program. The third - according to the XXI Centuries School program. What do they differ from usual in? In principle, anything. Each program includes one - two additional subjects. For “exceptional child“ - it is the course “interdisciplinary training“ (something like social science for kids). For “informatics“ - elements of communication with the computer. The program of our third class is not worked out up to the end at all. About ten years ago special classes really gave quality education of the profile. Now everything practically came to naught. For example, progress of the children who are trained according to the “exceptional child“ program is at the same level, as pupils of usual general education classes. About any special “endowments“ the speech does not go“.


, Why schools to mislead parents? Main reasons two. In - the first, a shortage of pupils. Today`s first graders were born 98 - 99 years. After August crisis of children appeared a little. Now to six - the semiletok is almost twice less, than 5 years ago. There are usual schools which cannot take the necessary number of pupils. The most part of parents try suit children in a gymnasium and a pro-gymnasium. Completely to fill general education classes, it is necessary to give them at least visibility of appeal.


With demographic crisis connected one more important nuance. Teachers are unanimous: productively to work with school students in specialized classes, selection is necessary. For example, the course of interdisciplinary training means that to the first class the child is able to read adapted scientifically - the popular text, to retell it and to draw conclusions. Teachers are forced to take everyone. It is enough to kid to know letters also was able to count up at least to ten. As a result, school students cannot fulfill requirements of the program. The class is non-uniform, part of children already in initial classes get to “lagging behind“.

In - the second, the financial reasons. Comprehensive schools live in the basic due to the state providing. It is no secret that it is not enough this money. Existence of specialized classes gives to school chance to receive something else, except the standard remains: additives to salaries to teachers, the equipment for laboratories and computer classes, etc. Besides, for additional courses and objects the educational institution officially has the right to enter a payment. For example, English from the first class on average across Moscow parents pay extra 500 - 1000 rubles a month for occupations. Increase the sum by the average number of children in a class (25), then on the number of months in academic year. The minimum turns out hundred twelve thousand five hundred rubles. Such sum not superfluous in the budget of any school...

But it is not necessary to refuse specialized classes. Strong, on preparation level, competing to gymnasiums and lyceums in Moscow is. The main thing not to get on tricks of unfair administrators.

we Accept counter-measures

How to avoid free or involuntary deception? It is necessary to find out as much as possible about the program according to which training is conducted.

Gymnasia class. Unfortunately, situations when the administration of school calls so one or several classes still meet, without having on that legitimate rights. It is difficult to receive the status of “school with gymnasia classes“. Sometimes the school only plans to make it in the near future for now it has one - two classes, for example, “for children with the increased working capacity“. However does not consider it necessary to tire parents with legal details.

It is ideal when the school has the right to teach according to the program of a gymnasia class of all 11 years of training. But is more often, gymnasia classes work only at base of younger school. And in four years the child continues to be engaged according to the usual program, or parents are forced to look for other educational institution. Many schools do not hurry to open this small secret to potential pupils. Surely specify the thin moment in district office of Department of Education! See the table “Name of the Table“!

Classes with profound studying of one or several objects. Ask to show textbooks. Several printed-out sheets fastened with the stapler - the manual it is impossible to call. In any case, basic. What also qualitative books according to which children study are more known for, that the result is higher.

If classes in an author`s technique is conducted by the teacher who is not participating in its development, then it has to have the certificate that was trained. For each program there are methodical recommendations. Without knowing them, the teacher simply rends the air.

One of the most right indicators of a strong specialized class - a victory of school students at the Olympic Games of various levels. If among graduates of a fizmatklass there is no prize-winner at least district, most likely, quality of training does not conform to the declared standard.

Profile classes. The administration of schools most often bribes parents of potential pupils the number of the graduates who entered to the university of the declared profile. It is not an indicator! Who can guarantee that the due level of preparation was provided by school, but the tutors which are not employed by mother and the father?

Take an interest in

with what higher education institutions the educational institution maintains the relations. Form of cooperation when final examinations at school were set off as introductory in a certain institute was a few years ago possible. Now it is forbidden. But at good schools the acquired communications remained. If profile objects or the corresponding special courses are read by the teacher of higher education institution - a parner - a good sign. Sometimes all “profilnost“ consists only available in the curriculum of one - two objects. For example, “introduction to economy“. How you think, starting knowledge of the economic theory strongly will help at examination in mathematics on economics department of Lomonosov Moscow State University?


of History from life

of It is disappointed is Very happy

Tamara Ivanovna, mother of the pupil of a specialized sports class:
“When the son graduated from elementary school, on its base the specialized “football“ class opened. He showed sports abilities and him, together with well developed physically the boy long ago, invited there to study. Dima loved soccer therefore we agreed. Occupations were conducted by specially invited teachers from sports school. The son quickly regained good sportswear. Became “star“ of a domestic soccer team. Unfortunately, on it sports progress ended. To transfer soccer from the category of hobbies to a profession, it lacked talent. It is no secret that without it the professional football player cannot take place. general education objects for 4 years in a special class the boy started
I. Teachers focused children on sports victories and closed eyes to weak knowledge of other disciplines. Fortunately, I in time bethought and transferred the child to a usual class. Otherwise it would go after school, passing institute directly in army“.

Tatyana, the graduate of a class with profound studying of natural sciences: to
“I am grateful to the school and teachers. I consider that specialized classes - remarkable option for keen people who have no spare cash. How many myself I remember, wanted to become the doctor. All know how it is difficult to come to medical. If not the school, my dream, most likely, remained not executed. Money on tutors in a family was not. And so everything turned out very successfully. From the fifth on the eleventh I studied in a specialized natural-science class.
the School gave me profound knowledge in biology. In a usual class on this subject to be taken away few class periods.
the Idea of future profession which is beyond series “Ambulance“. We were driven several times on excursion in clinics. One of special courses was read by the teacher of medical institute.
went the Last two years to training courses at medical institute. Arrived on faculty “medical business“ from the first!“ .

the Notebook of parents

answers with

questions of parents the Specialist of Management of regional educational policy and inspection of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation L. I. Maximova. whether

parents Have to hand over to
  • money for repair of a class and to take part in improvement of the school room?
  • According to the law “About Education“ the school has the right to use additional financial means which as a donation are voluntarily transferred to its account by natural and legal entities. But to raise money forcibly including on repair of a class, illegally.
Only parents can solve

, they will help school or not.


concerns participation in improvement. It is better to discuss these questions at PTA meeting or a meeting of parental committee.